57 Morrisville, NC
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My self-summary
Dang folks why is it that everyone is focused on and in a hurry to get to that pot of gold that think is waiting for them at point Z and ignoring all that starts at point A?

Found two amazing women and both are still amazing even after we have seperated. Great people!

Please read in a soft, peaceful state of mind in which i wrote this in.
Hello and thanks for giving me a peek, to save you time I am looking for a slow walking, slow talking, deep thinking, OPEN MINDED peaceful woman. I am not here to waste your time or mine so if you are looking for a pot of gold, a big shinny Diamond or a Mansion on the hill, you will not find it here with this ole Crusty Croc but if you want to stay warm on those cold nights then this chunk of coal can provide a little heat. I am looking for a long term relationship and hopefully my last but I am not going to pass up any short time enjoyment either so whether you are looking for long term or a short time it is open for discussion. I am not arrogant just real, some of you I might appeal to and some I may not and that is life. Presently I have a job, have my health and have my sanity. I was in the Marines, use to volunteer in all sorts of areas and have been involved in Health and Fitness for about 40 years. I use to be a certified Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor when my schedule use to allow it but now I hit the gym 5-6 times a week and not against hitting a trail for a slow walk with a date. I do not have the smooth, hairless unblemish skin that I once had but I do have a muscle here and there and some stamina, so if you are looking for a good, respectful man with a bit of a dirty ole mind I can provide a good, quiet, enjoyable time in public and a wild time in private. Day by day is the way I live because if you sit back and wait it may be too late.

That was the short and dull version, continue to read if you are into depth...

Come on people! You say you are a liberal or a conservative and that is fine but you will not even talk to or listen to the other sides opinion well how in the hell is the world suppose to get any better? Your ignorance and hate of the opposing opinion will only divide us even more!

STOP! If you are fooling yourself and looking for a liar, a player, sugar daddy, someone who is going to use and abuse you or someone who is going to steal everything from you then move on please. You must be looking for a mental and spiritual connection and not a material one if you contact me. "Or maybe a little fun on the side until you find the one for you."

Then this is very important also, when you read my profile I am not writing this out of anger or bitterness, for some reason my words are taken in that context. For instant, is that what you thought when you first started reading my profile? I am as cool as the other side of the pillow and very rarely get fired up unless it is about America, old folk and critters being used and abused and remember this when reading my profile,if you sense anger and bitterness, first look in the mirror at yourself before responding please. So be real and be true to yourself...

I am not,"NOT" looking for a Nurse(someone to take care of me) or a Purse(a woman with lots of money), a curse (somone who will not be happy) or worse. From what I hear from a lot of you, you already know what worse can be with your experience of your past relationships.

I have lost my respect for sports, both professional and college but I will watch them.

I am looking for peace and quiet but this does not mean sitting at home and watching TV, know the difference? I can still work up a sweat both outside and inside the house.

I am looking to enjoy life and not so much looking for fun, know the difference betwixt these two?

If you are looking for someone who is going to promise you the world, nope, you won't get it here. Just think back in your past at all the promises that your men had made and then what they delivered???

I am real, no surprises of the bad kind and do not like all the hallmark holidays that require you to buy a (surprise) for your mate. A surprise comes at any time, any place and from the heart.

If your idea of fit and healthy is artificial enhancements, I prefer the natural, hard work and sweat.

Since I do not lie or play games, I will say that my ideal body would be fit, natural and perky but most important, personality trumps looks anyday!

I still open doors and hold them open for others because I want to, not because I have an hidden agenda.

Fun or enjoyment?
Sitting together watching a thunder storm?
Sitting in the surf waiting for the Moon to rise?
People watching?
Walking shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, maybe hand in hand, watching others have fun, knowing "we" should not even try to do what they are doing?

As far as the Native American claim. Complete strangers have noticed and the elderly said they could feel it. They are the ones who made me aware that even though I do not have the long black hair, I do have the instincts, awareness, and something that others can see and feel. I now know I have these instincts and awareness and I am trying to pin point them as to a direction that I should go without becoming a freak or goof.
What I’m doing with my life
Living day by day trying to enjoy each of them versus looking to have fun, looking for material things, looking for fame and vanity.
I’m really good at
being me and no one else.
The first things people usually notice about me
You will have to ask them but based on the past most make the wrong assumption.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The six things I could never do without
Air, Water, Food, people, critters, nature.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Doing something great for humanity.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully still alive and kicking.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You have to ask yourself, do you really want to know? Well do you, PUNK!
You should message me if
If you are looking for someone who is real. If you are looking for short, long, temp, play person and not a snotty-totty. I am not a freak, weird or out to steal your soul.