35 Las Cruces, NM
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My self-summary
Please don't IM me. Thanks.

This updated profile has none of the pastoral glamour of earlier iterations, but reality changes. I'm an anarchist who never thought she'd make it past thirty, let alone with a family. i think fashion and the film industry are stupid, so that probably cuts out most of LA. I dream of retiring to an orchard with (a second) herd of goats and perfecting my (damn good already) chevre. and if that doesn't scare you, we might could be friends. i'm looking for company right now, of many stripes. I usually want to sleep with my friends, but who doesn't?

When I recharge, it's usually something meditative. Sewing, working with plants, and akasuri scrubs rank highly.

Although I was originally skeptical of online dating, I find it impossible to walk into a bar/club/social scene and gauge whether someone is competently polyamorous. So I've accepted that the internet actually is a reasonably good way to meet lovers who have integrity. Also, How fun!

I am dirty under the nails, satirical, and a handful
What I’m doing with my life
I am a tree maven. I'm raising two kids who will grow up to be revolutionaries or tyrants, but definitely not cogs. I am untangling my web of privileges so that I can become a better ally in this world.

I'm planning for grad school, but focused right now on recreating my business and my life in a new city.
I’m really good at
pruning trees.
honesty. good communication is the foundation of my existence. making beautiful dinner in 25 minutes.
sewing and quilting, when i have the time.
dropping it all and enjoying the moment.
The first things people usually notice about me
Why don't you ask threnodist, tooolgirl, or my husband corvus_corvidae?

My dry sense of humor.

That I'm very opinionated but appreciate when you are too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i read lots of natural history. thank *property taxes* for the library! Occasionally i steal fantasy from my partner. when I left boston in 2003, i gave away all my books and vowed not to hoard them. we will probably get along if you love books.

i've never owned a tv or game system and am still impressed by tetris on my phone. you may find my pop culture knowledge woefully lacking.

i groove to shitty technopop. my favorite pandora station is based on beirut. you might say i enjoy a strange mix of immortal technique and the be good tanyas.

i cook anything that michael pollan would eat, and eat anything organic/pastured/wild. i can't imagine life without cheese, bacon or salad. maybe i'm a luddite loca-omnivore? i do not eat "flavor enhanced, agriculturally derived food products". seriously.
The six things I could never do without
a warm bed
potlucks, at my house and yours
a bit of the woods and shore
the library
and, good lovers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
~neuroscience. i had minor trauma in a car accident long ago and have been fascinated ever since by brain plasticity and physiology.

~the uncivilized world, and why it is disappearing.

~how hard it is to stop being a stupid, white girl after several decades standing on that metaphorical pedestal.

~what it would be like to have a mortal enemy. (superhero-style. i already want to destroy capitalism and vice versa.)

~why people associate monogamy with simplicity and/or no drama. I really adore my husband's lover and ask her to come early for dinner with us. I find that having a community is the most fulfilling and sane way to be in relationships. there are plenty of crazy, codependent monogamous folks out there. /gets off soap box/
On a typical Friday night I am
i assume this question implies what i do for fun.

if i happen to get a friday night free, i'm a sucker for a hot tub, a good museum exhibit, your favorite board game, good wine, and warm soft sheets. picnics, dinner parties, canoeing, meteor watching (a few times a year!) and other adventures are hard to turn down.

i moved to LA in June 2014 after 11 years in Oakland, so I spend more time online and travelling back to keep connected.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
best birthday present ever: a threesome at the lusty lady.
You should message me if
~you say something more than "sucky". Really, this has happened. I have precisely zero time to waste on comments that would get people slapped at bars. If you have something witty to share, or an honest common interest, then by all means drop a line. sadly, i think the dudes who send those comments never read this far...

~ you are fun, radical, or know more about plants than i do. by radical, i mean anti-capitalist libertarian. or, a librarian.

~ you appreciate beauty, whether you pulled it out of a dumpster or built it or paid way too much to an artisan for it.

~you have kids and would like a kid-friendly friend.