31 South Amboy, NJ
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My self-summary
Have fun! woo!

So yeah Hi, I'm a dude as you may have already deduced(dedudeced if you will). Just living,striving, and surviving on this crazy spinning rock. Having fun in as many ways as possible. Always down for adventure and something new to do.I've placed 4th in The National Air Guitar Competition.I've played the ukelele on rooftops. I'm the exception that proves the rule. I pretend I can spit mad rhymes, but they always come out as jumbled lines(Hey wait a minute). Ya know I'll just do anything though because that's what life is isn't it...doing something. If you're not doing something, then what are you doing? Nothing..that's're so smart! So let's do something,ya know experience life, it's around you, and well if ya ask me I think doing awesome fun things with someone else is like a million and 5 times more awesome fun. So to make a long rambley thing short. I am out for fun and adventure with tons of laughs along the way!....Oh and I love to play music. I suppose I'll get to that in the things I'm good at section... Ah see you'll want to read more right...right?
What I’m doing with my life
Ah what I'm doing with my life ha! This used to say going to school, But not anymore nuh uh not me. I take that hard earned, debt prison of a Comp Sci. degree, and utilize it in one of the most prestigious, glamorous jobs one can get in a market such as this one. Give it up for Assistant Manager of Radio Shack Yall'z! Awww Yeeeeeah! Ha, But I jest, it's not bad pays for everything that needs to be paid for with tons of fun money to boot. Also gives me the time and flexibility to play in the band I'm in. Also to work and write on comedy which is what I really love doing, be it writing/filming sketches, or doing stand up or improv. So it's pretty great actually.I have a 5 minute commute. I get to talk, have conversations, and meet crazy characters(oh retail stories) everyday from all over the world, and the people I work with are wonderful!
I’m really good at
Hmm kind of hate this section cause I'm not much of a bragger, and I pride myself in that.(ah ah see what I did there?). But if I'm being forced to list off a bunch of things that I'm like totally super awesome in, then I suppose I shall obey. In no particular order:
Squeezebox accordion
Collecting Crazy hats
Tying bow ties like a muv.
Writing...umm things
Keeping my beard neat and trim.(sometimes...there are those weeks though(AAARRROOOOOO).
Making fun of really bad or slightly bad movies
Hopefully making people smile and laugh
Getting myself into and out of pickles(either food or state of unfortunate circumstances you pick(pick! ha! get it?!))
Hmm that seems good I suppose. There's more I'm good at, but isn't it more exciting if you find out for yourself...and how would you do that? Hmm no clue you'll have to figure that one out on your own, but you're super smart you'll be able to.
The first things people usually notice about me
is they get some uncontrollable urge to want to pinch my cheeks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ok so this pretty much will be the same, besides a few edits here and there. Why you ask? Well I'm lazy...ya happy? No? Neither am I. But I mean come on, I still like all these things, and it's a lot of ya know yeah...kind of lost steam uh here's the list.

Douglas Adams...Kurt Vonnegut...J. R. R. Tolkien...H. P. Lovecraft..Ray Bradbury...Stephen King...Christopher Moore...Max Brooks...David Sedaris...John Hodgman....Mike Nelson...Michael Ian Black...Stephen Hawking...comic fiction...Hunter S. books...Live From New York...Belushi...Jack Kerouac..One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...Of Mice and Men...Lord Of the Flies...Toxic Sludge is good for you...1984...the goosebumps books...magazines...This Perfect day

Movies.I'm a big fan of comedies but i love any kind of put it in front of me I'll watch it attentively...or make fun of it mercilessly...Ghostbusters...The Big Lebowski...actually any Cohen Brothers film...any Kevin Smith Film...any Trey Parker and Matt Stone Film...any Troma Film...any Farrelly Brothers Film...any David Wain film you know wet hot american summer, the ten...The Blues Brothers...blazing saddles any Mel Brooks film...1942...any Monty Python film....any Broken Lizard film Beerfest is the fav of them though..Star Wars...reefer madness the musical movie...the producers...any Michael Keaton film...any Tim Burton film...UHF...I like a lot of movies...these are only a fraction of the movies I love.

So yeah I like lots and lots of music I probably should be put in jail for the amount of music I illegally download...but hey sharing is caring.Weird Al, Ween, Tenacious D, Ceann,The Wizards,Sallie ford & the sound outside, Sondre Lerche,Barenaked Ladies the Beastie Boys...anything Les Claypool puts his magical hands on...ska ska ska, Jamaica ska, do the ska, ska ska ska..oldies music, motown, soul, Sam Cooke and just classic rock and beatles and zep, and the who, the stones, hendrix, the temptations...lovin' day...blink182...They Might Be Giants...even in distortion oh any mid 90's music be it alt-rock, grunge, dance gotta have that funkybunch...Run-DMC...old skool rap...tons and tons...get the idea...good I knew you would...that's why I love you!

I like TV I think I'm gonna put it here there..
The Simpsons...Mystery Science Theater 3000...Arrested Development...LOST...Heroes...Workaholics...The Brak Show...South Park...Newsradio...Family Guy...3rd rock from the sun...Night Court...Robot Chicken...Tom goes to the Mayor...Freaks and Geeks...Undeclared...the soup...The Big Bang Theory...How I Met your mother...It's always sunny in Philadelphia...Weeds...Curb Your Enthusiasm...Bored to Death...Community...30 Rock...The competition shows

Food...Yeah I like food, any kinds really I'll try anything no food discrimination here...except tomatoes please get those evil things away from anything I'm eating. Other than that we cool food...we cool. Oh, and I will always, ALWAYS appreciate a good chicken parm.(And I know what you're thinking chicken parm has tomato sauce on it, and you just said you hate tomatoes what a contradictererer.Tomato sauce, ketchup even tomato soup(with grilled cheese) fine, and dandy...just raw, immediately assume you want it on all burgers(who made that rule by the way?) gross, dripping seed nastiness, I hate em. Geez sorry for the tomato rant...tomatoes and me...we have a sordid history...
The six things I could never do without
Ya know this, I don't think I'll change either, this is a solid list and I still love and like all of these things...congrats Six list you live!

1. My sense of humor
2. A towel 2a. My guide(smartphone)
3. being with the ones I love and adore(aka friends and family)
4. entertainment (music, movies, tv, internet etc...)
5. my car (still love my car alive and kicking woohoo!)
6. you (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
I spend a lot of time thinking about universe...the past present and the things have come to be the way they are...what kind of work Phil Hartman would be doing on The Simpsons if he were still alive today...42...ya know just things really, whatever pops into this noggin you can bet it'll get a good think...
On a typical Friday night I am
Should typical and Friday even be in the same sentence ever? Fridays can be anything for me, once I'm out of work...oh it's on...what is "it" you ask? Well could be various types of things in the fun category. Be it Bar-ing up with pals, a house party, crazy fun trip to NYC, a show, band yeah "Friday: It's on".(Oooo think I have a new idea for a Rebecca Black song)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not a rapper
You should message me if
Well ya know really if ya just want to. You want to have fun, honest, hilarious conversations about anything in the world, life, or the universe, message me. Just need a laugh in general message me.You play an instrument and want to jam out hardcore, or talk about TV,Movies,Books, Music, nerd it up a bit, or if there's anything obscure we may have in common, come on message me. Want to swap some retail stories, oh those crazy customers, I mean it message me. Want a mix CD/tape/playlist? Message me! Frankly I just don't know how you're not messaging me right now...oh cause my profile is still going...right right...ok so profile ends nnnnnnnnnnow....go message go go go go!