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Aug 22, 2013
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Aside; 8/7/2013:

It's August 2013: Have you gone for it yet?
If not, why not?
What have you got to lose?...
... Oops I asked this question in February!!! lol

Kind of funny.. I keep bumping into people who have not stopped complaining since New Years Day!!!.. Why? (We're in the last half of the year... What did they do with their first half?)

Ok Cupid asked me to be a moderator... How Thoughtful!!
.... I'll do it every once in a while... I just don't like thoughtless, inconsiderate posts... I try to stay away from negativity!! :-)

Well they seemed to be nice profiles!! (tongue deep in cheek)... Why are tons of profiles disappearing?....(Rhetorical Question)

Someone really smart said, It's not the destination .. It's the journey!!!

Make it a good one!!

Ah!!!.... Ice, Jack, Coke!!!

Aside 2/19/2013:

It's Mid Feb. 2013; Have you gone for it yet?
If not , why not?
What have you really got to lose?
Ah... Jack & Coke!!!

Aside 12/30/2012:

2013 Will Turn Out "Exactly" As You Wish!!
All 100% Predicated On "Your Choices"!!
Take Control.... Decide Long Term vs. Short Term
..... Choose Wisely!!!

Aside 12/29/2012:

Be Safe!!!

Aside: 12/01/2012

I'm running!! Nope not for exercise... 'Away From All This Christmas Music'.

I think The Holiday Season is really good... Just wish the soundtrack would switch up a bit :-)

So I found a good hide away (while out of town)...
a "Jack In The Box".

I'm laughing soooo hard right now!!


Wow... Almost two months? Really?
Uhm? Wurking!!! :-) Hard :-)

Aside: 10/03/2012

The Debates!!~ Round 1

I think I'll watch it online... "At A Starbucks"!

This is going to be like going to a movie; Live 'audiences' are the best!!!

I want to watch the reactions of Romney Supporters/Obama Supporters as their candidates go back and forth.

Of course there is a caveat: "All of The Presidential Debates have been rigged to keep the independent candidates out since 1987...(That is unless you garner 15% in the polls)".

Frankly, I'd like to hear what some of the other guys have to say... Too bad I won't get a chance. I hear this Gary guy is pretty sharp!!

Debates were debates when they were put on by "The League of Women Voters"!!!

Now, as aforementioned, I'm supporter watching!!!...This ought to be fun!!

Tonight it's ...Tah Dah!!... Coffee (oh and cake)!!!

Aside: 10/01/2012: OKC BOT SAYS :-) ....

... I might be more love-driven,more extroverted,more arrogant, more cool, more romantic, more political, more scientific, more confident

... less kinky, less independent, less compassionate

Now.. Almost all of this is pretty true (At least that's what my tarot card reader said.. lololololol :-)

... Less independent, I can live with; After all who comes to this site to be by themselves? Really? :-)

... But "less compassionate"? Now the bot and I have a problem. :-)

I'm retaking the test.. The bot's numerical sequences must be wayyyy off!!!... Besides... The bot said "MIGHT BE" .. LOL

Cherry Coke!... Ah!!!

5 A's (Five Asides): 9/17/2012

1. I don't know how this election season is going to turn out.

"Whichever way 50.0001% of our fellow citizens cast their votes, that's the direction we're heading!"

Now, the remaining 49.9999% of our fellow citizens may not like this direction but.... This is called Democracy!!!

Don't worry 49.9999'ers.. It'll turn around for us in the future regardless!!!
2. What's the greatness of this country?...

...Oh that's simple; "HERE IN THE USA"... The Embassies of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan & Tunisia have not had so much as a rock thrown in their direction (figuratively speaking).

Unlike our ambassadors, theirs can go shopping in one of our malls, go for a drive or visit a restaurant. THEY CAN EVEN TAKE THEIR FAMILY TO A PARK AND HAVE A PICNIC IF THEY WISH.

I'd bet my last IRAQI DINAR, no American Citizen would harm a hair on their head, namely because this country is such a melting pot.

Even if we did want to cause them harm....
.... How exactly would we go about identifying a Sudanese Ambassador, or a Tunisian Ambassador, or a Libyan Ambassador anyway?
3. Regardless of who The President is, as An American I'm with him 100%. Here's why:

When I was in The U.S. Air Force we had to salute officers all the time!! On a military base, this is REALLY REALLY BORING!!! I mentioned this to one of my uncles ... (Who by the way is now buried in Arlington National). His response was rather simple... YOU ARE SALUTING THE RANK, NOT THE MAN!!
4. When did serving the country, state, county, town, school board or municipality become about THE PERSON?

Anyone willing to serve in public office (regardless of party), has my highest respect.... Especially seeing as how the Vox Populi has a tendency to blame them for EVERYTHING!!!
5. I don't know either of these candidates for President..But I do know this... The collective wisdom of 100,000,000 plus voters couldn't be anymore incorrect than the 200 year succession plan of monarchies and dictatorships

....OOPS...These are the countries rioting!!!!...
OOPS...They are not rioting; They're just throwing Temper Tantrums!!!

Reminds me of when my nieces and nephews would complain vociferously about whatever it was... "What could they do at 4 years old; Fight me and win?" :-)

CNN is back on ...gotta go!!.. Mexican Lunch Time!!!... Corona!!!

Aside: 9/10/2012
1. I watched "both" Political Conventions!!
2. Contrary to the story lines..."We do not live in Two Americas"
...We just live in a country where everyone's vote counts!!!... Ooops, we are back to those famous 5,880 words!!! (see previous
3. There are sooooo many nice people in the world; Why does the media continually focus on 'Bad Apples'?
4. I will not be watching TV on tomorrow.....Positive Is As Positive Does!!!
5. Found a pretty good Merlot "Chateau St. Jean" (I love finding new stuff ... Gives me a wonderful excuse to drink it!!)


Aside: 8/23/2012

Your Opinion Actually Colors Your World And Dictates Your Personal Results.

Grab a cup of coffee. :-)

Short Story... Five Guys AND 1 Woman On A Rush Hour Train


Guy #1 is homeless... Older cat... Real Cool.. He's from Detroit
Guy #2 Not a college graduate but getting by... Looked to be in his 30's... His son is 7... Real Cool.. He's from Brooklyn
Guy #3... He's headed to WALMART for a quick pick up... Then he's out on a bus to Biloxi Mississippi... Very outgoing...The type of individual who will start a conversation with anyone anytime anyplace... Real Cool.
Guy #4... He's the quiet listener type... You know.. Says NOTHING HEARS EVERYTHING... Didn't catch where he was from .. By his clothing he seemed to be a hard working blue collar type guy locally born and raised... Looked Real Cool!! .....
Guy #5... Me. ... I'm just chillin.. About to put my earplugs in!!!..Of course I'm from Va.

.... And last but certainly not least... 1 Woman...Sitting with her face buried in "A Pretty Thick Novel" (Note: She and Guy #4 must be related... SHE NEVER SAID A WORD BUT SHE HEARD EVERYTHING!!!...

Very Important Note: Each Of Us Is An American of African Descent!

The Story:
Guys being guys, hello's will turn into sports, politics and religion discussions fairly easily... (Especially on public transportation when the parties don't know each other on a personal level).

I find conversations on public transportation seem to be more honest... UHM?... Could this be because there is no organizational politics being played?

Anyway, in 40 Minutes we touched on several subjects such as .. Are college grads "actually" smarter than high school grads?
What's wrong with these kids today?
Why are our schools turning out kids that know nothing??
Why are The Republicans and Democrats so vehemently opposed to even "listening" to one another?
Why so many people don't know their rights when it comes to dealing with the police...especially in 'police search' instances'?
Why are there not enough jobs?
How do people find themselves trapped in the legal system?
Why are businesses not doing better?
Are homeless people dumb or what? (Homeless guy said..."Not on your life...Some of these people are PHD's... Takes a certain level of intelligence to survive safely on the streets" )

Of course, we started with the problems aforementioned... Then we started honing in on where the problems stemmed from.... Then we found similar answers to each...

.... At first we boiled it down to "Dumb Parents" or "No Parents" or "No Responsible Sensible Adult Really Giving A Darn".. (Regardless of setting)....

See Guy #1's opinion was... "You can learn everything by just observing and copying what you see"... Guy #2 said.."Why copy?.. Good parents, teachers etc, could save the kid a lot of time by smacking them upside the head when they are being stupid, thus keeping them out of trouble!! (with his typical Brooklyn Accent :-)... Guy #3 Says "But what can a person do, if they have no one around to teach them?"...
I said... "That's the problem... Parents, Teachers, etc..Can't teach what they don't know and sometimes they really don't know what it is they don't know... So the whole system feeds on itself...turning out more and more people who can't and won't think for themselves!!"...

...And the same applies to organizations... Teachers want checks! Workers want checks!.. And the world of checks turns into "Doing As Little As Possible But Asking For The Most Money". As a case in point we looked at postal workers and how little mail the senior carriers delivered (and their cushy routes) as opposed to the junior carriers.... Now The Post Office is laying EVERYONE OFF. Fedex, UPS and DHL are eating their lunch (

So in a nutshell we laid the blame on 'Stupid Adults" in general!!

Stupid Politicians, Stupid Bosses, Stupid Parents, Stupid High School Grads, Stupid College Grads, Stupid Business People, Stupid Workers, Stupid Students of all sorts ...Everybody... Stupid Adults!!

... Guy #4 And The 1 Woman "said absolutely nothing!!!"

Summary (In My Opinion)

This train is like society in general... Some people have money. Some people don't have money. Some people discuss things in hopes of growing. Some people discuss things just to put their thoughts out there. Some people are without degrees or diplomas. Some people choose to say nothing, but hear everything (only to discuss it 'Ex Post Facto' if they contributed to the discussion in real time :-))

Your Opinions Matter Because Your Opinions Color Your World... Your Opinions Color Your World Because Your Opinions "Shape Your Actions (or Inactions)"!!... And actions make or break you!!!

If Success Breeds Success... Stupidity Must By Extension Breed Stupidity!! ... Be careful who you listen to. If they know nothing, you'll be in far worse shape not better.

Fake it till you make it does not work in the long run!! Where is the world going to be if everyone is faking it... OOPS... We're looking at it!!

Stop the madness... Teach somebody!! Teach anybody, but only teach something you REALLY KNOW!!!

Push the knowledge down to someone... Anyone!!! Save them a load of trouble and unneeded anxiety!!! Life is not about experiencing everything 'first hand'... If it were, we'd all be lining up for car wrecks!! :-)

Contributing to society is not about 'money and status'. Contributing to society is not about taxes and education.
Contributing to society means... Do what you can with what you have to help another person.. Simple!!!

There's no harm is saying "I don't know". Sometimes
"I don't know" is the most honest answer you can give!!!.. And it beats 'faking an answer all day long... oops.. lying!!!"

Don't be a Stupid Adult... It's contagious!!!

Be Positive!!... Make it a good day!!!... Join the discussion!! :-) It's just opinions... And Yours Matter!!

It's early... Starbucks it is!!!

Aside: 8/14/2012

The first step is not important; It's just a step!!
The last step is not important; It's just a step!!
Whether it's the first step or the last; At least be brave enough to take it!!
This Is Life At It's Very Best........ No Regrets!!!
(Ah... Jack, Coke .... Ice Cube!!!!)

Aside I : 8/6/2012

Congratulations Mr. Usain Bolt.
A Gold Medal In Jamaica's 50th Year Of Independence
How Fitting!!... And as my friends say in London; He looked none the worse for wear!! :-)

Aside II :

If you chase a Dream you will never catch it;
If you begin living your Dream now, you own it and can expand
(The Dream is simply a starting point).

The reason so many fail to reach their Dreams (again a big misnomer), is they view Dreams as Destinations.
... This is impossible!!! ... "Goals Are The Destinations, Not Dreams"!!!

Just Food For The Thoughtful!!

Cheers :-)
Drinking Red Stripe Today With An Appleton Rum Chaser!!! :-)

Aside: 7/26/2012

Sometimes you just have an absolutely perfect week.

I've had quite a few; However, the last seven days were days to remember for sure.

I did what I do best.. Negotiate deals... But something really wonderful happened this time; Lightning struck 5 times in 7 days... YEP... 5 deals in 7 days.

I did not plan this.. If I could .. Wow!

Deals in Mexico?, Virginia?, Oklahoma?, Texas?... And Tennessee?

All in the same week?

.... But I'm smart enough to know, roller coasters go up AND down...And I'm good with that!....

.. While I'm at it, I'll celebrate the UPS!!!
.. It's not about money at all
.. It's about the striving and accomplishment (my deals are not easy AT ALL).
TIME? .... Everything on the planet has TIME!!
THE TIME? ... Everyone on the planet has a watch, clock, computer or cellphone to tell THE TIME!!

The harder I work...The better my timing!!! :-)
Q: What do you do if you know you are telling the truth and they still don't believe you?
A: Nothing! You can't prove a negative... Move On!!... They are probably jerks. Get over it. Live! Which is probably exactly what they are not doing. Maybe this is why they are stretching out the negative conversation.
Uhm? I think I'll drink Lemon Lime Soda.... With a touch of ___ (Top Secret) :-)


Words Have Power!!

In The United States of America, 5,880 words make us who we are; The 1,337 words contained in the Declaration of Independence and 4,543 words in The U.S. Constitution.

Together they'd fit on fewer than 16 typed pages.... Yet very few citizens have actually read both documents (As a point in fact, I got all the way through High School with not one single test exclusively on either document!!!).

Why would anyone willingly NOT READ the foundation of every law written in this country; When the laws of this country affect, directly or indirectly, EVERY DAY TO DAY DECISION WE MAKE?... Whether we voted for these sometimes asinine laws or not....

NOTE: If you didn't vote; Don't complain (But this is a discussion for another day :-))

As everyone celebrates Independence Day... Make it REAL "Going Forward"!! ... Read The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution of The United States of America in their entirety.

Once you've read and fully comprehended the power of these 5,880 words, you'll have a really good basis for understanding why soooooo many people from around the globe are literally fighting and dying to get here.

"The American Dream", is any dream YOU want to pursue.

Your right to pursue your dream is embedded within these 5,880 words, which are the foundation of EVERY LAW, IN EVERY STATE, IN EVERY COUNTY, OF EVERY CITY/TOWN in this country!!!!

Your boss can't change them! Your family can't change them! Your friends can't change them! Religion can't change them! Educational Institutions can't change them!..... LIVE ACCORDINGLY!!!!

I promise, taking the time to read 5,880 words will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.... And if it doesn't maybe a quick trip to The Middle East will do the trick :-)

Stop making excuses!!

Every decision you make, good or bad, is your own choice in the end (regardless as to who talked you into it).

The Constitution says you are free to do "exactly what YOU want to do". PERIOD. What this means is, you are living the life you've chosen. Want to live a different life?; Well hurry up!!!... Get a move on!!!.. Time is ticking!!!...

.... And the person telling you what can't be done?... TELL THEM TO TAKE A FLYING LEAP. (Just remember, this knife cuts both ways; Are you the person telling someone else what can't be done? Are you impinging on their freedom to live their life as they see fit?)

As a point in fact, I told two guys in the oil business just this on yesterday; As I politely hung up the phone !! :-) ..... Who are they to tell me what " The *******" I can't do or accomplish? Really? (The Joke is on them!!)

I'm an Honorably Discharged Veteran, Entrepreneur, Active Voter, Active Mentor and A Proud American!!


236 Years Of Age... "And Counting"!!


Aside 6/22/2012:

Before one can achieve any sort of success (money, family, career, hobbies etc) ... One must first be able to entertain the thought such a success is possible!

Negativity is the cancer of life... I'm cancer free!!! :-)

Corona? There it is!!! :-)

Aside 6/21/2012:

A couple of really good friends are going through a really rough patch....The fellas and I are going to get them through with some really cool positivity and some cold hard cash!!

We were discussing whether these should be loans or gifts...... I told them, loans sound too much like business... Friends and Business don't mix.

They'll owe us a ton of drinks instead :-) (Expensive Drinks) (Probably for years to come) .."Friends Don't Let Friends Forget.... EVER!!!" :-)

Aside 6/11/2012:

It was a fantastic day... I did absolutely nothing! Besides, I had a good excuse.. It was MONDAY!!
Ooops.. I spoke with our company attorney @ 1 Min 32 Seconds.. .lol
Ooops.. I spoke with my business partners, chit chatting for about an hour... lol
Like I said, I did nothing!
Ooops... I watched NHL tonight.... I was pulling for The New Jersey Devils.. I wanted the series to go 7 games!!.. No such luck.
Happy Birthday Bro!... You made it another year!.. Good Job.
Drinks are on me!!!

Aside 6/4/2012:

Choose Your Success
Don't Let your Success Choose You
The Win Is Loss
If It's Not What You Want To Do - [ Me ]

Don't sell yourself short. Live. Take risks. The risks are much smaller if you are really willing to put in the work. Work is normally what makes the difference.

Today, it's Shiner, Wings and The NBA Game!! :-)

Aside 6/1/2012:

The First Half Of This Year Is Now Gone
... And I'm Perfectly Happy With My Half Year Results!!

I would have loved to have made a tad bit more money...but.. money ain't everything. (Bad Grammar. Good Communication.)

Not really sure what I'll be drinking today; But it'll be something!! :-)


Aside 5/29/2012:
What is My Personal Time Value Of Time?

Uhm? :-)

In finance there's TVM (Time Value of Money), NPV (Net Present Value), FV (Future Value), PV (Present Value)...
... But what is My Personal Time Value Of Time (MPTVT)?

... I made this term up of course... Cause my time has absolutely nothing to do with 'money'! :-)... So the value must be something else.

Let me see.. 168 Hours in a week, Sleep 56 hours, Work 40 hours, ...Uhm? ...That leaves a whole 72 hours of choice!

Choice, as in, traffic, tv, movies, shopping, personal phone calls, OKC, the beach, ...

As a percentage 72/168 ='s a whopping 42.8%

Well I can kinda sorta add and I love sports...
57.2% of my life is for them vs. 42.8% of my life is for me...!

That's 5.72 years for every 10 years of life!... that's a lot of time to be giving away.

That's why I'll only work for me... And I love doing it...And I don't have to worry about firing the help :-)

I wish I could pass a law to allow all employees to take off whenever they want (and get paid for it)... Why?... They'd do far more work the less time they had to be in the office.

With web based cellphones and wi fi computers... Do they really have to come "in to work"?

It's counter intuitive, but I think it would work.... Call it "Super Tele Commuting".

I think the average person is honest enough to make such a system work.

Aside 5/25/2912:
Another Really Cool Week!
One of the busiest, start to finish, I've had in ... Uhm?.. Since 5/19/2012!! :-)

Out of town, quick 2 day trip, to give some much needed investment advice to a corporate client... And now I'm chilling about to watch this very eventful weekend.

My point of view however is a little different...

... See, "I am a Veteran" and contrary to what a lot of servicemen have had said to them about serving the country and all; One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received is the following ...."Your only job is to come out of the military alive!"

My uncle said that to me...And boy was he right! Obviously, I took his advice; I went to the Air Force!

So this holiday weekend, your only job is to come out alive.

Don't be a statistic.

Me? I'm staying in ALL weekend... I'll go against the grain and stay away from the Drunk Drivers. :-)

Make it a good one!!!

Aside 5/19/2012:
Really Cool Week!
One of the busiest, start to finish, I've had in .... Uhm?... A While!

My phones rang from Monday until just about three hours ago :-)...Almost non stop, except for when I was sleeping.

Six new and exciting projects in five different states and one Caribbean Country.

Following your dreams is good... Living your dreams is even better... (I'm a witness).

Tonight it's nothing... Coronas tomorrow :-)

Aside 5/9/2012:
....Condensed Version....

{Text Message 5/8/2012 2:00 AM} : He's Been In Children's ICU, Totally Sedated Since Sunday May 6th!!!.... Seizures!!!

{Text Message 5/8/2012 3:13 PM) : He's Up Pulling The Tubes Out Of His Throat And Mumbling!!!

These two messages were from 'HIS MOM'...
...He's 15!!
... I talked to my brother mid morning
... They're with him around the clock
... I couldn't stay long but I saw my nephew sleeping amidst more buttons than in an aircraft cockpit (Cool!!... I'm Out... Be Back Tomorrow If The Universe Says The Same)

And that's the point: "IF" ...The Universe Says The Same!!!

It's a glass of red wine tonight ... A chair ...An ottoman!

LIVE!!! NOW!!!

Aside: 5/2/2012:

It just takes one (1)...

"1" good person to brighten your whole day , "1" good person to give encouragement, "1" good person to say my apologies... OR ... "1" BAD PERSON TO TRY AND MESS IT ALL UP!!.

Sorry bad persons, some of us are just a little bit stronger than that!!

Don't take yourselves so seriously, you are not THAT important in the grand scheme of things.

And to all you "Good People" writing and communicating positives (you know who you are)...

THANKS.... And Cheers!!! (Tonight It's Jack Daniels)

Aside 4/24/2012:
Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? ... This is one of the most artful questions in human "phrazeeology" ( I just totally made up this word... :-))..,. It's three questions in one!!!! Wow... (But I digress).. Uhm?... Should I Practice Compartmentalization Here?...

..."Where have you been? "Out"... Ok, I'll play... Out Where?.... With a friend...What friend?... Oh, you don't know her/him... Well tell me about them?...etc...etc...etc."

Ladies: This is not mysterious... This is BORING!!! (To us guys..And since I'm a guy..Trust me when I say, to us this is, ....... BORING!!!)

See to me it's really simple... Be you!! ...The real you.. Not the fake TV Personality You or The Party Person You or The I Love Everything You...

Since you can't lie and tell the truth at the same time... It seems to me.. Being yourself and being totally truthful is the best option...
... That is if you want to sleep well!

That's why if you ask me a straight question, you'll get a straight answer....

...Now is it true in reverse???? Uhm?

Nothing serious.. Just food for thought!!!!

Ah... There's my pillow!!! :-)

Aside 4/16/2012:
Who said it couldn't be done; And what great achievement has he to his credit which allows him to use the word IMPOSSIBLE so freely?

There are Infectors and Affectors ... "Which are you?"

They say opposites attract; Uhm?... I'm an "Affector"....Soooo, I guess I'm looking for an anamoly!!! :-)

Modelo? Got it!!!

Aside 4/11/2012:
If I had one wish?
Tricky Question....
...... I think I'd wish for "A Thousand More Wishes":-)

Facebook bought Instagram?? Wow; What's Instagram? :-)

The Top 10 Reasons Facebook Should NOT Buy OK Cupid:

1. I'd cancel my profile... Privacy & Facebook do not belong in the same sentence
2. Privacy & Facebook do not belong in the same sentence.
3. All the really cool people would leave
4. Facebook would completely and utterly ruin The OKC App
5. I have a hard enough time reading the few profiles in this space, let alone Eight Hundred Fifty Million more
6. Enough Is Enough
7. Immediately Write An Aside :-)
8. Scream.... By Throwing My Voice (Don't Look At Me)
9. Write a letter to my "non-answering" Congress (person)
10. Give Out My Pager Number!!!!


Aside 4/1/2012:

1. What's up with "Enemy Percentages"?... I mean, sometimes I really want to contact the highest percentages just to see whether there's any rhyme or reason to the statistics!! (Tongue Deep Deep Deep In Cheek) :-)

2. I'm about to check my "Mega Millions Tickets"!! lol...
... Naw I didn't win, but I want to see how "CLOSE" I came..(or not) :-)

The way I see it, it's cheap entertainment.... Watching some of the folks in line with me, clammy hands, cold sweats, nervous voices... This was better than spending 6 Bucks on a movie ticket!!!

3. Did the man thing yesterday: WATCHED NCAA BASKETBALL...ALL DAY!!! Now I'm warming up for The Championship Game on Monday Night!!..

Here's The Moneywiz Quiz:

How can you tell if you are high on a guys list?

Answer: He"ll communicate with you tomorrow..... DURING THE GAME!!! (Before the game, during halftime or after the game is too easy.... we guys do this all the time... it's a no brainer. During the game?... WOW! Someone has his attention).

Here's The Moneywiz Quiz II:

How can a guy tell if he's high on your list?

Answer: You will refrain from calling him at all tomorrow, especially right before the game, during the game, during halftime or after the game!!! :-) ( And yes ladies the pre-game newscasters count as part of the game.... "to guys")

Here are the reasons...
A. It happens one day per year.
B. You will not get our undivided attention (the game is on).
C. The request could have been made yesterday, if you didn't rush yesterday, why should we rush TODAY!
D. He'll be complaining about something (the refs, the bad play, THE REFS)... Do you really want to get into the middle of that?
E. After the game he'll be celebrating "his team won"... or.... "downing the last of a hot beer devastated "his team lost".
F. Either way you'll win in the end; "TUESDAY IS A WORK DAY":-) !!
G. An argument WILL happen.....

Let me see if I can come up with an example: It's like a woman being interrupted by a guy, at the very best part, of her very favorite tv show or movie...EVERY WEEK... AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME OF WEEK... WITH THE SAME REQUEST!!! ...

... Just stretch it out to "every 365 days" and you'll have a pretty good sense of what guys hear every time a championship game is coming on... "Can you run to the store real quick?"... "I forgot something in the car, can you get it for me real quick before the game comes on?"... :-) (I'm laughing sooooo hard right now).... Why?... Because no matter how much warning I give... "some really smart person" is going to do just the opposite since these rules DO NOT apply to her!! :-).... Now you know the main reason some gentlemen turn their phones OFF during games!! :-) Go Kentucky Wildcats!!

There's my beer!!!!

Aside 3/29/2012:

I finally figured out what day it is!!!... It's the only day this year I'm actively buying Mega Millions Lotto Tickets!!

500M USD is a ton of cookie dough :-) !!!

What are the odds of winning? Wow!!
Did!! you know our odds of finding a significant other are better on OKC?

So... Here's a promise to myself; If I were to win the lottery I'd stay on OKC anyway. That money is not gonna change me one bit!! ... I'm laughing soooo hard right now.

If you get a chance, drop me a note and I'll send you two photos" without me in them"..... Just two reasons I'm not in the office! :-) ( I would post them to my profile .... But there's a mean Staff Robot Out To Get Me)

Good Luck With Your Numbers!!!!!

Aside 3/?/2012:

What is today? What is today"s date? I've been chilling out so hard the last couple of days.. I've lost track :-)...
... Don't get me wrong.. I've been working... JUST NOT MANY HOURS AND EVEN THEN NOT HARD AT ALL

It"s really hard to lose "The Beach Mentality" now that I'm home; OH WELL :-) lol...

... Tonight? Tequila it is....

Aside Written On Star Date: 3/25/2012:

Nope!!! ... Not a Trekkie!!! :-) Just wanted a change of pace.

Anyway... I've been out and about.. As in "Out Of The Country" and "About Some Really Fun Business"

The Caribbean is absolutely wonderful this time of year... If you ever have a chance to go... GO!! (It's definitely safer than being in The Middle East right now!!)

If you are a giver.... Keep giving!!... Do Not Stop!!!!

Sure, nothing makes you angrier than someone NOT appreciating all you've done for them (probably over many many years)....But hey.... The gift was in the giving, "not the receiving". Right?

Nothing is more fun than being paid with smiles.... Besides, they couldn't repay you with cash if their lives depended on it (and at some point their lives probably did depend on what cash YOU could spare...I'm laughing really hard right now).

Anyway II.... The weather is weird. 85 Degrees in Chicago last week?

Hey II... Enjoy!

Now where is my Modelo & Lime? :-).... Here it is!!! :-)

Aside 2/14/2012:

Today is one of many days during the year with which I get to put my contrarianism into FULL PRACTICE :-);

Today I will not be visiting any "Couples Type" Restaurants, Flower Shops, Shopping Malls, Candy Shops or ..... MOVIE THEATRES!!!! :-)

Nor will I be visiting any beaches, parks, lakes or REDBOX VENDING MACHINES!!!! :-);

Nor will I be visiting any fancy smancy drinking establishments or liquor/alcohol retail sales locations!!!! :-);

Nor will I be sending any Teddy Bears, Perfume, Lingerie, Balloons or the like!!!! :-);


(I am laughing so hard right now)

Aside 2/13/2012:

My Definition of VALENTINES DAY:

A ONE (1) DAY "I LOVE YOU STICKY NOTE" many mistakenly use as a substitute for THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE (365) DAYS OF "I LOVE YOU STICKY NOTES"!!!! :-) ....

.... You know the old saying; "An ounce of "I love You's" is better than a "Pound of Chocolates" :-)

Aside 1/31/2012:

There are millions upon millions of seemingly impossible problems in the world; Solve one (1)... Feed someone you don't know a good meal TODAY!!! Sometimes it's not about us!!!!!! (Maybe my Congressman should read this)..... (Now where is my Corona?..... Ahh!! :-)

Aside 1/26/2012:

I have not had a lot of time lately, I've kinda sorta been partying a bit (lol) ....I do want to mention however, if you've visited my page I most certainly appreciate it.... Even when you've chosen not to leave a message. :-)

On the opposite note, if I've visited your page, you've probably been added to my favorites . . . .Especially if you have a smile on your face and seem to WANT to be happy!!!

Serious faces send the opposite message to me . . .More like misery want's company (my opinion). . .My apologies, I can't help with that one :-) :-)

I believe strongly, 2012 will be whatever you make it! No excuses... No apologies... Whatever happens is as you planned it, purposely or not! PARADOX? No!
Choose to win...Then buckle down and do the work! Choosing to lose is easy! Now where is my Jack Daniels?

Aside 11/17/2011:

1. Life is what you make it! . . . . Blah Blah Blah :)
2. Don't be !enny wise and pound foolish . . . . Blah Blah Blah :)
3. Read my lips, no new taxes! . . . . Blah Blah Blah :)
4. THE U.S. CONSTITUTION gives you the right to FREE: SPEECH, not the right to OCCUPY and camp out in a private park! . . . . Blah Blah Blah :)
5. I've signed an executive order to put Americans back to work! . . . . Blah Blah Blah :)
6. Raising taxes on the people who create jobs, is not good economics Mr. President . . . . .Blah Blah Blah :)
7. 40.3846% of the women I've communicated with on OKC have disabled their profile. . . . IS THIS BLAH??? :) BLAH??? :) BLAH???:) lol (Tongue Deep In Cheek On This One :)) . . Which means . . .
8. . . . 59.6154% of the women I've communicated with on OKC have NOT wasted a moment of my time (life):) lol! . . And except for one (Sunny Moniker), all of these disabled profiles were angling for something!

As my science teacher told us. . If you have a large enough sample, a fairly lengthy period of time and patience. . . THE NUMBERS JUST DO NOT LIE!!:)

So this aside is a THANK YOU to the wonderfully awesome
59.6154%!!:) (You know who you are!) This reminds me constantly of the fact, there are some really cool women out here and not all of them are trolling for FREE MEALS, DRINKS AND A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN! :) . . . (The same is true when applied to SOME of us guys. . . You have my word on this!:)). . .

Run your own numbers and let me know how they turn out! . . I promise my profile won't be disabled anytime soon

(Oops! Sorry! . . FINE PRINT & CAVEAT! - If I meet Miss RIGHT. . . I'm Gone RIGHT NOW! Done! Finito! Adios! Arrivederci!). . .

Now Where Is My Lime, Frosted Mug & Corona? :) :) :) :) :) . . BTW. . On that free drinks and meals thing. . .
Yeah I said it! :). . What?:). . . Did you really expect a man not to know?:) How could he not know? It's his wallet that's lighter? :) lol (Sip! . . Ahh! . . . Good Beer!)

Aside 10/25/2011: It's Been A Busy 21 Days! :-)

My last aside, had the intended outcome. My test was to see what type of response I'd get if I changed my tone and sounded more like my sisters meaning... "What if I made the conversation "MORE" about me?

Now I can't tell you how many hidden visitors saw this page, but I can tell you the number of visitors in general dropped precipitously!!!

Why is this? Uhm?...

...My guess is, (and it's just my opinion); Subconsciously men and women buy into this stereotype of MAN ='s GIVES :-) and WOMAN ='s GETS!!!! :-)....

.... It all sounds like a setup to me!!!
.... Is there really a way to find someone who'll meet 'fairly' in 'the middle'? :-)

Now if I could really explore this topic with a member of the opposite sex; I'd probably feel like I'd won the lottery!!

Where is Ms. Unique?

Off To The Beach!!...... Time For A Short Work Week!!!

Be Good At It

Aside 10/04/2011:

Still not working! :-) Just fired up the computer and decided to ask a general question: "What's In It For Me? When I sit across the table from, or call a CEO, invariably he (or she) will ask some version of this question!... It's one heck of a Deal Maker, if I have a good answer (which I always do)... And one heck of a Deal Breaker if I don't lol. So this is my question; What's REALLY in it for me? The question is rhetorical in nature, but you'd be surprised at the number of men who fail to ask. So many individuals look upon any type of relationship as 'purely business'... Ok. I'll play :-) (Afterall, I'm in BUSINESS!! LOLOLOLOL).. Is this really where smart individuals want to go? What happens if/when the money runs out ... Or something catastrophic happens? Is your self worth tied to your paycheck? I've got buddies paying serious freight ; They are awesome guys... Houses, Cars, Trips, Shopping, Cash For Kids College Educations, The Works.... But I'm always amazed when they say they have not recently taken the time to check inside the boxes!!! :-) ..... One of my buddies recently got sick from drinking the water in a South American Country (No names.. I happen to love the place) and couldn't get a hot cup of soup from his significant other if he was in a Soup Factory (at least not without a whole lot of Ex Post Facto questioning as to how , why, when, where and etc. !!!) Wow!!!... Now if I could have this dicussion with a member of the opposite sex.. I'd probably think I'd won the lottery!!! .. Now where is my Corona!! I'm out.. Have some sun to catch!! :-)

Aside 9/30/2011:

Awesome week!!! My fellas and I made a ton of progress on a ton of deals and frankly it feels fairly decent (vast understatement lol )..... We focused on making money and having a ton of fun. We are hanging out tonight!! :-) Just the boys and their toys!!! Popping Brews and getting ready for Baseball, Football... Being loud and rowdy!!! Real work starts again next Wednesday!!! (We work for ourselves?... Of course!! ... Is the economy horrible? Of course it is!!! Does this affect us? Of course it does!... Does this bother us? Of course it doesn't!!!.... Do we get through it? Of course we do!!!.... "The thing called chance does not exist" - Francis Bacon) Now where is my Tequila?... MAKE IT a great one!!!!

Aside 9/17/2011:
Thanks to "Sunny Moniker" for alerting me to the following Ok Cupid Warning: "Sunny Moniker" avoid internet scams. Don’t ever transfer funds to someone you met on the Internet. And keep your conversations safely on OkCupid.

Imagine my suprise when I found out she saw this warning "with my message"!!!

As an African American Male.. I felt disappointed in OKC... Why?... They did not show this warning on my web enabled phone. I had to see it... from a live computer.

I am in no way shape or form .. any type of Nigerian Scammer!!

Now where is my beer!!!! :-)

Aside 9/13/2011:
Thanks to the person who asked me a very challenging series of questions. Part of my response was as follows;

Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, Aristotle taught Alexander The Great, Alexander The Great Conquered the world. . . . CONTRARIANS ALL.... Who made time to THINK!

For ME, . . Life is too short to live otherwise!:)

"LEADING" is contrary to "FOLLOWING", as day is contrary to night!

Success in ANY field of endeavor requires one to focus on one of these two paths . . . Greatness is found in both. . But individually they are mutually exclusive; We can not do both at the same time!!

As the saying goes.... Lead... Follow... Or get the he** out of the way!!! (My science teacher said "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate".)

Now where is my Rum & Coke??? :-)

Aside 9/3/2011:
Everyone is chilling this weekend (Labor Day 2011)....
... I've been chilling almost all year.

A job?; Way Too Stressful For Me... I was just speaking with a friend of mine who just returned from Panama, luckily for him, he has the ability to activate dual citizenship!!

He wants to go to Panama and retire. ... I had one thing to say "Go For It"!!!
... Who wouldn't want to retire to the tropics, have a very low cost of living and meet people from all over the world? :-) Simply Awesome!!!
...Sometimes, we're just too serious... So this aside is not about seriousness...
... In the last two months, I've been working on deals sure!!; But I've somehow found time to hit the waterpark with a niece, a nephew and my brother.
.... I still found time to hang out with my sister who completed her Bachelors and decided to become a High School English Teacher!!!... Just got her first check!!! AMAZING!!!.. It took her years to change directions, but .. she's doing what she loves to do!!! Awesome!!!!
... I still found time to paint my niece's first house (all 3,500 sq. ft.)... Attend one heck of a two day house warming party... And she's 27!!! ( I did not see a drink I didn't like.. And the DJ was amazing). Needless to say, it was a ton of fun!!!! :-)
... She followed almost everything about money I taught her (ALMOST)

So on this Labor Day....
.... Decide To Stop Laboring So Hard: LIVE HARDER!!!... Your time on this planet is very limited@@@@
.... Now where is my drink!!!! :-)
Be Well!!! Be Safe!!!

Aside 7/28/2011:
A. After reading my profile, I owe cat lovers an apology... I don't dislike cats!!.. I'm allergic to cats (Big Difference).. When I answered this question, being allergic was not an option :-) lol

B. I've been all over the country and one thing never ceases to amaze me; Whenever I don't have time to watch a lot of TV, then come back to it.. I'm amazed at how little I actually missed!!!

The propagation of fear is rampant.... "Let it go!!!". As someone really famous once said (paraphrasing)... "There is nothing to fear but fear itself!!!"

When will we wake up?

Fear of The Other Party?... Fear of The Other Religion?.. Fear of The Other Country?.... Fear of The Other Person Who Looks A Little Bit Different Than You?...

... Laughable!!!!

C. Here is the real game...

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on May 21, 2001 was 11,372....
The Dow Jones Industrial Average July 27, 2011 was 12.302.....

You'd have made a whooping $930.00 over the last 10+ years or $93.00 per year in a Dow Index Fund.. Wow .00755% annually!!!!... Less than 1% ..

Which is why the rich own bonds... the poor (i.e. those with 401K's own stock)!!!

The joke is on us!!!

D. Oh and to the people who miss my asides; I'm late but I got it done :-)... Thanks!!

Till Next Time

Aside 6/18/2011:

A. Now where is my Corona? Now where is my Tequila? Now where is my cigar? Now where is my chair? Now where is my weekend edition of The Financial Times? Now where is my cellphone?.... Corona? (Check)... Tequila? (Check)... Cigar ?(Check) ... Chair? (Check)... FT? (Check)

As you've probably guessed; I'm not working today!!! No errands. No 'To Do List'. Nada. Nothing.

Unfortunately clients may call, so I'll have to leave my cell phone on.... (It hasn't rang so far which is good... I need to chill for a minute or two or three or sixty!!!)

B. Can someone tell me how to turn 100M into 400M without risk legally?

This is a 400% Return On Investment....(and it happens more than we care to think).

This seems to be a problem for some (the legal aspect that is); Their way of making money seems to be 'legally fleecing' the system.... Banking System, The Legal System, The System of Representative Government, The System of Religion, etc., etc., etc.,....

C. Is it November 2012 already? I couldn't care less about losing 18 months of life listening to the pundits expound on a Presidential Campaign that's over one year away!!! This is such a huge misdirection play... And it's not about the economy...

... It's all about your personal opinion as to what constitutes "A True Sense Of Fairness"!!

Seriously, if you were worth 3 Billion Dollars, would you want to pay more or less in taxes?..... or.... If you were dirt broke with no place to stay; Wouldn't you like the government to pick up your tab until you got back on your feet?

Sometimes "The Issue" is not "THE ISSUE"; Sometimes it's a matter of perspective!!

Please Consider The Following:

Congress is paid regardless!! ... Every person elected to Capitol Hill, regardless of political party, is a millionaire several times over (or soon will be). This is fact, not fiction!!! :-)

It's The Haves vs. The Have Nots!!! :-) (Do the best you can with this information...but take responsibility. It's not your vote that counts; It's your day to day actions!!!

D. I think I'll ponder these and other issues while I chill...

Note: If I could have the aforementioned conversation with someone of the opposite sex, I'd probably think I'd won the lottery!!!

Now where is my Corona? :-) :-)

Aside 6/6/2011:

Been busy having a ton of fun negotiating finance deals.

It's not the money; It's the challenge of the game.

The old saying is "Find something you love to do and you'll never work another day in your life!"... Don't know who said this, but it's definitely true, at least in my case.

Now the question is; Are you one of the people actually bold enough to live their lives in this manner?...

Aside 5/23/2011:

Go Miami Heat! Huge basketball fan! Glad I had enough time to enjoy the game without interruptions. Speaking of interruptions _ Ladies, how many times do you typically interrupt a guy (any guy) who is seriously into watching a sporting event? (If you answered anything other than 'never' .. you just messed up. )

See I'm a guy, and I played all the sports growing up.... Track, Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming... This is what some guys do (at least those of us who are in shape)!

So when we watch a sport, we are not just watching.. We understand the strategy, the when's, the how's and the where's of all the nuances of the game. Then we have to wonder "Why is she interrupting my concentration?"..

Remember, I have sisters and if the truth is told "I believe... some women have a need to be at the top of a guys thought list, especially when what he's doing has absolutely nothing to do with them"... (And they wonder why the guy is outta there? Uhm?)

Sport is our concentration space... Let it go!!!

Ignore this advice at your own peril.

If the guy likes something (anything).. and he's really into it "Why are you messing up "HIS PASSION"? Is it really all about YOU??? (Some women actually answer yes here :-))

Wonder how Melinda (Wife of Bill Gates) or Michelle (Wife of Barack) view interrupting a guy on a mission?

See it's not just about 'sports'; The concentration aspect of life touches every part of a guy's success.

If I see a guy struggling in his hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations... I look for the woman nagging him... (his mom, a sister, a girlfriend, an aunt or something).

If I see a guy obviously winning (no pun intended)... I look for the opposite!! I look for the women in his life who 'always' have his back (even if he's broke as dirt!!)

You want what you want?.. Good!!.. Get out of the guy's way! Let him do what he does best!!!....AND NEXT TIME QUIETLY BRING HIM A BEER!! You'll be repaid in spades!!!!

Just a thought!!

Aside 5/20/2011: I've been debating as to whether or not I'd like to eliminate all the old stuff I've written.... Nah I'll pass.. Why? There's no such thing as The Old Me! lol.. So instead, I think I'll update my thoughts once or twice a week. Thinking is organic...This page is not.. Except if I make it so. A lot has happened in the world lately. I got a letter from Osama, but it has no return address. Oh Well!! The economy seems to be picking up (well at least my clients checks are not bouncing) which is good. Thanks for the visits... Leave a note or two if you'd like... If I'm not on a plane I'll hit you back asap asap. Off to the airport. Have a good one.

Aside 4/27/2011 :
I've read over 290 profiles thus far. ..... Which by my estimation leaves over 22,000 to go.. If the membership is 50,000 plus LOLOLOL

It seems to me, most of the women 'want' to be totally truthful in their descriptions of themselves...but... they have a small 'conundrum' ... Do they show their 'true selves' or 'their internet personas'?

Thus far, I see a few more internet personas than real selves.

Here is 'my' reasoning:

All of the profiles read pretty much the same.."I'm intelligent", " I'm independent", " I'm laid back", "I'm fun loving",.....

... If so many women are saying the same thing; Am I to deduce all of these women are essentially alike? :-)
.... And if all of these women are essentially alike; How is it expected that 'I' should all of a sudden arrive at some fantastic algorithm to differentiate the unique from the truly mundane?

I am not giving advice, nor being a judge ... I would however suggest: If you wish to be perceived differently... speak differently, discribe yourself differently...

....This is much easier than you think!!! Be the same you on the internet you are in the physical world!!!

..... I'm looking for Ms. Unique... And so is every other man on this site.


.... MS UNIQUE!! Please drop me a message immediately...Thanks :-)

Aside: .... Where is my Corona?

Aside: Congrats Prince and Kate. Westminster Abbey?; Been there. Kinda weird getting married with so many famous dead people buried in the floor.

With 50,000+ individuals on this site, there is less than a .002% chance you and I will match (1 in 50,000)... To save time, I've written a 'Novella'..... I've attempted to answer 100% of the initial questions an intelligent, forward thinking, mature woman would ask.... My essays are therefore jam packed and painstakingly honest!!

BTW, I respond often. To respond "Selectively" defeats the purpose of being on a dating site; Does it not? (The odds are long enough as it is :-).....)

Last but not least... If I visit your site... I'll read every word you wrote/look at every picture posted.... As you intended... (This is the least I can do).. Besides, I'm studying to be a speed reader :-)
Here goes....
IF YOU WANT TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST....... It seems to me, you need make no changes!!!!....

.. Since deciding NOW to live life to the fullest is not really what you are doing!!!...

.... You've been living life to the fullest all along; You really had no choice!!! (The same is true for every being on this planet!!! :-).. Why? Because breathing IS only for the living!!!!

What does "Living Life To The Fullest Really Mean"?...

... And If there is a "Living Life To The Fullest"; What Would "Living Life To The Emptiest" look like?

Regret comes with the territory, but what I've come to realize about all humans is the following:

We do the best we can, AT THE TIME, with the information we have available, considering the time constraints of the particular decision making process, our past experiences, our outlook as to the potential outcomes, whether negative or positive, and the experiences/ opinions of those whose thought processes we trust... Knowing full well, through all of this, we are no more certain of a particular outcome than we are about the weather pattern for "next week Tuesday"!!

Such is life! :-)

Aside I : I have 6 sisters and I've always heard them say "Men just don't know how to communicate what they are thinking or how they really feel!";

Aside II: "I'm not one of those men!!!";

Aside III: Now imagine how much time you'll save by reading my feelings in the words that follow!! :-) One of the greatest jazz tunes of all time, is Straight No Chaser...So now, let's make this really easy:

a. I'm Single
b. I have no children...but would love to have a bunch
c. I have traveled quite extensively
d. I have not worked for anyone else except myself in years
e. I work 24/7 I play 24/7
f. I love like I work
g. I love like I play
h. I don't lie... I have a terrible memory!
i. I have no criminal record and am not enamored with those who think a rap sheet is a a badge of honor :-)
j. I love two door sports cars... Mainly because I love the open road.. And secondly so people won't ask me for rides or to help them move lol ...Besides, my tennis rackets are in the trunk; Where would I put the stuff?
k. I can live with or without money... In a mansion, house, apartment or under a tree... makes no difference. Bill Gates and a homeless man have two things in common... Neither has to work and neither has a job!!!..Freedom is the key. Money follows.
l. I only want to be with one woman...
...She has to be absolutely gorgeous, athletic, sexy as heck (to me) , willing to be a fantastic mother 2 genius onspring, able to eat fajitas from a cart in downtown Cozumel, wine and dine where the bill is $400.00 for two, wolf down a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, slap a nap at Super 8 or relax at The Four Seasons!!
m. If your mom, sisters or girlfriends run your life, or if you need their approval for everything you do.. You may need to pay more attention to the next guy. I came to the conclusion years ago, no one is jumping in the grave with me when I leave, so I don't allow them to make my decisions, indirectly or in absentia, while I'm living :-) .. Unless they are offering to cover the tab, and even then, I still may not go along with it if I'm not feeling it!! :-)
.... Therefore, obviously, I'm not on this site to be popular
( is it possible to be popular with thousands of daters on a site?).
n. There's only one of me and one of you..together that makes two!! I'm cool with that!! o. Arlington Va. is one place to live! I could move! :-) If you are cool with all of the above, know how to have a great time dancing the night away at a party, have a positive mental outlook, not scared of flying and maybe, just maybe can teach me a foreign language/slang in and around your locale, can keep your business (and mine) to yourself, is as trustworthy with me as I'll be with you, and have a sex drive to match... drop a note and I'll drop one back in short order!!

My compliments to you for the "extracurricular reading".... AND MY THANKS AS WELL!!!!

I'm all about TRUE elevation!!!!

Straight Enough?? lol

Peace Sign
What I’m doing with my life
Living It To The Fullest!!! :-) And staying as far away from ready made family drama as possible!! Why would I volunteer to be ANYTHING other than #1? Besides, I'd much rather build my own family foundation, than attempt a repair of someone else's. Most men lie about being able to accept children other than their own! Honestly, I know the reverse, whether your children accept me (or not), is FAR MORE APPLICABLE to any successful long term relationship. . . And mom is ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE! This is the truth!:)(Remember, I said I have 6 sisters!) So my personal preference is to not have this complication. However, if you feel your situation is somehow unique. . .let me know UPFRONT. . . Not later.:)
I’m really good at
Just about everything I touch, whether it's business, cooking, public speaking, working on cars or throwing a serious party!!!... .(not to mention writing painstakingly honest profiles)!! . . . :-) :-) :-) Voting as an experiment in finding an honest politician! (Not having too much luck :) :) :) :) :)!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Very logical. Fair. Tactful. I give straight answers if asked straight questions! Love a good conversation on just about any topic. Love to have a good time. Positive. Positive. Positive. . . . . And I missed my first calling (Comedy!); Keyword?. . . MISSED :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm open to just about anything except scary movies... I love just about any good cuisine; But I'm really careful with anything raw!
The six things I could never do without
1. Godiva Chocolate! 2.Driving W/ The Top Down! 3. A Really Good Cigar (Every Once In A While)! 4. A Great Cognac! 5. A Real Woman To Share Good Times With!! 6. Still Working On This One (lol) . . .but here goes . . . Freedom of thought, movement, and choice; Along with the willingness to properly defend and protect my personal implementation of the same. A lot of our choices are not really OUR CHOICES. Individuals in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Wisconsin (Smiles) are coming to the conclusion their life is their own. . . Propaganda Not Withstanding! The enemy is never 'others' or 'some outside force'; The Enemy IS any thought process that inhibits MY FREEDOM . . . TO TOTALLY BE ME! :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything!!! Especially Business, Geopoly And Socio-Economics. Any other time I'm trying to think of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and chilling in 'The Present'.
On a typical Friday night I am
... Susceptable to do just about anything that feels like it'll be fun. Key word 'feels'. :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If it's most private; Why would I admit it? :-). . . Oops, Key Phrase Alert: 'Willing To Admit'! . . . . I do not use the word NEED in any conversation!:) I literally hate the word 'need'! One sure way to have me not do something, is to tell me 'I need to do this or that'!:) Lol! Needs are food, clothing, water, health and shelter of some sort! Everything else is literally CHOICE! :). . . Choice is FREEDOM:)! For this reason, I'm much more accomodating if I'm simply asked nicely:). . . . I ask nicely as a matter of respect!:) If a person honors my request, this is good. . . If not, this is their choice and I don't hold it against them! They owe me nothing!:) . . The same applies in reverse! :)
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 28–49
  • Located anywhere
  • Who are single
  • For new friends
You should message me if
..... You want to :-). . AND if you can be your true self!; Meaning, If you don't take yourself TOO SERIOUSLY!!! :). . . . Come On :). . . Be Honest With Yourself And Be Honest With Me :). . .Is Every Woman Who Says She's Beautiful Actually Telling The Whole Truth?:). . . Really? :). . . . Ladies, Beauty Is Not In The Eye Of The Beholder. . BEAUTY JUST IS (and it's not internal terminology, so stop misleading each other with that 'But she's beautiful on the inside' STUFF. . . It's just not true!!! :)) . . . Everybody knows BEAUTY when THEY see IT! IT'S NOT CALLED 'MAKE UP' FOR NOTHING!. . . . I have yet to hear any man say 'Hey that woman is INTERNALLY BEAUTIFUL!' PLEASE STOP! :)(. . . And in all fairness, all of the aforementioned applies to men as well). Every man knows ALL women are NOT Victoria's Secret Material (we accept and understand this; Why can't women do the same?). If a man tells you you are beautiful on the inside. . .RUN AWAY FROM THIS GUY; Because you are going to really be upset when you find him staring at THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN walking into the restaurant! Want to know who this beautiful woman is? IT'S THE ONE THAT MAKES YOU ASK HIM ' WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT? -(when you obviously know the answer). See, real men are NOT stupid. . Real Men just go along to throw fake women off. . .Real Men know, if YOU have to ask us about another woman, the other woman must have something YOU feel YOU lack! This is why real men are never surprised when women get into cat fights over weight, looks, clothes, best hair style, education, contacts, party invitations, lifestyle, money and etc. . . 'Real Men' know the women are simply weeding the weak ones out (so they think). . Then real men ignore all of it AND immediately notice the woman sitting quietly in the corner! The ONE with the self control and confidence to know she's far above such petty antics . . Oh, and when she gets to the parking lot. . . She's driving a Vette JUST LIKE OURS!. . .This is exactly why we won't watch "Housewives of ______"! INDEPENDENT WOMEN DON'T NEED OK CUPID!:) INTERDEPENDENT (as in teamwork) is what real men need (this includes me. Look up the definitions!):) Other than this, your reasoning is not for me to say:) lol.