47 Auckland, New Zealand
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My self-summary
This is really my chance to talk about myself incessantly for a number of is a smattering of bits rather than a planned, organized, concise summary (a good friend told me I am the most chaotic writer she has ever encountered):

Passionate about family or in my case whanau (yup, look it up). I think I'm easy to get to know and friendly but was recently told I can be intimidating???? Might be that I have a lot of energy and I ask questions. Oh and I love independence please; I don't work well with people who crowd me emotionally i.e. I love intimacy but not suffocation. I am attractive (in an interesting way) rather than being a commercial beauty. Combine that with a good brain (yeah I know I'm smart but not in an arrogant way just aware). I think that's a great package. Not a geek by nature but have absorbed from the geeks in my life (dad, husband, friends, and through necessity of work and trial and error on my own). Highly intuitive and creative (did a degree in textile design) but have worked in so many other areas - a dream is to combine that with the people contact of sales. I drink occasionally and generally not to excess. I love gardens kept by others and do like to get my hands earthy but don't know much about it. Am impulsive. Am determined with a smile.

People intrigue me. The easy going ones tend to be exactly that - and reasonably predictable (but then it is fun to find the hidden passion that I think resides in every human being). Give me someone with a bit of fire and opinion. Yay! Give me the unexpected, the special. I don't want to know how you fit in; tell me how you suit yourself and how the world accommodates you....or not.

I play a whole heap of different instruments (string and wind mainly). I can transpose while I sight read - just like another language really. I often hear (read: make up my own) counter melodies to what I'm listening to. Then there is the movement: I can move to the music. Dancing formally or informally.

Other stuff: I have used 'alternative' or as I say traditional medicine for about a while because I was not satisfied with what modern medicine had to offer for chronic conditions (hey nothing beats modern medicine for acute treatment!!). I home educated my children until my oldest was 8 years, two years of 'the system' and am now back to alternative education for them. This means I have defined opinions and yeah, even a soap box that I pull out on occasion, regarding how we learn and how that process is addressed well and not so well in our education system.

As a foreigner I have never 'fit' into the local mould (or any come that matter) and have come to prize the independence that has fostered.

Obviously there is much more (hey, I'm over 40)and I'm looking forward to learning more and doing more.

I am vivacious, don't suffer fools, and intuitive.
What I’m doing with my life
Job-wise I am an awesome account manager for a company with an incredible software as a service platform that initially was for expense management but now goes far beyond that. I do tend to work within the finance or procurement parts of organisations.

I have three cherubs that I love to bits and am no different than any other proud parent. I am polyamorous and if you haven't actually looked this word up on wikipedia; don't stay naive. Please look it up because I think you will find there are many different aspects to it rather than what you 'think' it is. OMG you might have a paradigm shift - can you handle that?

My marriage vows said something about 'recreating the relationship on a daily basis' i.e. don't make assumptions about who each other is and be in the moment. This is still something that I do. Most of the time I do it well and sometimes I fail miserably. I am a testament to the fact that polyamorous relationships don't always work out the way you think they are going to.

What this means is I have an intimate relationship with velvet_steel whom I love dearly and providing there is a click and ability to merge schedules I'm happy to get in touch. My heart is large but my schedule only has 24 hours a day. Sigh.
I’m really good at
Communicating - not sure why or how but I think it must have something to do with the fact that I am thinking more about the interpretation of what is being said than I am about the information exchange.

Non-judgementalism. I don't think that is a word in any dictionary but I like it...aka acceptance.

Moulding myself to work in any given situation. A friend called me a chameleon...and it's true.

Cooking yummy things from odd things - try replacing cumin with cinnamon by accident one day!! Mine came out yummy.

Loving my kiddos and all the others that are in my whanau.

Having fun regardless.

Seeing the positive side of things. Sometimes my optimism is inane and that is why I have to have "realists" in my life.

Seeing beauty in anyone and anything, in any situation. When I find it difficult I ask myself what there is to learn.

Taking a long time to see faults in myself.

Learning, learning, learning - I swear I can't help it. It just happens.
The first things people usually notice about me
My ever changing hair - photos are often outdated and some hairstyles never make it on here.

My eyes and smile....heh at least thats what I've been told.

There is lots of things to notice. If you tell me what you notice first it will give me a wee insight into your brain.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My fave book is always going to be the one I am reading, otherwise I would not be reading it. I'm a "book slut' in all the best ways. I want to read lots of books. If you have a decent book collection I want to borrow some of them. I even have references to how well I will look after your books that I an avid fantasy fan but am in no way restrained by that. Will read almost anything well written and puleeeease give me complex story lines (and the multiple aspect is important). I love being read to, too.

Movies I can usually take or leave. I remember some because of the event of going - Highlander, The Matrix (number one only), Princess Bride, Ladyhawk, LoTR (amazing to see such a good transfer from book to movie. Bravo PJ), Blade Runner: there is more but I'll add as I remember.

BTW I don't watch TV - not never-ever but so rarely I can count the hours on the one hand in the last 6 months+. I haven't really watched TV regularly since the early 90s (except for a brief stint with Sex in the City, CSI: the original one before it got splintered, and something else I can't remember haha). I don't miss it. I do like documentaries on selected subjects or even random subjects so I learn something obscure outside my realms of interests.

Music is mixed - I had a list here and reviewed it at some point. Now I am thinking that it is a tool to pigeonhole me i.e. I list particular artists for my own reasons and you respond to them for your own with no relationship between the two...there are selected songs that always get me and maybe I'll put them down as I remember them. Oh and I do love to dance and hate housework so the only way I get through it is to dance through it. Why the hell did I list that here? 'Cause that's when I thought of it. :)

Love to eat Thai, Indian, Japanese, real Mexican, Cuban...I am into anything that is tasty and/or preferably spicy. I love to experience food. I am a good cook but somehow I much prefer others cooking to my own...though I also enjoy a steak with caramelized onions and garlic beside a salad of several leaf varieties, toms, cuke, red onion, avocado, a sprinkling a variety of nuts/seeds, and a dash of balsamic vinegarette. Damn! Made myself drool.
The six things I could never do without
Firstly there is a difference between what I think I could never do without and what I don't *want* to ever do with out...

My whanau .
My senses.
Oxygen/money (I put these in the same basket as they are only important if you don't have them).
Water - drinking, bathing, looking at.
SUNSHINE! I forgot this initially - I'm one of those who finds ongoing days without sunshine makes it harder to be "up". The ability to learn - I would literally become depressed if I couldn't. Intimacy.

Yes I know that's more than six but I'll have the list as long as I like, thanks. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whanau and how I can support and love them better. What am I doing for dinner? What makes up sexiness? The future. Is there anything else that should be on my To Do list? Perception and what affects it. How to be more focused on 'the now'. The WHY of the world or does it really matter? I should be tidier. The details details details of stuff - FLUSH those thoughts.
On a typical Friday night I am
Fridays are a chill out and veg night. It is the end of a work week and I love not having to cook and a glass of wine or two. And sometimes dinner with a friend or two.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am probably kinkier than you.

I have to admit that I didn't think of this myself but blatantly stole/borrowed it from someone else. I will credit her if she wishes!
You should message me if
You have a quirky way of thinking, can express yourself coherently, a wicked sense of humour and enough confidence to withstand teasing and/or opposition.

You recognise velvet_steel is part of who I am.

Something tweaks your interest besides my sexy pic.

You don't watch TV at all or hardly ever.

Go on, message me. What's the worst that could happen? I'll tell you - nothing. Scary stuff, eh? On the other hand it could be an enriching and rewarding experience all around.

Oh and if you spot any more typos in here please let me know because one of the things I am not good at is proofreading. Cheers.