38 Gurnee, IL
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My self-summary
I love projects. When I'm into something I research it to all ends and go bigger-better-faster-more. I have a nuts and bolts focused career mind, but I'm also an artsy, creative, naturalist in my hobbies.

"Everyone is doing the best they can." It took me about a year to fully understand and come to appreciate this when I heard it the first time. It doesn’t mean everyone is living up to their potential. It means no one gets up in the morning and chooses to make bad decisions. It means that everyone has a perspective that is based on their past experiences, and the choices they make are for the best. Understanding this changed my perspective of others.

Life is for living, and you may as well be happy while you do it. I do my best to avoid stress, and try to chose not to be bothered by things I can't control, but it's not always easy. Change isn't comfortable, but I try to embrace it for what it is, and look for the positives.

I hope I find a woman that I can have provoking discussions with. I have become even more intellectual since I finished college, and I want to be around a woman that can teach me a few things. I get bored when an historical reference or the logic of a conclusion can't be followed.

I hope she is ambitious enough to stand on her own two feet, but is glad she can rely on me. When there is work to be done she wants to dig in and make it happen, but she can also radiate femininity.

I hope there is a girl that picks her battles for the things that are important to her, and lets the others slide. It makes her feel good to take care of me, and doesn't hesitate to tell me what she needs. Giving=taking.

I hope I can be with a woman who loves who she is, stands apart from the crowd, and certainly doesn't think she needs to wear make-up. Shes got a style that's all her own, but it's because she likes it, not because others will notice.
What I’m doing with my life
Living today.
I’m really good at
I can fix/build ANYTHING. I seriously can build a house from scratch.

My spelling is terabel, but mine grammar is perfecting.

"If that chick don't wanna know, forgeta"

I can explain the wave/particle duality of light, however time dilation gets me loopy. I have fabricated and successfully performed the double slit experiment in my garage, next I am going to try Schrodinger's Cat.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: The Fountainhead, Zorba the Greek
MOVIES: The Holy Grail, Platoon, True Romance, Planes Trains and Automobiles.
SHOWS: I generally stay away from TV.
MUSIC: Frank Black, Leo Kottke, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Bob Mould
FOOD: yes please
The six things I could never do without
Music, Pets, Day Dreaming, Internet, Sunshine, Love
You should message me if
You just want to go have dinner with good company.