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29 M Tallahassee, FL

My Details

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Today – 9:12pm
Hispanic / Latin, White
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
Body Type
Mostly other
Atheism, and laughing about it
Gemini, but it doesn’t matter
Working on university
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Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
I am a huge nerd into stuff like video games and movies and Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I am also bearded. I am also a proponent of stream of consciousness style of writing, so if you find my writing distracted, run-on, and odd, it's just how my brain works.

I like to think I am a pretty cool guy and people always tell me I am fun to be around. I also try to stay positive no matter what kind of shit storm is happening in my life.

Oh, and given a bottle of 150+proof alcohol, I can breath fire.

I think my buddy Daniel said it best: "I seek a relationship where we can learn from each other. You will teach me about emotions, art, and compassion. I will teach you about Batman. Batman will be the foundation of our relationship."

If you see me visit your profile, and you are no where near Tallahassee, it's not cause I'm a creepy stalker. It's because OKCupid loads up my feed with random people all over. Seriously, it's kinda fucked up.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a job with DEP where I finally get to use all this information I learned in school which I am paying for far out the ass. It isn't what I wanna do forever, but it is giving me money and insurance and experience relevant in my field, and it's cool enough to keep me happy. My degree is in Geomatics, and if you can tell me what it is without looking it up, I'll buy you a drink. Like the really expensive good ones from a proper bar.

I regularly go to Blue Monday at Club Rehab, where I go to hang out with my many and various friends, and get some dance therapy, and meet new people. If you ever wanna see a fat guy get mad crazy into some music, hit up a Blue Monday and dance and meet my awesome friends!

I am also currently working on losing some weight. My diet isn't too heavily impacted, it's mostly about eating on time, and eating proper amounts, but I have started walking... A LOT! I usually walk at Lake Ella, or at the YouFit, so if you see me out there, or ever want to join me, just let me know. I am also always accepting suggestions as to other places I should walk.
I’m really good at
Video games, karaoke, and the internet. Is that last one a good thing? sure, why not? Also, I am very good at math and some programming. If you give me a programming language and 1-2 weeks, I can make something practical out of it.

I am also really funny and good at conversations. Don't believe me? Talk to me. Find out. That's the best part about this site, is the conversations. That how you find out how you like someone. Talk.
The first things people usually notice about me
... is that I'm a pretty big guy, I have a beard, or that I am a huge nerd. Many people think I am Jewish or Greek or Italian, but I am not. I am half-Cuban, half-Red Neck, genetically, if that matters. I once had a friend say i look "Jew-ish". People also like to point out my t-shirts a lot. This is weird cause I don't normally put a whole lot of thought in my t-shirts. I usually just grab whatever is on top, and if it happens to have Home Movies, mc chris, or Slayer on it, someone will make a point to tell me how cool it is.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- The Dresden Files, The Dark Tower, The Stand, Codex Allera, The Millennium Trilogy, The Iron Druid Chronicles, Mistborne, Flatland, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, The Satanic Verses, Wheel of Time series, Discworld books, Catch-22, Slaughterhouse Five, Artemis Fowl, John Dies at the End.
Just finished- Re-Reading for the 5th time The Gunslinger, Book 1 of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
Current Book- Prey by Michael Crichton. I hadn't read Crichton since high school, so i decided to read several of his things i hadn't read before and re-read a bunch of stuff i haven't touched in 10-15 years. (Seriously, I read Jurassic park about 20 years ago and haven't ever re-read it, i need to get on that!)

Movies- Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Hangover, District 9, Watchmen, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Avengers (and associated Marvel Cinematic Universe), THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (favorite movie of all time), Arsenic & Old Lace, The Perils of Gwendolyn in the Land of Yik-Yak, The Godfather Trilogy, Cabin in the Woods, Many more, and all over the place.
Most recently seen- Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Holy shit that movie was awesome. I need to see it again sometime soon, and I love how it made Marvel's Agents of SHIELD a way more awesome TV show.
Next movie I'm excited to see- Super stoked fro Guardians of the Galaxy. The Marvel Galactic stuff from a few years back was some of my favorite stories and characters and I'm super excited to see these characters most people never heard of become talked about by the mainstream folks.

Music- mc chris, MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Daft Punk, Kirby Krackle, Dethklok, Dragonforce, Gorillaz, Nobuo Uematsu, The Megas as well as lots of classic rock, and nerd type stuff

What I'm listening to now: my Pandora's 'Nerdy Orchestral' station; it's full of video game and movie soundtracks and other nerdy tunes.

Food- Apples, General Tso's Chicken, Bloody Steak

TV shows- GAME OF THRONES, Chuck, Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Archer, Sherlock, QI, Metalocalypse, Justified, Supernatural, The Venture Bros., Robot Chicken, Lost, House, Fringe, Castle, Doctor Who]], [Once Upon a Time, M*A*S*H, The IT Crowd, Adventure Time, many many more....

Comic books- Y: the Last Man, The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, Transmetropolitan, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, The Walking Dead, Marvel, Ultimate Marvel, Green Lantern, Preacher, Garth Ennis's run on The Max imprint of The Punisher, again, many many more....
note- due to too much business in the past couple of years, I'm way behind on my comics, but I'll catch up one day...

Video Games- Final Fantasy VI (favorite game of all time), Chrono Trigger, Portal 2, Mass Effect series, Pokemon series, Assassin's Creed series, Limbo, Journey, Minecraft, Terraria, Diablo II, Jetpack Joyride, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Many many more...
Current Games- Kinda hemming and Hawing through all these PS+ games i've acquired while waiting for Watch Dogs to come out. Started the new Tomb Raider, Tokyo Jungle, Braid, and a few others all in the past week or so.
The six things I could never do without
Curiosity- I love finding out new things and learning how things work. Curiosity pushes me towards discovery.

A good story- I love being told a new story. Or thinking about a good story. Or talking about a good story. Whether it is in a book, a movie, a video game, or a comic, any time i can escape reality for a far more interesting one, I take the opportunity, except, of course, the few times reality becomes more interesting than any story. it doesn't happen to me often, but it does happen. I also love coming up with theories about what will happen next and comparing them with others.

My Phone- It's my vehicle for music and stuff. I sometimes can barely think unless i have music on. Also, I'm interested in learning more about making apps for it.

My car- I'm not a huge car guy, but I enjoy the feeling of freedom having my own vehicle allows me. Also, it is huge and fits me perfectly and can carry a ton of stuff. I need to get it painted blue because several people have recently described it as being "Bigger on the Inside"

My laptop- Vital for both it's ability to assist me in school and for the fact that it is my main tunnel to the outside when I am at home, bored out of my mind. In case you're wondering about Chromebooks, hit me up and I'll give you my opinion

An open mind- No idea or thought should ever be banished. That's not to say they should all be said aloud, or even thought about too much, but an open mind is a beautiful thing, and a willingness to debate things, and allow changes to how you look at something is one of the best, most important things in my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Interesting concepts. sometimes, I come up with ideas that would make for good movies, TV shows, or books, but I am way too lazy to actually write them down or do anything with them. meh.
Also, I like thinking about what I would do if I was in certain situations presented in the various books, TV shows, and movies I watch. Like what I would have done in Walking Dead, or who I would relate most to in the Dresden Files.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something or trying to find something to do. Usually the later, but I prefer the former obviously. I am usually down for anything, but I warn you, I suck at beer pong. It's much easier and more fun to just drink the beer normally an have a good conversation. Though I also enjoy a nice game of ring of fire.

I like to go to First Fridays. It's down at Railroad Square, and they got good art, and cool stuff to do, and it's a great place to meet people and make friends. If you see me, go ahead and run up and say you remember seeing me from OKCupid. I'll probably introduce you around to whomever I'm hanging out with at the time and let you join us if you want.

I also love karaoke, but can never find people who want to or can go when i hear about it happening somewhere.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am actually a pretty open guy. You can pretty much ask me anything and I'll answer it as best as I can. Fair warning though- I am sometimes very blunt in my answers, and if you don't like what I have to say, tough.

Other than that, I suck at going to school which is why I was there for so long, I once got fired from Wal-Mart for accidentally stealing some donuts, and I drink Diet Dr. Pepper like a fish. There, that's 3 things.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 22–30
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
You wanna kick back and play some video games or watch a movie or if you just wanna grab a beer/coffee at a nice quiet place and chat or if you wanna go do some karaoke or walk somewhere interesting or whatever. there really aren't many reasons not to message me.

also, I'm totally down for criticism, so if you have any pointers as to how I can make this a better profile, or whatever, just lemme know.