48 Quincy, MA
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My self-summary
i'm a lot more straight than most wacky folks. i actively work to be kind. i Choose to "overlook" many negatives, and i don't care about most of the little stuff - and most of the stuff is little. life can be a lot less complicated. i do have strong opinions, and i don't pussyfoot-around. i strive for communication balance: transparency & respect, but not over-processed. drama is overrated.

i am very analytical and can seem mechanical sometimes in how i approach things, and i'm very work-oriented. i work hard to maintain an even keel, and stay in a place of calm and contentment as much of the time as possible. i'm slow to warm up to people. however: i do build deep, mutually-enriching relationships and am hoping to find someone to fall in love together with. i still believe in love. i also believe you can will it, or withhold it willfully, and i prefer the former.

i have a comedy-variety show featuring puppets, among other unusual endeavors, but i am not my characters.

about interests:
i Love culture. it's my #1 fun. i'm in love with aesthetics & beauty, but the really important things to me are Far below the surface. i get along best with the politically Aware & Very Liberal - but not libertarian, conspiritorial, or Deeply cynical/negative.

about looks /attraction:
i have chemistry w/ sometimes quirky, always fairly slender men (runner/tennis build, not football/stocky), without a hairy face. ie: leonard cohen, barack obama, anderson cooper, lance armstrong.

deep, evolving people Yes, can have basic 'chemistry' orientations - but - are most concerned with Insides. if you're hung up on intimate hair removal or barbi style, we're not a match.

i would love to meet someone for the next stage of life - so i'm looking for someone who feels available and willing and ready - and wanting - a new, long term relationship. someone who understands that takes both patience and work as well as the luck of finding the right match.

about kids:
mine (1) is an adult. i prefer not dating anyone currently in a stage of life with kids under 13.
What I’m doing with my life
i'm soaring into the air of an art career - without a net.
I’m really good at
creating win-win situations
The first things people usually notice about me
if i'm 'on' - my ineffable magnetism. if i'm off - i'm flying under the radar.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
sushi, coconut ice cream, Salvadoran enchiladas, cilantro
ginger beer, hard cider, liquers, malbec
it's a wonderful life, defending your life, i <3 huckabees
WERS, WUMB, music from around the world
the little prince, sinclair lewis, edith wharton
The six things I could never do without
are the 6 Secrets to Happily: Science, Sex, Psychology, Culture, Exploration, and Games.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to communicate from a place of but also effectiveness
On a typical Friday night I am
looking at art or engaged in interesting conversation

but one way or another, always evolving. (but i am not ani difranco ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i never wanted to do comedy and play with puppets, it just worked out that way
You should message me if
if you ARE the droid i'm looking for - interests (culture!) - politics (liberal!!) - looks (rather slender! non-furry!)

dating is not my job, thus i cannot reply to every note. generic one-liners on the 'how you doing' spectrum, copy-pastes, random compliments on physical presence alone, and empty profiles will not inspire a reply. how about a conversation?


i'm looking for intellectual And chemistry compatibility. i'm currently building a lot of new friendships and not interested in building new platonic friendships solely thru meeting on this portal.

I am currently in an openly non-monogamous relationship that has a defined likely endpoint and is not limiting.

if you're the opposite of what i'm looking for, this will not inspire a reply. the right person is out there for you elsewhere. this is not a catalog. if we both are interested, that will be great, if not, that's not an insult.

Opposites include: current/recent military/police; STOCKY/heavy build/football player body structure, permanent facial hair; no cultural interests; >1.5 hours' drive from boston; <39; anti vaxxer, 911 truther, food obsessions; lifestyle S/M; children <13; conservative or libertarian