40 Waukegan, IL
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My self-summary
Just your typical artist type trying to figure out what the hell the point of it all is. But don't take that as there being some excessive drama, I'm actually fairly laid back.

But despite being mellow, I get bored easily if sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I have to keep my mind busy by reading, writing, or drawing something. Which is difficult with the line of work I'm in. Luckily amusement comes easily enough with a tablet of the electronic or more traditional pencil and paper variety. If those options aren't available and nothing else more interesting comes up, I may space out sometimes.

Now if you want to know my biggest gripe in life... It's that four years of college doesn't satisfy any experience requirements, which makes getting a job in my preferred field akin to getting in that castle in Monty Python's Holy Grail. Turns out HR is the French! So instead of doing something I may find intriguing, I'm squeaking by doing a fool's errand with a nickelrocket junk jalopy riding on the crap fantastic six hours a day to scrape out my daily ration of two peanuts. How's that for you? I'm guessing it's not impressive, but hey - it's something.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing. Getting a better job is one thing, but when you're working - who interviews on weekends and stuff like that? Also doing what I can to get creativity going and staying in practice arts-wise, doesn't always happen. Having a muse would be nice, but that's difficult to make happen without much of a network to call upon. And with my two peanut ration which is eagerly nibbled down when I get it, I can't exactly hire a muse either.

I suppose enjoying the bad comedy presented on the world stage and trying not to laugh at just how awful it is is considered doing something.
I’m really good at
Giving my cats a pat on the head or a belly rub.

Ironically the one skill I excel at is driving, thus my day job. (If only I had opportunity to learn stick, I might even be amazing. Damn the lazy-assed education system where I had driver's ed not wanting to shell out money for rebuilt clutches and such.) Most other people participating in the daily traffic routine who are supposed to be driving really aren't, and it occasionally takes considerable feats of daring to avoid their acts of neglectful malfeasance. You could say I do my own stunts, but it's not like I'm expecting to do them. I consider driving serious business even when not working.

Art, in various mediums/media. (I like doing the electronic stuff mostly, but have no qualms painting or sculpting if the mood strikes.) Which is what my college degree is related to. Oh, and I'm not that bad a photographer if I can think of what to do at the time.

Last but not least is that I'm good at various computer stuff (putting them together, making them work, web, flash, etc.), but not quite at a level where I could do serious programming or IT work. I keep it at a modest level where it seems more like fun than work.
The first things people usually notice about me
In person I'm usually quiet and reserved and perhaps a little quirky. (I tend to be aloof until I feel I know who I'm dealing with.)

Besides that? Maybe the way I look at you and my eyebrows. You'll know if you have my attention or said something I find funny.

And if you get to know me (or decide to stalk me on the internet - which is way too easy), my odd and/or irreverent sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Sci-fi stuff mostly. Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Niven, etc. As long as it doesn't get too far out or self-serious and has some entertainment value, then I'm game. And right now I'm into Pratchett's Disc World books. Ok, so fantasy is good too if it's clever and fun. No spoilers please!

Movies: There's a lot of weird stuff I haven't seen that I'd probably like. Animation, action/adventure, etc. Things like Fifth Element or Pulp Fiction are pretty fun. It's entertaining as long as the movie doesn't get too stupid.

Shows: I haven't followed TV much lately. Used to like Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters before they've gone into reruns. And I'm sure theres some other stuff out there. Oh is it ok to like cartoons as an adult? Avatar (both TLA and TLOK) is up on the list then. In regards to anime I think Gintama is often great. Might be some other stuff off the net too.

Music: All kinds. But perhaps it's quixotic as to what I like or don't. If you really want to know though, I was pissed off when Q101 got sold out. (Still am? There's that particular niche between XRT and WIIL that remains a big and empty void in a dial filled with pop and mix drivel.)

Food: Italian food, asian food, and barbeque stuff are up there on my favorites list. That and what could be considered mostly carnivore fare. Rabbit food and whatever burns going in and out are much lower on my list.
The six things I could never do without
The Internet

Sheesh, that's overused and I'm terrible at this...
Try again?

Alternate list that's much less literal:
Drawing/art supplies.
Internet again.
Good running reliable car.
Half decent computer.
Wacom Tablet.
Nice digital camera.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Winning the lottery. Some say money causes problems. But money solves problems. All kiiiinnndsss of problems. Muahahaha! (Nope, no evil laugh there.)

How to get a date with somebody I'm attracted to and also find likable. Definitely a challenge to even get a mangy squirrel when I have a few mere remaining peanut crumbs for bait.

Forever alone? (Not one to believe in fate or that crap, but any time I feel there's been some kind of mutual attraction or good friendship with somebody, either they or I end up moving somewhere distant. It gets old. I want to break that trend.)

What's the point of this universe, and all the existential crap that goes with it? If it really is a game, I want to tell the developer that it blows. Getting XP is hard, and the gold system in it is too easily expoited and rigged by griefers.

e^(i*pi) = -1

If there was an epic rap battle between Grover from Sesame St. and Chakka from Land of the Lost, who would win?
On a typical Friday night I am
Hacking a computer controlled DNA fabricator in order to release the next zombie virus. Because zombies damnit!

Or I'll just make do with getting a pizza and watching shows or doing stuff on the internet. The real stuff actually happens on Saturday, as that's when I have a whole day to work with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I haven't outgrown cartoons, comics, or videogames. Likely never will. Some people have their drugs and alcohol, but I find that some escapism via entertainment can be just as bad of a vice and one I'm fallible to.

Speaking of immaturity and vices... Soft drinks, cheese, some junk food, candy... Sheesh I can be terrible at times. It's a weakness I have to watch out for.

Last but not least, I find it fun to make weird music or noises with computers. This might be a good example:
Never said I was good at it though. :P
You should message me if
*You like videogames, bicycling, talking about weird stuff, hiking, art, photography, or making experimental music.

*Are sort of crazy, but not too crazy. The kind of person that might have done something epic at least once. The past should reveal some interesting or funny story to tell.

*You think you have what it takes to rustle my jimmies (in a good way), as you will get my rapt and full attention.

*Are a person that gets bored sitting around and wants something fun to do, but doesn't want to go to some stupid crowded club or bar with head-throbbing obnoxious music.

*Going to some concerts or occasional events with loud music is still ok, but not an often thing.

*Is ok that seats to any professional sports are likely nosebleed section unless offseason or won somehow. Might have to go with amateur leages if wanting to get close to the game.

*You're ok with a guy that really isn't big on any sports anyways.

*You have a sense of humor or at least "gets me" from what you've seen here.

*You don't think minigolf or bowling is too campy to be fun.

*Not discouraged by my lack of nutty legumes or anything else considered more green and leafy, but also realizing this guy isn't interested in stealing or begging of yours.

*Not minding a guy currently being partially dependent on family until some things get fixed, improved, or otherwise straigtened out.

*Realizes the above item has to do with circumstances in life and not for lack of trying.

*Doesn't smoke, but realizes the nasty tobacco smell on any items or clothing relates to that situation as well.

*Time to spend is more important than whatever rations life provides.

*You don't mind the occasional mischief if it doesn't cause too much grief.

*You have no baggage from previous relationships. Understands the guy with this profile desires a relationship that's about us; not us, them, and who or whatever past mistakes may have created. Not to be mean, but for sake of priority in amount of time willingly invested. (Essentially being a third or forth, fifth, whatever wheel on what is supposed to be a bicycle ain't fun.)