25 Hilliard, OH
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My self-summary
Brittany | Twenty-Five | Cancer/Leo cusp | ISFJ

As you can see, my name is Brittany. An east-coaster from the bitty state of Maryland, unfortunately dragged to Ohio. Don't get me wrong, Ohio is nice and all.... Just horribly tired of the weather and being so land-locked!

Anyway, I'm actually quite bubbly of a person. I'll greet anyone with a smile and cheery demeanor. I believe that if you extend kindness to others, it will come back to you. Plus, it's just better to treat people well than to be rude all the time.
I'm excitable, quite a dork, and I love to get out and have fun. I enjoy new adventures and trying new things whenever possible. I recently discovered that I looove traveling, so trips are lots of fun.
Still, I love staying in at times when it's nice to calm down and simply enjoy the rain through a window pane or a watching a movie [preferably a musical if possible].

I love to bake! I love to cook too, actually. It wouldn't be surprising for my coworkers if I came in to work with some desserts made from scratch. I usually enjoy to bake and make treats and whatnot just for fun, then to give to people to make them happy. Other than that, I'm a singer, an actress, an artist, and a I-wish-I-was-really-good dancer. So, I hope people enjoy creative personalities~
What I’m doing with my life
For three years, I studied at Shawnee State University. I was working on triple majors in Web Design, Graphic Design, and Illustration while minoring in Music and Theatre. I was a star performer in the choir and I performed in shows.

However, I returned home and I've been taking a little break from college. I'm starting at Columbus State this fall for their Baking Certificate program.

Meanwhile, I work in a Kroger bakery while doing commissions on the side.
I’m really good at
I'm actually horrible at saying what I'm good at, since I still believe I need to work to get better. Therefore, I'll say things people have said I am good at.

Singing - I've been singing since I was 5, and I still strive to improve my skills. I've been trained as an operatic contralto, also singing in theatre. However, I feel I have a more blues and jazz style tone when I sing more modern music.
Drawing - I've been drawing since I was young, probably early teens. While I feel that I'm not strong enough to build a career off my artistic abilities, I am still able to earn a decent amount of money in commissions. I take pride in being able to draw flowers, hair, and character designs.
Making other people feel happy/wanted/loved - I always do my best to cheer up people, showing them that I care and that I'm there for them. Honestly, I do love and care for my friends and those I am close to. It might seem like a silly thing to say I'm good at, but I really try to make people happy, because it brings a simple joy in my life.
The first things people usually notice about me
Looks wise, people tend to be drawn to my eyes. They're a hazel of blue/green/grey. They tend to be very light and intricate in design and colouration, thus people enjoy looking at them. Otherwise, they tend to notice I look young, and I often get mistaken for being sixteen.

Otherwise, people tend to notice my laugh and how much I tend to smile, along with my cheery attitude when greeting and meeting others.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I honestly cannot be bothered to do all of these right now or to try remember everything I like ha.
The six things I could never do without
My Laptop
My best friends
My tablet
My cat
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I tend to trail off into plans of what I should do in the next day, week, year, and beyond. I daydream about things I can do with my friends, about the kind of people I might meet, the things I might do in my future.
Really, I just try to think of something interesting and fun to do.
On a typical Friday night I am
It usually depends on if I work the next morning or not. If it's a yes, I stay home and talk to my best friends through skype, and maybe watch a movie before bed.

If I can, I try to go out with some friends to maybe a bar or to go see a movie, all depends really!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have mental health issues that I go to therapy and take medication for.
You should message me if
First of all, if you're someone that is looking for a one night stand or just a sexual relationship, please do not contact me. I want to build friendships and possibly a emotional relationship.
Also, if you are someone that can't imagine being with someone that is thicker, then I am not for you.

Otherwise, if you think I'm interesting, basically just message me! I'm open to talk and getting to know people better, seeing if there is a connection.