25 West Palm Beach, FL
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My self-summary
Names Ariel, i'm flirty, nerdy, and a little bit dirty.

Shit if that don't you excited, well...... well damn :0

Im a straight up person, looking for a decent guy, who i can shoot the shit with, Have fun, and I will flirt shamelessly with. No open relationships, and I want a partner in crime.

I used to put it all here, but nope, gotta ask me.

Go further below for more randomness or a laugh, because then the fuck is the damn point o.o
What I’m doing with my life
Ive come back to life, and im here to..... do shit.


No im just kidding, but seriously i'll love you forever.......<3

Graduated, and tossing it all in the wind. I am working in Property Management.
I’m really good at
Art stuff, making costumes, doing other people's makeup.

Having laughing attacks, throwing down f bombs like an atom bomb

Drinking games, and proper shenanigans!

Taking care of my partnerr, oh lets not forget smoochin skillz. Made a guy dehydrated one time after a while of kissing...... yeah im good ;D
The first things people usually notice about me
Been told my eyes or smile.

The crazy crap that comes out my mouth

Oh yeah, the ginourmous BOOBS!
Sometimes i just cant help looking at them myself, they are fantastic!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Divine Evil, Lovely Bones, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales Graphic Novel, The Tower, Manga, and fan-fiction. And to my great dismay to admit heavy romance smut, BUT NOT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Shit is fluff thrown on crap.

Food: NOODLES, Tortellini, Pumpkin Cheese Cake, Wonton Soup, Pork Buns, Steak, Corned Beef, and more meat. Oh yea love apple juice. MEAD, gonna get my drinking horn.

Movies: Clue, Alien, Aliens, Hellboy, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Avengers. Pacific Rim, Village of the Damned, People under the stairs, re-animator ;Princess Mononoke, Naussica Valley of the Wind, and Shit ton more, I'll add more later.

Shows: Walking DEad, Game of Thrones, penny dreadful, and looking for more.

Music: I don't know, whatever tickles my fancy

Also love conventions, and Cosplay. I will do my twisted princesses this year damnit!!
The six things I could never do without
My Family(includes animals)
My comp
my car
my Batman stuff
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Batman will always be my fantasy husband, but who to choose from to be my forbidden fruit
Deadpool or Victor Creed......

Both are sexyfied crazy son of bitches =D

Ooh yeah, My career, and the usual....
On a typical Friday night I am

At work, hookah, out drinking, events, movies, and business. And whatever the hell else I feel like. Up to almost anything

Even dancing in the rain
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I never learned how to ride a bike, ....yeah , on the brightside though its awesome in your arsenal in a drinking game =)

My spirit animal is the sour patch kid. Im such an asshole at first, but Im very soft and squishy in the inside.

I secretly have a domestic side.

And Im a closet romantic, screw the flowers, build me something, fix something, I love a man who is handy.

Or gift anything of BATMAN....
I think Id rip the clothes of right there and get biblical

But I would have to say the biggest thing maybe is, I just want a good man, someone who will take care of me. I don't say that easily. Everybody wants to be saved once in a while. I think my ideal man is maybe the lumberjack.

And a token weird one, I like it when I wake up from a nice sleep, and my breasts are like hand warmers.
You should message me if
Okay first off, I WONT respond to any proposals for the following. seriously, how is this damn list still needed? And is forever growing, but it's always funny hehe

1. No I do not want a threesome, get your fiddle sticks fondled somewhere else, that also goes for poontang.

2.And no I will not talk to you if you just want some free ass, im sure there are other girls who would like to do so. You'd be surprised, NO NOT ME

3. No i don't want to see you naked, unless you want to be ridiculed by all means be proud your nuggets and french fry. Best I can do for you is say oh well thats nice, but

4. Cant believe.... And noo strap ons for anal fuck time. I'm pretty sure I'm not into sodomizing dudes for butt fun.

5. And no dressing up in animal costumes... Even if id look cute in them. Id rather get in touch with my homosapien nature.
Plus that shit haaaaaas to be hot as hell!

6. Just because Im all around pervy mothafocka, and got a backbone of adimantium,......I WILL NOT BE YOUR DOM!!!! Well unless I actually want to....... ONLY IF I WANT TO .... ah shit i just advertised myself 0.0;

Dudes....I'm not speaking Chinese...seriously...... I would totally love to learn mandarin

Wow you've made it to the end! This novel of a profile was designed to make you laugh. If you did at some point, message me =)

Fyi, i have a severe weakness for tall types, and the incredibly intelligent, super handy, or lumberjacks. It's all incredibly sexy =0 I can get impossibly shy with these types, trip on my face nervous.

But most of all, just talk normally, and make me laugh =)