45 Rome, Italy
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My self-summary
I'm traveling on OKcupid every here and day in Caracas, the next Oslo, then SLC, Vientiane, antartica, anywhere! Real location is somewhere in mainland France, but I'm cyber relocating when moods dictates it!..for those who did not get it by then: I am NOT in your area unless you happen to be travelling in Paris :)

I'm french, 45, INFJ type ( for those who care), busy as everyone is... architect with many interests, curious about everything...I've set another town not because I want to fool anyone, but because I thought it would help me practice my english to some extent..All my english school teachers were ugly, I'd take a chance to have a sexy one on here :)
What I’m doing with my life
discovering mankind, gaining wisdom and experience
I’m really good at
artsy stuff, drawing, architecture, DIY, snowboarding and surfing, throwing grenades and other weird stuff...mind is racing and not into lazy mode...Ever
The first things people usually notice about me
tall, fit, calm well mannered and confident, funny under (sensual) torture
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Houellebecq, Malaparte, Philippe Roth, Philipp Kerr, Arendt, Flaubert..list is too long..
Mallick for movies and smart stuff..
Indy rock, early new wave, baroque, electronica, downtempo chill out stuff, opera..list is too long..but rare bands such as the Organ for example are among smart singers too...Laura Veirs, Cinematic Orchestra, Agnes Obel...

French / italian food...chinese is too smelly and greasy to my tastes, english's boiled meat is shameful, german wurtz are ok but not very delicate...Sushi's are nice but no good for the fish population

"I'm with you in Rockland
where the faculties of the skull no longer admit
the worms of the senses"

"Les jambes des femmes sont des compas qui arpentent le globe terrestre en tous sens, lui donnant son équilibre et son équilibre et son harmonie.."
The six things I could never do without
- water
- wine
- food
- music
- light
- language and other humans to use it with
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- future, present and past
- desire
- wisdom
- flirting
- creating
On a typical Friday night I am
....I'm letting my mind travel to places of warm light and pleasures
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
anything can be admited to the right person: I never lie
You should message me if
you like to chat ! If you're 4000* miles away, its fine too I always like a pop by and a laugh!..personality stats state that i'm bad mannered...actually its the opposite: I follow the rules of chivalry and always enter first in restaurants in order to check if any brawl is underway, holds the door, sits facing the wall, walks on sidewalks near the danger ( cars), never use bad language unless when driving in italy or south of France where its mandatory.

Reasons why I clicked on your profile are too many to count...yes its the picture, it may include your freckles, dimples, sparkle in your eyes ( tried to use complicated english words to show how much of a poet I can be), sexyness/curves, elegance, your smile, the blur or cropped part, the flirt within words and above all good vibes..

We're NOT going to date or get married anytime soon (especially if you live half the planet away).. but if you're witty and sexy we can chat! ( who knows where it can lead to, right?..)
* if you're more than 5000 miles away, be (much) sexier, hornier and smarter grrr
* if our sex match is higher than 96%: message me ( ! )

It's always a challenge to date a french lover, ( reputation ? truth? urban legend?)

last minute note:
I'm not a Nigerian Scammer :):
How to spot them or scammers in general ( even if you're not a geek you can find out:

If you have any doubt about someone not be where he claims to be, you can use his skype username and find his IP. Scammers love to ask your skype ID quick, in hope that you use your real name so they can later threaten you...

So I'd advise: use a nickname, or better, wait till suspect gives his/her ID, then use this tool:

then type that IP in geolocalisation menu you will find the real place your future lover is hiding :)

I had a great fun asking a senegal scammer how the weather was in the next street in Dakar, when he was supposed to be under the rain in my hometown..busted!
Its always a good idea to cross question the scammer discreetly too, always fun..then block him, send info the moderators here and the account will be closed.