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33 F San Antonio, TX

My Details

Last Online
Today – 1:17pm
Black, Native American, Other
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
Body Type
Mostly vegetarian
Not at all
Agnosticism, and somewhat serious about it
Graduated from two-year college
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Doesn’t have kids, but might want them
Has dogs and dislikes cats
English (Fluently), Portuguese (Poorly), Spanish (Okay), Khmer (Poorly)

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My self-summary
I know, I know. I need new pictures. Soon. I promise.

Please read the whole lengthy, verbose, well-written profile, or you'll likely be in for a shock that will be no ones fault but your own. That last guy feels pretty dumb for coming on to me after only reaching the bit about video games from long ago, and staring into my myopic eyes on his screen.

Of note: I have weird health stuff going on, but it'd be cool to meet someone with the patience to get to know me. Regular dating isn't happening here. That's probably a good thing.

Hello, pretty people. Please don't write me asking for casual sex. I have a lot more to offer than my body, and naughty messages from strangers don't turn me on. Those of you with both lust in your loins and intellectual curiosity in your minds can "holla at your girl" as the children say in the street. Word. Y palabra.

Yo no quiero fotografías de tu pene. Las otras mujeres no los quieren, tampoco. Ponlo en tus chones, por favor. Gracias.

I can't hang with people who use illegal drugs, abuse prescriptions, drink heavily, or have a criminal record. This helps to keep my drama levels low. I graph that shit.

Now that we've narrowed it down:

I'm a tall, curvy lady with a slight New York accent and a curly 'fro. I'm an unabashed progressive living in a very different place than my home of Fairfield County, CT. It's warmer here.

Highly opinionated, but I have friends of all stripes, and I don't go about arguing my agendas. I'm more likely to find common ground.

I'm super silly, but know when to be appropriate, and lady like. I'll cross my legs, and only then will I burp.

I enjoy reading, writing, and looking at the Internets. There's so many topics on my "to learn" list, so I find that I'm reading the Internets quite a bit lately. Magical tubes and wires!

I want to learn how to play D&D. I consider the previous sentence to be my nerd summoning spell. I don't care which edition, darling. I don't know the difference.

I kick ass at Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy not so much. Not so much. I'd probably own pub quiz if I bothered to go to pubs. I don't bother with pubs because I don't drink. No, really. I know that phrase means "kind of, sort of, only vino/homebrew on Saturdays with the right mood" to most people, but I'm on medication, so make me an Italian soda instead, please.

I'm told that I'm a great friend, and a good listener. Strangers will often divulge their deepest secrets to me. I feel like a secular confessor at times.

I rarely eat meat, but think the term "flexitarian" is rather odd. I am an ex-vegan, and a current salad enthusiast. No iceberg, ever.

I was a Girl Scout for about 11 years, which led to my cookie addiction. I'm not ashamed. I need some Samoas, but everything is fine.

I adore puppies and it seems the feeling is mutual. Children usually dig me, too.

ENFJ, or maybe P. I want to rescue you, and I know my way is best. I'm also a Pisces with Leo rising. Seems about the same to me, but it apparently matters to many of you. Rolling Stones > Beatles. Whatever.

I have an Afro, a cane, and a limp, but I'm not a pimp, and the instrumental intro to "Freddy's Dead" does not play every time I get up to walk.

I have a political issue with diamonds. I don't watch romantic comedies. I'm deathly allergic to seafood, and fairly allergic to roses. In my opinion, this makes me the perfect girlfriend! OK fine, so it just means I'm inexpensive to care for, and fairly low maintenance. Same thing! Hooray!
What I’m doing with my life

I'm a disabled veteran, non-combat, and my initial injury occurred in training.

I have a nerve disorder which causes chronic pain. "When you're in pain, that's when you learn who you really are. That's when you focus, sharp as the point of a knife."- #Six, Battlestar Galactica

This bit of information tends to make people run off immediately, or get upset later when they finally realize that of course I can't go hiking with them. I think of the former as a sort of gift I've been given in this position.

I'm not looking for a nurse and/or a purse.

My ideal partner and new friends will only see this as an opportunity to legally park in the handicapped spots, give the occasional piggyback ride, and crack cripple jokes. Take this part seriously. It's not going away just because you showed up, and were cute.

What am I actually doing? I'm reading the classics, and have a rather long book list. I am also writing poems about the people I meet, and the dreams that I have. I'm educating myself on anything which piques my interest, and have the time to do so. A serious inventory, editing, and submission process will take place in the near future.

I am often, though not exclusively, attracted to the super active, mountain climbing/biking type. I'd like to let those individuals know I'd be ready with a picnic in some field when you're done in nature's playground. I'll be over there, writing poems about trees and stuff.

I'm also dog raising. It's wonderful to care for my rescued buddy on my own, which is something I'd never done before. I've helped her go from a scared, malnourished, morbidly obese, flaky skinned, dry coated dog to a brave, well fed, just a little chubby (working on that last stubborn pound), perfect skinned, luxurious coated dog. Her color has dramatically changed in the year she's been home, from a splotchy coat of black, peach, and grey to a striking white, grey, and platinum silver. (Dog friend needs new pics, too.)
I’m really good at
My poems are pretty. I'm a bit weird about sharing them with people I don't know, but if we hang out for a bit I'll probably write you one. As Badu said,"I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit."

I like singing, loudly, publicly, and have been told I do that well, too. I once got a look of surprise at Alon Market while singing along to Sarah McLachlan in the chip aisle. I was on key, and octave, for once.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. "Wow, you're tall," is commonly heard around these parts. I don't care about your height, though.

My hair. No, you can't touch it... yet.

"Your eyes are the same color as your skin," he said, pretending not to stare at her bosom.
"Yeah, they're light brown with yellow. I can see what you mean by that."

I could be wearing a floral dress, but people still call me "sir." I don't correct them. I guess people notice my masculine energy. This tends to intimidate, and surprise. I'm pretty friggin' Dominant.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Considering deleting the bulk of this section, replacing it with one title from each medium, leaving the food segment, adding a recipe, and a short essay on why sharing morals, values, matter more than if we both like foreign flicks, and Bjork; but dietary habits should certainly be compatible, and all you weirdos write down is "food? yes, please!" or "food is good!" as if that helps a sister know what to feed your chubby ass. Anywayssss...

I loved The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and recommend it highly. You're my kind of people if you can identify with any of the characters.

Reservation Blues was an excellent, emotional, lyrical book.

I own The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide, and keep a towel on the front seat of my car at all times.

The Republican debates, and the "war on women" brought The Handmaid's Tale to mind far too many times.

Thanks to my trusty Kindle, which I've named Mr. Darcy, I've been reading the classics.

Dorian Grey was gayly terrific and terrifying.

I feel like I need to reread Anna Karenina, but this time with a study guide. Suggestions are welcome.

I did a small amount of work in HIV prevention as a teen, but this is still my favorite Onion article:,10968/

I will occasionally spend a day watching all the Star Wars movies.

I'll watch Anchorman, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail, if I need a bit of cheer. Yes, I'm a nerd. Thank you for noticing.

Tim Burton, and John Waters movies have let me know I'm ok just the freaky way I am. Edward Scissorhands, and Hairspray both greatly influenced my childhood.

I cried at the end of Pan's Labyrinth, which shocked my viewing companion.

The Wackness reminded me of growing up in that same time and general location. Know what I'm sayin', son? You feel me, shorty? ::upwards head nod::

Explosions, explorations of emotion, and expositions of existence, too.

I identify with Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000. There's a lot going on in my brain, so occasionally all that comes out is squeaky sounding silliness.

I recommend adding Misfits to your Hulu queue. The third season was excellent.
[I'm looking for the Simon to my Elisha, minus the end of season three weirdness, but yeah, he's kinda the fangirl's dream boy, no?]

Only recently binge watched Firefly. It's terrible that I waited so long to watch such a shiny show.

Orange is the New Black is my shit, yo.

I cry laughing while watching The Thick of It.

I think my baby dog wants to grow up to be a dire wolf. She watches Game of Thrones, but will run off before something terrible happens. She hid in the bathroom during the Red Wedding, but came back to cuddle me once the episode was over.

I like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Tricky, Tribe, Gorrillaz, and some Jay-Z. My brain thinks bomb-like.

I've been in love with Bjork, and Nine Inch Nails since I was a little girl, and thought rock music would send me to hell. You're going to get what you deserve.

I grew into Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and the Pixies. I'm an extraordinary machine.

I was raised on Billy Holiday, John Coltrane, David Sanborn, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and an assortment of disco and funk. There's a whole lot of rhythm going round.

I also like K.C. Accidental, Grizzly Bear, Unwed Sailor, Arcade Fire, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and whatnot because there's a ton missing here, and this is totally outdated, but you get the point. That bassist owes me a burrito.

I mostly listen to our jazz, classical, and tpr radio stations. I'm not a member though. Its like I'm stealing the free music. It's not a Monk joint unless you can hear him hum along.

I love Italian food. Most Asian cuisines whet my palate, from Pakistani to Japanese. I miss Cambodian food. There's a few good noodle joints here.

Carbs, carbs, veg, protein, carbs.

Sometimes a veggie burger and french fries are all you need. Other times, it's as though tacos were medicine. If you can make me an Indian taco then we can probably hang out.

And to round that all out:
I'm trying not to eat at any restaurants that have been featured on television. This is a bit difficult, because I don't really watch television.
The six things I could never do without
I've done without much, and I still do, but here-
Music: I'd wither without glorious noise.

Family: Self explanatory.

Love: I might shrivel up and die without the love of family, friends, or a partner.

Books: How else could I have spent a year in post-revolution France? Do YOU have a time machine? Didn't think so. Wait, do you?

Dogs: I want to cuddle all the puppies, but now that I have my own adorable dog friend, I can comfortably settle on just cuddling the smush out of her. Dog bless you, everyone!

Pillows: Two for my head, two for my feet, one for my arms/snuggling. There are times when even that is not enough. I'm always searching for a better pillow. This is the only matter about which I am high maintenance.

(Bamboo earrings, at least two pair.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. Damn.
What should I write next? I need to write more. Where's my muse?
Have I done everything I could today, even in some small way, to make things better?
My reading list is too long. Maybe when you've run out of things to read you know it's time to die?!?!!!!#@!
Did that thing in the fridge go bad?
Should I really be boycotting (x) when it will affect (y) and (z) negatively, too?

And furthermore: How are we supposed to meet if you're an A-lister hunting in stealth mode?

Where are the single, attractive, mentally stable, low femmes/soft butches in this town? Ok, now how about the ones without cats?

I don't know if I'm "curvy" or "average" when both terms are relative, and as Charles Barkley said,"San Antonio gots some big ole women." My BMI is average, anyways. That probably makes me SA skinny, LA fat.
(LA face with an Oakland booty.)
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm probably reading classic lit, or watching Hulu, and cuddling my dog friend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm allergic to lemons.
I say hello to animals that cross my path, like birds that land nearby, dogs on walks, and the feral cat who claimed my deck chair as his own. Avatar stole that "I see you" line from me (kinda), so I stopped saying it because I'd get funny looks. I've used the phrase again lately, and I swear that squirrel looked at me out of the side of his eye. Ehhh.
So, yeah. Ask.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi girls
  • Ages 30–45
  • Located anywhere
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
3/20/13:This first section may disqualify you. Don't hate. No, really, stop hating, because people with hatred in their hearts are about the only folks whose poorly written missives I'm not interested in receiving. I'm going to make this into a list, and edit this shit down:

*No Ayn Rand Fans I'm a poor, crippled woman receiving disability pay. The end.
*No misogynists That means woman-haters, but ya know what? I don't dig on man-haters, either. Gender equality ftw!
*No racists, neo-Confederates, black nationalists, et al. Sweet baby MLK, I shouldn't even have to make that point. I'm the product of approximately 500 years of ethnic mixing in America, and consider it almost a family tradition.
*No homophobes, biphobes, or whatever you queer haters prefer to be called. We won't be meeting up if you answered that you prefer not to date bisexuals. This should be obvious. All of this should be obvious. ::sigh::

Not haters, but deal breakers:
You should love your family, but they shouldn't run your life.

You like the idea of monogamy. You are thoroughly single. I want my own partner.

I have to say all this due to folks I've encountered on this site. You still here? All this can whittle the contenders down to one, and that would be perfect. Read on, sweetie.

1/28/13:A picture is rather required. Then we chat, then we speak, then we meet, and hope our smells/pheromones are satisfactory. It's all a bit backwards, but I guess that just lends more to it being post-modern.

You're looking for platonic friendship with a creative, and giving woman.

The politically aware, and active, on the left hand side, will be most welcome.

Maturity is sexy, and required.

Nerds should apply within.

People who eat their vegetables, and would like to cook with me should tell me what time to be over for dinner.

You absoulutely (typo stays) must love dogs.