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52 M Arlington, VA

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My self-summary
Aside 7/17/2014:

Here's my "partial recipe" for a happy life (again, this is just my opinion)..

Always ask: "Is this really what I want to be doing right this minute?"

.. If the answer is yes, continue. If the answer is no, CHANGE COURSE IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait. Do not ponder one second longer.... You've got living to do.

There are no do-overs. You are not going to get a single minute of your life back. Period!!! There are no 'Minutes Of Life' savings accounts, no refunds, no exchanges and definitely no rain checks!!!!

"Take responsibility for saying no if the request does not suit your preferences!!".... (and follow through). :-)

Everyone talks responsibility (especially politicians we pay to essentially do nothing!!).....

....OK, I'll play... Everyone has a responsibility to "leave me alone" so I can decide how to live the way I see fit!!! :-)

Unfortunately, this responsibility for living your own life always seems to need defending!! But what will ____ think? You fill in the blank... Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Best Friend, Co-Workers (until you get laid off) and etc.

If you're always asking what "someone else" will think of "your decisions" (just my opinion), disaster is sure to come...

Here's why...

...Physics dictates it's impossible for two objects to occupy the same space at the same time; Since this is true... How can "you" and "someone else" control "your life"???

"Realize... Nope, you are not that special (And neither are they)!!! Deal with it!! Move on!!!! Now smile!!!" :-) Why? We are all just human. Nothing more. Nothing less.

There are no superiors to you on this planet, except if you put them there!!! :-) (See 2 Above).

"No one is getting out of this thing alive!!! No one!!!"

Are they really superior because their obituary is longer?? :-)
Are they really superior because they were famous or rich?? :-)
Is it still not an obituary?? :-)

Never Love Things And Use People
Always Love People And Use Things

"Money is nothing. It's thin air. It's meaningless in the grand scheme of things."

Tons of really wealthy people would trade all of their money for relief from some incurable ailment.

Keep yourself reasonably healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually (on some level).... Money can not buy these things!!!

6. "Keep Your Focus".... (Enough Said).

Aside 7/8/2014:

I'm Eternally Optimistic; It beats the alternative!!!!

Aside 7/6/2014:


Aside 7/3/2014:

The success or failure of your dreams is dictated more by 'who you tell' than your personal efforts!

Not everyone wants you to succeed, the smile and agreement notwithstanding.

Make your decisions while viewing yourself in the 'literal' mirror; At the end of the day, it's the person in the mirror who'll eventually be responsible for solving whatever problems may come your way.

I've received a lot of good advice over the years, but the advice seemed to fade whenever I asked that they put their dollars where their convictions stood.

People will always give advice when a buck to push you forward is more tangible....But the buck is real help ... Who wants to give you real help?

This is not meant to be a negative diatribe (it's not)...

.... Sometimes it's better to know 'what not to do', as opposed to knowing 'what to do'.

What to do is easy... What not to do is the tricky part.

Happy July 4th... Still The Greatest Country On The Planet!!!!

Aside 6/23/2014:

...."Make It A Good Day!!!"
...... "Power Through!!!"
..........."Ignore Negativity!!!"
.............. "Stay True To Who You Know You Are!!!"
.................. "Allow Others To Stay True To Who They Are!!!"
........................ "If You Are Awake.... You've already won!!!!; The Rest Of The Day Is Icing On The Proverbial Cake!!!!"

Aside A: 6/19/2014:

Time is running out.
5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1....
What Are You Waiting For?
More Time???
Why Are You Listening To Them?
Who Made Them The Boss?
They Are Not Jumping In The Box With You When You Leave!!
Live Now!!!
There Are No Do Over's.....
..... Just Do Better's!!!!

(Now if I could have this conversation with someone on OKC, that would be like winning the lottery!!!)

Aside B: 6/19/2014

Dudes! Dude's Know Dudes When They See Dudes On OKC!!
Your Makeup Is Too Perfect.
Your Poses Are Too Picturesque.
You Are Trying Way Too Hard...
... And I'm Rolling On The Floor Laughing At The Efforts You 'Dudes' Are Putting Into This!!! (It's Not Working)

Orientation: Straight

Aside: 6/13/2014:

OK Cupid asked me to moderate. Why did I do that? I'm now scrubbing my memory bank...There ARE nice people in the world; Sometimes I just have to really look for them :-)

I'm not a phony fan.....Now The Miami Heat have to win three straight (I think they're tired).

It's still a good run (Four Finals In Four Years) and a great life lesson; No matter how successful you are, you'll have to slow down sometime.... Heck, you only have so much energy to begin with!! :-)

Tonight?? Uhm?? Rum & Coke!!!... (Make It A Good One)

Aside: 6/5/2014:

Off to watch the first game of THE NBA FINALS!!!

My prediction is Heat in Game 6 on their home court!!

I wouldn't bet against Lebron and D-Wade!!!

It's like in boxing, you have to knock The Champ out to get the crown.

Tonight I'm drinking Stell
What I’m doing with my life
Living It To The Fullest!!! :-) And staying as far away from ready made family drama as possible!! Why would I volunteer to be ANYTHING other than #1? Besides, I'd much rather build my own family foundation, than attempt a repair of someone else's. Most men lie about being able to accept children other than their own! Honestly, I know the reverse, whether your children accept me (or not), is FAR MORE APPLICABLE to any successful long term relationship. . . And mom is ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE! This is the truth!:)(Remember, I said I have 6 sisters!) So my personal preference is to not have this complication. However, if you feel your situation is somehow unique. . .let me know UPFRONT. . . Not later.:)
I’m really good at
Just about everything I touch, whether it's business, cooking, public speaking, working on cars or throwing a serious party!!!... .(not to mention writing painstakingly honest profiles)!! . . . :-) :-) :-) Voting as an experiment in finding an honest politician! (Not having too much luck :) :) :) :) :)!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Very logical. Fair. Tactful. I give straight answers if asked straight questions! Love a good conversation on just about any topic. Love to have a good time. Positive. Positive. Positive. . . . . And I missed my first calling (Comedy!); Keyword?. . . MISSED :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm open to just about anything except scary movies... I love just about any good cuisine; But I'm really careful with anything raw!
The six things I could never do without
1. Godiva Chocolate! 2.Driving W/ The Top Down! 3. A Really Good Cigar (Every Once In A While)! 4. A Great Cognac! 5. A Real Woman To Share Good Times With!! 6. Still Working On This One (lol) . . .but here goes . . . Freedom of thought, movement, and choice; Along with the willingness to properly defend and protect my personal implementation of the same. A lot of our choices are not really OUR CHOICES. Individuals in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Wisconsin (Smiles) are coming to the conclusion their life is their own. . . Propaganda Not Withstanding! The enemy is never 'others' or 'some outside force'; The Enemy IS any thought process that inhibits MY FREEDOM . . . TO TOTALLY BE ME! :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything!!! Especially Business, Geopoly And Socio-Economics. Any other time I'm trying to think of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and chilling in 'The Present'.
On a typical Friday night I am
... Susceptable to do just about anything that feels like it'll be fun. Key word 'feels'. :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If it's most private; Why would I admit it? :-). . . Oops, Key Phrase Alert: 'Willing To Admit'! . . . . I do not use the word NEED in any conversation!:) I literally hate the word 'need'! One sure way to have me not do something, is to tell me 'I need to do this or that'!:) Lol! Needs are food, clothing, water, health and shelter of some sort! Everything else is literally CHOICE! :). . . Choice is FREEDOM:)! For this reason, I'm much more accomodating if I'm simply asked nicely:). . . . I ask nicely as a matter of respect!:) If a person honors my request, this is good. . . If not, this is their choice and I don't hold it against them! They owe me nothing!:) . . The same applies in reverse! :)
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 28–49
  • Located anywhere
  • Who are single
You should message me if
..... You want to :-). . AND if you can be your true self!; Meaning, If you don't take yourself TOO SERIOUSLY!!! :). . . . Come On :). . . Be Honest With Yourself And Be Honest With Me :). . .Is Every Woman Who Says She's Beautiful Actually Telling The Whole Truth?:). . . Really? :). . . . Ladies, Beauty Is Not In The Eye Of The Beholder. . BEAUTY JUST IS (and it's not internal terminology, so stop misleading each other with that 'But she's beautiful on the inside' STUFF. . . It's just not true!!! :)) . . . Everybody knows BEAUTY when THEY see IT! IT'S NOT CALLED 'MAKE UP' FOR NOTHING!. . . . I have yet to hear any man say 'Hey that woman is INTERNALLY BEAUTIFUL!' PLEASE STOP! :)(. . . And in all fairness, all of the aforementioned applies to men as well). Every man knows ALL women are NOT Victoria's Secret Material (we accept and understand this; Why can't women do the same?). If a man tells you you are beautiful on the inside. . .RUN AWAY FROM THIS GUY; Because you are going to really be upset when you find him staring at THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN walking into the restaurant! Want to know who this beautiful woman is? IT'S THE ONE THAT MAKES YOU ASK HIM ' WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT? -(when you obviously know the answer). See, real men are NOT stupid. . Real Men just go along to throw fake women off. . .Real Men know, if YOU have to ask us about another woman, the other woman must have something YOU feel YOU lack! This is why real men are never surprised when women get into cat fights over weight, looks, clothes, best hair style, education, contacts, party invitations, lifestyle, money and etc. . . 'Real Men' know the women are simply weeding the weak ones out (so they think). . Then real men ignore all of it AND immediately notice the woman sitting quietly in the corner! The ONE with the self control and confidence to know she's far above such petty antics . . Oh, and when she gets to the parking lot. . . She's driving a Vette JUST LIKE OURS!. . .This is exactly why we won't watch "Housewives of ______"! INDEPENDENT WOMEN DON'T NEED OK CUPID!:) INTERDEPENDENT (as in teamwork) is what real men need (this includes me. Look up the definitions!):) Other than this, your reasoning is not for me to say:) lol.