36 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
Limited edition, Canadian made, male Torontonian. Partially used original Dyson comes packed with features including creativity, ingenuity and is loaded with charm, wit, and beguilement.
What I’m doing with my life
I sell foods that few people are familiar with through my eponymous company, going on adventures and creating trends in the process. My background is in film and TV, print design, marketing and foraging and I always have a few creative things on the go.
I’m really good at
Cooking for people. Not so much myself.
Sharing a bottle of wine over dinner.
Chopping wood and building fires.
Identifying wild mushrooms and edible things.
Not taking myself seriously.
Eating things made primarily of butter.
Advanced Sexercise.
Foraging for wild foods in the bush. Bring on the apocalypse!
Baking cakes, cookies, or bagels and pies.
Dancing, I don’t dance enough any more.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like media... If I don't know your favourite band or movie, then that just means you have something to share with me.

Books: Mainly non-fiction (social studies, science, marketing, design, typography, art, advertising) and some crime fiction, a collection of graphic novels, and books about art and design. Haruki Murakami, Jasper Fforde, Malcolm Gladwel, Richard Dawkin, Jared Diamond, Carl Hiaasen, Laura Penny, Katherine Dunn, Mark Haddon, Ernest Cline, Cory Doctorow, Douglas Coupland.

Blogs and Radio: Boing Boing, Laughing Squid, Not Cot, Good, Life Hacker, Nordic Food Lab - listen to CBC radio 1 every day for much of the day, Quirks and Quarks, Spark, and Under the Influence are my favorite shows. This American Life and Serial are also good listens

Movies and TV: Yes

Music: Good

Food: Dairy, cereal, fresh bread, cured meats, sweet stuff and strange things foraged in the wild. As well as eating out at nice places.

There are lots of adorable vegan purists out there. I am not one of you and have no interest in pandering to your diet. Sorry =).
The six things I could never do without
Good friends
Green spaces - As in forests, not so much parking lots painted chartreuse.
Persuasive things - Such as advertising, art, typography, and design.
Dairy - Cheese, butter and milk are the best things ever.
Curiosity - Not the rover, but a thirst to know more.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human behavior.
Mushrooms and mycology.
The blend between arts, science and technology.
Eating my next lemon curd stuffed croissant.
And sex, perhaps as much as the rest combined because I am afterall a healthy guy.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a date with you perhaps.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Google me and tell me what secrets you find.