64 San Rafael, CA
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My self-summary
So, here goes. I'm Corey. And the first thing I'd have you know is, that I joined OK Cupid for the purpose of getting off OK Cupid. So if you're looking for a relationship more that the home version of
the Bachelorette, we're likely on the same page. At least, this far.

ME IN A NUTSHELL Born and raised in the Chicago. I had a traditional Midwest upbringing. Friends would say I’m easy going, light-hearted, non-judgemental and likely mention that I have a wry, dry sense of humor– usually lurking right below the surface. I'd much prefer jeans to suit and tie. And speaking of jeans, that's been my uniform throughout a longstanding career as an art director in ad agencies. Somehow, I'm still doing it, 35 years later.
I'm lucky, I'm able to do a job I love which just so happens to pay very well. Now switching gears, I take pretty good care of myself... exercise, eating healthy– balanced out with cleverly placed moments of indulgence. Red wine, dark chocolate...

I’ve spent time and lived in several places. I believe i've been in every state except Alaska– which I’d also like to see. I’ve traveled to several countries. But, it’s a big world out there. I find myself watching House Hunters International quite a bit. Do you do that? It sure would be fun to watch it together and scheme. Travel aside, I admit I love hanging out at home. Especially with the rain coming down, time on my hands and someone, perhaps you, to hang out with.

GROWING UP I had a large extended family, but not so much anymore. Many relatives are no longer around. I lost my mother a few years back. And sadly, more recently, my dad. I maintain an
amicable relationship with my former; I will always love and appreciate family. Especially, my two somewhat grown “kids” who are without a doubt the high point in my life and contributed, no doubt, to my thinning hair. My 21 year-old son is away in his last year at college and my 17 year old daughter has one foot out the door, leaving for college this coming fall. The nest is almost empty. I’ll should point out that for me, family always includes four-legged furry friends, a.k.a. Bella my 9-pound fearless companion.

THINGS I LIKE The sound and smell of the rain, wind and rustling trees. Storms. Swimming. The warmth of sun on a ski chairlift. Tropical air and mountain air. Sonoma. Napa. The Caribbean. Mexico. The outdoors and nature. Dark chocolate. Red wine. Massage. Architecture. Art. Cooking (especially together). Walks or hikes. Old things well-preserved (like me!), especially classic cars, like the 1968 Camaro convertible sitting in my garage. Hanging out with my son or daughter. Road trips. Overnight getaways. Movies (all genres) and occasionally sports. Sensuality and touch. . Biking and boogie boarding. The internet. Afternoon naps. Guitars and occasional jams with friends. My career– art director. PhotoShop. Working with my hands and doing projects. Fixing things. Going to a Giants game now and then. Curb Your Enthusiasm and South Park. Live music, especially at small venues. And sometimes doing nothing.

THINGS I’LL LIKE ABOUT YOU Your femininity, levity, honesty, sensitivity, playfulness, loyalty, and integrity. Your willingness to be be open and be vulnerable. The way you take care of yourself and stay in shape. You street smarts and creativity. And the way you treat others and treat me. I’ll appreciate your sense of style, the subtle fragrance you wear even if it’s from your shampoo, your touch and sensuality. How easily you’re moved to laughter (often, by me). I'll admire your own passions or quirky interests. Your open-minded outlook and empathy towards others. Your appreciation of family and kids. Your easy-going (at least most of the time) nature. And most importantly how we are together and how it makes loving fun.

MY DISCLAIMER: If you've read this far, fasten your seat belt... I'm actually 62 years old. I was determined to beat the search engines and hopefully get in front of a few more of you ladies. ALSO: , if you've chosen photos of yourself in sunglasses, or are the size of a jelly bean in the Grand Canyon, or so blurry you've been mistaken for Big Foot... well, I likely won't respond. Sorry!
What I’m doing with my life
A bit of this. A bit of that. Getting my son off to college. Enjoying my daughter when I get a chance to hang out with her.. Getting outdoors- often with dog at side.. A little travel here and there. Doing little things to make the world a better place. Savoring my free time. Appreciating what I have. Thinking about what is next.
Enjoy music and occasional spectator sports– though baseball season is winding down.
I’m really good at
Finding the humor in most situations. Fixing things. Playing guitar and figuring out the chords to a song right on the spot. Building things. Finding a parking spot Visualizing something that doesn't exist. My job. Listening. Getting to the crux of a situation. And...
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, I haven't really asked but... first, my smile and easy going
demeanor. That, there is a dog next to me. That the hump they thought was on the left side of my back now appears to moved over to the right side of my back. Or did it? A twinkle in my eye.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Steely Dan. Great guitarists. R &B meets jazz. Live music when I get the chance. Non-fiction books like Into Thin Air. Yoshi's– small venues are great. Great comedians. The Wizard of Oz. Crash (the movie, I recently watched it). Great italian. A good burger. Salmon. Breakfast food. Fruit, especially melon and berries.
The six things I could never do without
Why six? Guitars. Laughter. Family. Free time. Friends. The internet (hate to admit that). Humor. Dogs. Saran Wrap. Sex. Beautiful scenery. Time not working.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My kids. Getting older and that retirement thing. My dad. My house. What's next? How can stop going into the city to do my job. What makes people tick. The amazing coincidences that seem to constantly happen around me. What my dog does when I'm not home (she watches Animal Planet on TV... I've caught her) Cool places in the world to live or visit.
On a typical Friday night I am
Decompressing. Horizontal. Chillin'. Looking forward to the weekend. Pretending Monday is a long time away.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My photos are cleverly staged to disguise the fact that I am a dwarf. I never photograph myself next to anything that provides a visual reference. Please don't talk down to me!
You should message me if
Want to experience me from a distance of two feet', or so. Feel a connection to me you can't explain. Want to discuss four-legged furry creatures. Would like to sit down for a cup of coffee with a stand-up guy. Don't have plans this coming weekend. Have a hunch.