48 White Plains, NY
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My self-summary
First, if I'd used a "dating site ruler," I'd be almost 5'10", but I've NOT added the usual two inches to my height. . (Yes, most men really do this and OKC has published proof! Much like with something else, adding a few inches to the description seems almost mandatory. :-) )


Welcome to my absurdly long but reportedly amusing profile! Many have said it's worth reading for the entertainment value alone. (Or, you could skip all this and just look at my photos.* This approach seems to work for most of the men here. :-) )

Basically, I'm a hopeless romantic and I genuinely love to hold hands and cuddle. While my brain may be wired for logic, I have the soul of a comedian and a heart of mush.

I like challenges such as rollerblading, quantum mechanics, home improvement, relativity, opening childproof containers or removing the stuff I buy from "security packaging" without using a chain saw.

I was once described as "... half nerd, half 'badass,' but the kindest man [she] ever knew." These contradictory qualities do describe me rather well, but may also make me a bit difficult to "figure out" from just a profile. I'm not difficult to get to know, just a bit different from most, but in very positive ways, I'm told.

Mostly, while I'm responsible and committed, I think life should involve as much happiness as possible. I'm looking for someone to be happy with me, preferably for the long run, and to be done with dating sites!

*According to OKC, almost everyone only looks at the photos:


Those who like short profiles can pretend it just ended. I try to keep everyone happy. :-)


Things I like to do:
Shopping for antiques and collectibles, flea markets, tag sales and such, inline skating (I used to speed skate competitively), billiards, any of dozens of hobbies and crafts, visiting museums, exhibits, fairs, historic sites, amusement parks, nature and finding new and unusual places. Just staying in, especially when not alone, also ranks high on the list!

I'm sure there are also many things you like that I'm interested in (or would be) as well. The above list is hardly conclusive!

Odds & ends:
I though FWB meant Fat White Boy, as in "I'm not looking for a FWB."

I love animals. I'm more a dog person, but all pets are fine. In my youth, I worked in a few pet stores and spent some time on a farm, so there's almost no animal I mind being around or caring for. I was even a beekeeper some time ago. Whatever they are, your pets will be welcome in my home and yard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not boring! I appear much, much more formal and logical "on paper" than in person. While I value my logical side, I cannot live without frequent doses of humor and the amusingly inane! My profile gives not a hint of how outright goofy I can be at times!

I was officially sorted into Hufflepuff, but I have strong Ravenclaw

I'm best defined as spiritual but not religious. I was raised Christian but don't formally practice any faith. I'm open as to your choice.

Love seems to hardly be mentioned anymore (except for "falling in love," which has little to do with real love at all), but the idea of actually caring about someone beyond what can gotten from the other person is very important to me.

I don't smoke cigars or cigarettes, but do smoke a pipe on very rare occasions, especially when rereading or watching Sherlock Holmes. :-) (Jeremy Brett was the best Holmes ever, by the way!)

The name "namati" comes from when I was violin maker a long time ago. Carpel tunnel syndrome ended that career a few years after it started, but I still use the name as it's almost always available. My real name is Ken.

My Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ.

My "EQ" or "Empathy Quotient" is 70 (on average, which is very high).

I've been on this site since September 2010, but met a wonderful woman here and took over two years off. It wasn't meant to last (and it's long over), but this did prove to me that meeting a wonderful person is possible here! I've also made many Facebook friends and a few in real life as well.
What I’m doing with my life
For a very long time, I was an IT specialist (network and general consultant/computer geek). A serious injury kept me from doing much of this for well over a year, leaving me to reorganize and also looking to do something of more personal meaning.

I loved teaching and have returned to this as a private tutor, at least for now.

Surprisingly, at least to me, I'm considering something that's more "new age" and basically the antithesis of my former training and work. I never considered anything like this before....

I did a bit of voice acting. You may have heard me on WNBC AM in the days of Don Imus and Howard Stern (yes, I knew them, but not well).

I'm a writer and have had a few things published. I also have some editing and proofreading experience.

During college, I worked as a construction carpenter. I was trained as a furniture and cabinet maker, became a professional violin maker, taught chess privately and in the public schools and became an EMT, but only did the EMT stuff as a volunteer.

Basically, I've done a lot of technical stuff. What I want to do now is make the world a better, happier place.
I’m really good at
... writing excessively long profiles! :-)

I can make almost anyone laugh and smile a lot.

I can build and fix almost anything from computers to cars, electronics to steam engines and much more.

I'm a good substitute for an encyclopedia and can hold a conversation on virtually anything. I'm just as happy discussing the ridiculous as the profound.

I'm good at teaching, both formally and informally, without being at all condescending or acting like a know-it-all.

I'm good at Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and chess (I teach chess, among other things). I suck at Scrabble, but would be happy to lose to you. (I've played a lot of Words with Friends, so should now be a bit better at Scrabble.)

I'm really, really good at remembering to put the seat down and, with some hesitation, will ask for directions.
The first things people usually notice about me
... are my colossal hands. :-D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If you're having trouble sleeping, the following may be helpful. :-)

Books: In general, I read a lot. I read many exciting things like speculative fiction, adventures, mysteries and computer manuals (what fun!).

I've also read many of the classics (if only the "Reader's Digest" version, such as A Tale of a City, The Two Musketeers, Romeo, Sixth Night, Of Mice, The Grape of Wrath, etc.) and some of the more popular titles.

I've read all 41 Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. They are great fun and wonderful in general! (I also run a popular Discworld group and page on Facebook.)

The last book I read was on memory improvement. I don't recall the title.

Movies: (A few favorites) The African Queen, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Sting, Airplane, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Addams Family, Time Bandits, The Goonies, The Gods Must be Crazy, March of the Wooden Soldiers and anything by Mel Brooks. (Yes, a strange mix. I'd include The Wizard of Oz, but I'm trying to meet women.... :-)).

Music: That I was a violin maker should say music is important to me. There's something I like in almost every genre and my CD collection will intrigue almost anyone. I tend to keep Classical on in the background when I'm not really listening. If it ain't baroque.... On the other side of this, I have a custom "kilowatt class" car stereo that's the envy of the neighborhood kids.

I can more or less play the guitar and violin and can produce something vaguely resembling music with a harmonica, recorder and tin whistle.

Food: Yes! I am not at all fussy and will try almost anything. I don't care for bland, low everything stuff. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, sushi and seafood are favorites.

I can cook a few things rather well (my chili has had great reviews) and I like to make bread (especially sourdough).

Sports: Quidditch :-)


"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

"I remember when a quarter used to cost a nickel." - S.B. Squarepants

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." - The 14th Dalai Lama

"The problem with quotations on the Internet is their accuracy cannot be verified." - Abraham Lincoln

"After all, when you seek advice from someone it's certainly not because you want them to give it. You just want them to be there while you talk to yourself." - Terry Pratchett, from "Jingo"
The six things I could never do without
* Kindness
* Hope
* Laughter
* Something to read
* A caffeinated beverage
* Optimism (required to use this site! :-) )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... why I made my profile so long when I know short, generic profiles are proven to be the most successful. (This is really true!! Short profiles that are mostly "fluff" get the most dates. This says much about people and dating.)

... that just like Wile E. Coyote, I scored "Super Genius" on my IQ test here! I've never felt so honored! I'm off to the ACME store.... :-)

... why matching answers about liking beer and horror movies turned out to be the most accurate predictor of if two people would chat on OKC or meet. (This may not be as stupid as it sounds at first....)

... if anyone really eats some of the stuff I see in the "exotic food" section at the supermarket. I'm not at all fussy, but really....

... if anyone has EVER read my entire profile. :-)
On a typical Friday night I am
... updating my already long-winded profile and trying to figure out how to include more stuff AND make it shorter. No luck so far.... :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll give three:

That like any "real man," I still watch cartoons on occasion and am overly fond of my Jeep Cherokee.

I like to go for walks in and take tours of historic, interesting or beautifully maintained cemeteries. (I can even give an informal tour of Kensico in Valhalla. There are many famous people there, incredible monuments, Tiffany stained glass and more.)

I've spent more time fixing my snow blower than I've ever saved by using it, but I don't care - I hate shoveling. (I would, however, like to find someone just crazy enough to build a snowman with me.)
You should message me if
... you think you might like me! It doesn't need to be more than this to say hello!

Wouldn't it be nice if this was like Facebook? It would be for me! I have hundreds of friends and run a group with almost 2,000 members. We like each other, have fun and laugh out loud every day! I meet some of those friends in real life. My goal here is the same - to talk with people I might like and perhaps one day meet. It's all pointless if this doesn't happen.