56 Eastlake, OH
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My self-summary
Looking for fun people for conversation, friendship, mentorship, and perhaps fun.

I march to the beat of a different flogger...

I am Pansexual, interested in people without too much worry over what the "wrapping" over their personality is.

What have you always wanted to do/try but have been too worried about what other people would think of you?

I am open-minded, adventurous, and kinky

FYI. MEN (and I have yet to receive such a lame first message from a woman, just saying) PUT MORE EFFORT INTO A FIRST MESSAGE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE MORE REPLIES FROM WOMEN!
"Hi"( total message ,I kid you not), "look at my profile and ask me questions"(nope, not gonna do all the heavy lifting, YOU wrote to ME, remember? Now tell me WHY.)" do you like, young guys?"( or Black, or Handicapped, or Republican, etc.) and that's THE ENTIRE FIRST MESSAGE! Men, (see earlier note why you are being singled out for this) didn't anyone ever tell you "You only have one chance to make a good first impression, don't waste it!"?
In case you haven't heard: WOMEN GET DOZENS ( often more) MESSAGES EVERY DAY. You want yours read? Wants yours responded to? MAKE THE EFFORT TO STAND OUT!( think this is unfair? Too much work? Think da wymens should be tripping all over themselves to snap up a "nice guy" (( shudder)) like yourselves? ) GET OVER IT.
You guys are supposed to be better at math right? DO THE NUMBERS. If each women receives dozens ( or more, remember?) of daily messages, and it takes time from the REAL WORLD ( where most of us live, right?) to read them, and hopefully respond, she is going to give priority to the ones that ,
A. Match, at least loosely, her criteria of location, age, interests shared( here's why you actually NEED A PROFILE, WITH PHOTOS( something, a tee shirt with a funny saying at the very least), cause WE ACTUALLY LOOK AT THAT!
B. Have written more than those lame, LAZY, "hi" messages ( see examples given previously)
C. Are not "fuck me now"or wank material off the bat. ( now some small portion of actual ( not men with female profiles) women may be into that, but to determine which woman is which you have to take the drastic step of; READING HER ACTUAL PROFILE! ( I know, buzz kill right? I mean you have fantasies , who needs reality to bring you down).
D. Send the same message ( usually " hi", " hello", " or just a repeat of the same stock line) over, and over and OVER. This usually occurs several times in the same day or just every day for a week or more. Dudes, do you not have a life? I mean I don't sit on my computer 24 hours a day, and even if I did, it wouldn't be on this site. Why do you think you are owed instant replies? Why do you think other people are just sitting, staring at their computers waiting to talk to you, ( or anyone?) GO OUTSIDE!
If all of this is too much work ( and from the state of the messages I receive daily, as well as what I have heard from other women( beware, we talk to each other) , it sure seems like it is, keep on sending out mass mailings of copy and paste , one size fits none messages. It's not like we can TELL or anything
I'm sure that's working well for you or you wouldn't keep doing it...right?
Oh, and if you EVER gripe "why won't women ever just say "no thanks"? That's why I stopped sending a carefully crafted, well thought out messages, it's cause the wymens are rude!"
Well, first off, go back and read the part about how many messages we get daily,(math time again) and then I'll let you in on a well known fact of on line sites;
NOT ALL MEN ARE POLITE WHEN THEY RECEIVE A "thanks but no thanks" message , however politely worded. We women can go from "goddess" to "fat slut, I hope you die" or the classics, " nevermind, it was a social experiment" in the very next moment by these same, self named, "nice guys"
Yeah, no. Just takes a few times of opening your mailbox to such vileness to make you less likely to ever respond to the guy that is obviously not a match.
Sorry , actual nice guys, your dick brothers have ruined it for you.
Thus endeth the tutorial. I'm sure I've left lots out , and may update as the mood strikes. Feel free to write to me...but if I don't respond...go back to the top and READ THIS AGAIN.

NOTE: To those of you that send me those IM thingies....PLEASE STOP. It's not that I'm uninterested, it's just that I DON'T DO THAT.
If you are interested in talking with me just send a regular message and i will respond when I have a moment to sit down at the computer.
That instant message me "now" thing is just too pushy as well as too time consuming to be "stuck" in front of the keyboard sending back and forth chatter.."what are you doing?"..."I am answering you...what are YOU doing?"... meh.

A short message that you have ACTUALLY GIVEN SOME THOUGHT TO (see, this is the part most of you neglect..GIVING IT SOME THOUGHT. That means more,than "hi" , or "like your photos" Sheech!)is much better don't you think?

Well I do.


Oh! If you at a self described "Nice Guy" check your profile and realllly read the answers to your questions, cause that description if a Red Flag to most people. The classic "why do women SAY they want a nice guy then ingnore me(this is code for won't fuck me) and then go out with assholes who are bad to them?"
And don't even get me started on the "Friend Zone" whine! (let me ask you "nice guys" ...WHY don't you want to be our friends eh? Oh, that's right...cause you don't want anything from da wymens but sex, and once you realize you're not gonna get any from that woman( cause ya know, just wanting a woman, usually any woman will do, just for sex is NOT being an actual, real life Nice Guy) you start calling her names and whining to everyone how wymens is skanks for not wanting a nice guy like..YOU,
(just for the record, I had a guy friend for several years that became a long time lover. We first met when we were both in relationships and became actual. Real. FRIENDS. Ya know it's actually possible really.
So next time the girl you want, the one you think you somehow DESERVE by dint of being ;A-male & B- a Nice us all a favor and see when about YOU makes women pass you over.
Are you employed? Well groomed? Not a stalker type who doesn't know how to accept "no thanks" with grace? Not living in moms basement? Didn't answer that question about taking advantage of a drink girl "sure I'd hit that !"? Or you don't feel that women are any give you...ANYTHING?

Well then you're right. I have no idea what's wrong either.

* thus endeth the public service portion of this profile. Except for the links. Check it.*
[nice guys][]
What I’m doing with my life
I enjoy[ [mentoring]] others who share interest in various Lifestyles. I am fairly active in the local kink community.
I’m really good at
Being myself, no matter what other people think. (doesn't mean , flaunting laws or harming others, just don't give a rats ass if other people think that I am too...anything)
Not so good at dancing but that don't mean I won't do it. Fire dancing with a drum circle out at camp is a great way to get moving.

Talking to people....most any one about most anything. People are just interesting, sometimes funny and often enlightening without really trying.
Thou you should be warned I have an unfortunate fondness for sexual word play...sort of a one track mind...and ADHD can sometimes make it worse.

You have been warned...
The first things people usually notice about me
Grey streaked hair and big grin
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
sushi! Or... a great bloody steak, charred on the outside and dripping juices once you cut into it. (vegans take note...not gonna want to go to dinner with me most likely. lol)

Philip K. Dick...always good...books that make you go "huh"...

Chelsea Quinn Yarbo...her Count Saint-Germain, the original.
gentleman vampire series.
Harlin Ellison and Asimov...the classics.

P.N.Elrod is also good for a twist on the vampire series (yes, I enjoyed vampire stories for quite some time before the current craze)

Anything Sherlock Holmes...the cannon, and the new interpations
Oh, something else I don't do too well...SPELL.* Damn ADHD* and my spell check has gone missing on this computer.....

If this is a bother to you....b ye-bye.
The six things I could never do without
My Glasses! I wouldn't be able to do much of anything else on my list without them.

Books! Most any type from cookbooks to mystery. Acient history to current magazines.

Honesty...mine, yours, and most of all honesty to myself...even when I would prefer otherwise.

Family....both the blood ones and those by choice.

One more eh?......gonna have to get back to you on that....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why people get so bent out of shape when you just don't fit into their idea of what you should be like... better conform.
Pagan, you better conform. Even a religion of non comformity has it fundimentialists..
Bisexual...well you just cannot make up your mind.
Kinky...well even there it's a crap shoot who will be pissed off at you within the kink/swinger community~ Swingers don't understand those that enjoy more than a little slap n tickle. The hard core BDSM don't approve of incorporating sex into a scene....
it just goes on and on....


So be ready to take me as I am and I will do my best to accept you as you really are.

On a typical Friday night I am
Packing to head out to the camp site as soon as work is over. Or if staying in town, inviting friends over for dinnner or heading out to a play party.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, it's not to private, as I'm not hiding it; I have recently been confirmed as having a mild form of Aspbergers Syndrome.
This was very enlightening as it finally gave me a reason for many traits that didn't fit into the ADHD patterns, and let me know I wasn't crazy for my sensitivities to sound, taste, textures that have been with me my entire life.
You should message me if
Update 8-3-15: one thing I AM interested to find is very special(lized); I Am interested in a submissive man ( male bodied) for an ongoing BDSM relationship. A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, SUBMISSIVE man that honestly enjoys being submissive to the right woman. Sissys and cross dressers, sorry it's not my kink, please look elsewhere for a better match. If AFTER READING MY PROFILE, you think we could be in the same page, contact me to open a dialogue and let's see if I agree.

You are curious..and polite.....and can form complete sentences...without using "text' speak.

Sorry not interested in learning a new language...I have enough to do using the current one properly.

Open minded, and curious, or experienced....but respectful.

Oh! I seem to have neglected to put this here it is...NO FRICKIN CHEATERS!! If you cannot respect your partner enough to be honest and upfront about your needs...and handle the possible fallout like an adult...and you sure don't have enought respect for yourself to not sneak...THEN TRY TO HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR ME AND KEEP ME OUT OF IT!