37 Denver, CO
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My self-summary
I support responsible consumption, recycling, and the pursuit of h̶a̶p̶p̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ a life well-lived. I believe life is too short for bland beer and lately I've been recruiting my friends as happy volunteers for honing my home cocktail shenanigans. I think some sports are fun to watch on occasion, more fun to play, and baseball is best experienced as a lazy day in the ballpark or a highlight reel.

I put in the effort to keep my friendships growing, and keep in touch with many of the exceptional people I've met over the years. I love getting a friend or three together and searching for the elusive hole-in-the-wall restaurant with excellent food or terrible food and excellent stories.

I keep up on world affairs though I find myself numbing to national politics. At this point, I'd easily vote Stewart/Colbert, or even Pinky/Brain next time around.
What I’m doing with my life
I revel in my techie day job by day; my career offers challenge and reward while keeping a work/life balance that lets me live the life I love. My friends and loved ones are cherished as are the time I spend with them. For myself, I began a regular yoga practice a few years ago and it's been a great addition to my life, keeping me healthier and happier. One of these days, I'm going to finally stick that handstand (almost...almost...).
I'm ecstatic if the weather is good enough for an outdoor game of volleyball at Wash Park, and I'm an avid social dancer.

Last year I put a lot of effort into growth/classes/changes, and lately things are really coming to fruition. I'm finally recovered from the renovation fatigue that new home owners get in that first year. The place still has some finishing touches, but overall things have settled down a lot and the to-do list shrank down nicely.

Life in Colorado means I've really come to love being outdoors, and living in Denver keeps me a confirmed urbanite. I might go hiking now and then, or camping (novice at both), and likely to stay in the city for the weekend. Parks, barbeques, biking, street festivals... evenings at concerts, roller derby, or out with friends, in at home. Part of the beauty of this city are the many options and opportunities.

My last big vacation was a 3-week meandering about Australia. Travel wasn't a luxury I grew up with, so It was my first trip abroad and I loved every minute of it. I still reflect upon the trip and what it's given to me, and where I would go next.
I grew up in a family of teachers, and was raised in a compassionate home. It's our responsibility in life to leave things better than we found them. A lot of what I have in life isn't "earned" or "privilege," it's just luck, and we shouldn't neglect those who aren't so lucky.
This pretty much sums up my outlook on life in 3 minutes though hearing Stephen Fry narrate anything for 3 minutes is time well-spent.

I'm content with who I am, but not complacent. I keep trying to grow as a person, friend, and peer.
I’m really good at
making connections between people, places, interests, and things I think might help people. Trying hard to get it right, but not seeking total perfection all at once. Finding the right question, or maybe the perspicacious observation.
The first things people usually notice about me
On first glance it's usually my eyes, if I'm not wearing sunglasses. If I can share quick wit and laughter with those around me I'm where I want to be. There are apparently decent odds I'll be caught in an odd position or with an oafish look on my face if the pictures that friends post on Facebook are any indication.

One-on-one, I love learning about people and seeing the world from their perspectives, so I often will just ask the right questions to keep things going, not seeking to talk about myself (unless asked).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The latest issue of Imbibe, and some essays; Just finished Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, because I have to be able to laugh at the absurdity. Some favorites: Neil Gaiman; Guns, Germs, and Steel; Terry Prachett, World War Z (the book is really good), Under the Banner of Heaven, Lamb, and probably more wikipedia than one should reasonably imbibe. Before that, Catch 22, some of Sam Harris's essays, a dystopian literature kick, science fiction ...

Almost always music, not too big on TV. There are a lot of music styles that I enjoy: blues, swing, industrial music, rock, trip hop, and a variety of other things - my Spotify subscription is well-used. Concert highlights: Zoe Keating, Beats Antique, Asylum Street Spankers (so long, guys), and B. B. King (amazing).

I finally finished watching Buffy and moved on to Archer (thanks, Amazon I'm a more horrible person because of that one) and Suits.

I'm hooked on Radiolab podcasts, the Moth, and I've been fascinated by some of the TED talks (online, free, enlightening, and often mind-boggling). Finally got to do TEDxMileHigh this year.
I'm endlessly amused by the shameless ripoffs of pop music that are played in Vietnamese restaurants. Where else can you hear an electronica cover of the Bonanza theme song?

I love good BBQ, pho joints on Federal, sushi, Italian, and a good bit of other things. I enjoy cooking but don't get to practice very often right now. Spicy cooking is a favorite.
The six things I could never do without
- Music
- Warm days with a field, a volleyball, and some friends.
- Dancing, and the community of friends that it has brought with it.
- Something new to learn/experience.
- All of my appendages and senses (really, it would suck to lose any of them).
- Connection. I mean: news, ideas, and keeping in touch with my friends all over the world. The world would be so much smaller without it. Oh yeah, my career kind of hinges on this whole internet thing right now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My friends and my family. World affairs and happenings at home. Balancing bitters with sweets so that the whole is better than the parts. If I added too much chili pepper that time. Atrocious sentence fragments.

I've been watching, mouth agape, the alternate reality that has become modern American politics and government. Somewhere between Jon Stewart and John Oliver is my internal monologue, with a minor inflection of disbelief that might one day turn into panic. Trump/Satan 2016?

I've been recently awestruck again by the work of Oliver Sacks and have one of his collections at my bedside.

What's the best/worst cover song I've ever heard? What's yours?
On a typical Friday night I am
going out for dinner or drinks with friends, catching a show, cooking, a game night, or some combination of these. If I've been out and about enough during the week, maybe I'll stay in and chill out with a book or movie or game, or teach myself a new drink and invite a friend to come help sample. Possibly looking for the elusive bars that have both good bartenders behind the stick and atmosphere that I want to bask in.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that I was once a Hootie and the Blowfish fan, and knew all the lyrics. I also own Real Genius on DVD, and desperately want Carl Kasell's voice on my answering machine; can I talk him out of retirement?
You should message me if
You were going to hit that "like" button. OkCupid doesn't tell about them, but I definitely read messages.
You think we can turn engaging conversation and common interests into attraction, and see where it goes from there. If you think you might, or might not, want to have kids someday but don't have any already. If you're a fellow non-smoker (that last one's pretty important to me, the smoke does not get along with me).
Please do NOT message me if you're living halfway around the world and looking for a visa sponsor, that's not why I'm here (but it is why OKC says I don't reply often).