32 Waxahachie, TX
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My self-summary
-Not one of those types to talk to ten girls I focus on one only so if your talking to ten guys look else where-

"Kiss her mind an her body with follow"

Again I realize that girls get blown up on here with messages that's why I don't write ill favorite you to show I'm interested... Sounds fair enough.

I'm real shy an I probably won't write first it takes a lot for me to send out that first message anyway I'm half white half Puerto Rican my dad died when I was 15 off hepatitis c so I've been edited by a single mother I'm the youngest of 3 I graduated from itt for graphic design to try an be a video game tester I love football I can be a nerd I love to work hard but play harder I can goof off at times but I also know when to be serious I don't have any pets but I love them I do live alone an I want to get fit really bad so I've been working it an had lost more then 60 pds in the last three month.I'll fill out more later in the meantime just ask me.

Basically let's get the obvious out of the way what people really care about to see.....

- I have a job been there for 5 years
- My own car
- My own place (apartment)
- Pay my own bills
- No baby momma issues
-degree in graphic design from ITT tech
-yes I have two kids same mother

Don't waste my time an I won't waste yours an not interested in a texting relationship with my phone

On a more physical point I'm trying to be healthy an focus on my body an take care of it so I'm expecting the same from a girl to respect an take care of herself

Music: pop goes punk