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26 M Valatie, NY

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Aug 15, 2007
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
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Very often
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My self-summary
my name is alex although i prefer the name alfred because a long time ago some kid once refered to me as alfred and i thought it was a good name, so i decided to call myself that from then on. that happened almost 10 years ago, and to this day i am still called alfred.

i've been obsessed with the paranormal for quite a long time now. as a result, i tend to write a bit on the subject rather often. however, now i usually write about anything i can instead of just the paranormal, both out of boredom and nothing better to do. i don't know if there is a difference between the two, but i do not care that much either.

i like wearing plaid. i've always liked wearing plaid. and likewise, i wear plaid a lot.

i'm also pretty fond of yoyos. i'm likely better with a yoyo than anyone you've ever met, unless of course you know someone like steve brown, or arnie dixon, or some other kind of yoyo enthusiast like that. basically, if you see any of those japanese people in those yoyo tournaments...well, i can do those kind of tricks. otherwise, if you know nothing about yoyos, i can't really work with a whole lot, as you probably would not know what i'm talking about when i talk about the types of tricks i do. for those who do yoyo, and know a thing or two about yoyoing, the yoyo company i don't dislike more than any other yoyo company is yoyojam. i have a lyn fury because i'm too cheap to afford anything else. however, i have played with most other yoyojam yoyos, and really the only ones i find to be worth the money are the dark magic, and the big yo. lyn fury is just as good as the X-Con, or the Hitman, or the mini muto (although, i do like that one. i may buy it), so i use that one mainly. although, i do have other yoyo's...but that one seems to be the one that is not bad for me.

i'm the sort of person who likes cartoons. old cartoons. i hate new cartoons so much that i usually get a tad on the angry side by thinking about them. but i hate cgi animated cartoons/movies/whatever more than any form of modern animation. if you do happen to be a fan of cgi, then you probably should not add me as a friend, because i do not like cgi. even if i try to add you as a friend and did not realize that you did like cgi, and you happen to read this, and say something like, "hey, this guy doesn't like cgi", then you should delete me as a friend. or, in the more likely situation, if i try to add you as a friend, and you read this before you even decide to add me, then you should save yourself the trouble in the future, and simply not add me in the first place. we win both ways: i won't have to deal with your lack of taste in animation, and you won't have to deal with me complaining about your lack of taste in animation. it wouldn't be that i don't like you, it's just that you probably would not want to hear me complain about such matters because i tend to go on for quite a while on such issues, but that is another story. however, if you do not mind me complaining, feel free to add me, even if you do like cgi and modern animation, which i will still hate regardless.

similar to my hatred for modern cartoons, there is also one person in my life that i dispise. he is reallly the only living thing on the earth that i could really say i HATE, and mean it. hatred meaning, if they did not exist, well your life would just be better, no questions asked. this person has arch nemesis if you will. no, not my arch rival, or simply my nemesis, as those are two completely different things (arch rival is someone who is basically your evil equivalent. i have one of such kid in chatamn who is like me...but different in all the opposite ways and has a boomerang instead of a yoyo. however, that is another tale). this person, my arch nemesis, which is the highest rank on the nemesis scale, is the fabled Brian Close. he is not famous or anything, he's just a kid who used to go to my school, but he graduated when i was a freshman. he's pretty much everything i could possibly hate in someone: he's a douche, he likes hardcore music, he thinks he's really awesome at everything becuase he likes d&d, larping and all that stuff (which i used to think was cool, but now i realize it is just...not all that great), and everyone thinks he's so cool. well he's not. anyway, he became my arch nemesis one year ago when i was at a concert, and he was there, and he was trying to be really cool by "moshing" (which i think is really stupid, so if you do that kind of stuff, well...just don't bother adding me), so i was in the way on accident, and he got really pissed off. it was then i realized what a douche he was, so i decided to do a bit of research on him. as it turns out, he's a complete douchebag, just like i thought, and i hate everything about him. and what i hate most about him is that his s/n on aim is "great hobo killer". i like hobos a good deal, and i have wanted to be one since i was a lad. he clearly does not like them so...i just don't like him all that much. this is the legacy of brian close....on me.

there's something else you should know about me before you decide to add me....if you decide to add me. that is that i invented the defenition for the word murdalize. no, i am not saying that i invented the word. HOWEVER, i did invent the official defenition (and i even put it in wikipedia. it was up for a year, but they took it down because it was irrelevent, which i find rather silly because they waited a whole year to do that...). the defenition means, "to give a gift basket to someone". this is so that i could tell people that i would murdalize them, and they would get the impression that i was going to hurt them in some way, but in reality i would simply give them a gift basket. of course, for about a year, i went around saying that to people, later explaining to them the true meaning of the word murdalize and it's story. that being that i tried looking up the word, but could find no defenition, so i decided to make my own defenition, and make it official. these antics, of course, got likewise, every time i brought up the word murdalize, people would scourn me for it and i would be not as satisfied as i was when i was first doing it. however, i have a special place in my heart for the word murdalize, and if you decide to use the word to mean something like "murder" or "kill", or something that's not "to give a gift basket", then i will not like you as much as i would if you didn't use it for that purpose.

i have a REALLY bad phobia of insects.

something else i...don't like all that much is fanfic. i hate fanfic. especially fanfic for modern animes like naruto, or fma (2 anmies which i hate almost as much as brian close, but not as much, as i hate nothing more than he). they're overrated pieces of trash that try way to hard to be emotional, when in reality it's only pretentious emo garbage meant for teenagers who are dealing with teenage hormones, and in turn think that they are special for being on the emotional side. EVERYONE goes through an emotional phase (i'm not knocking emo people....well, i would, but i'm not knocking on them right now), and just because you watch FMA doesn't mean anything. likewise, writing fanfic (which is unorigional as is...) about said animes makes me not like you even more because...well, i don't very much like animes (modern ones that is; i like older ones), and i really don't care much for people who write fanfic. the two make it even worse than it already would have been in the first place.

as you can tell, unless of course you're a bit on the dense side (which i like; i'm rather dense as well), it would appear as though there's a lot more people i don't like than the ones i do like. that's not entirely true, which gives more props to the dense people, as they were to ignorant to realize those matters in the first place (i like people who aren't all that smart...but aren't REALLY stupid either). just because i don't like a certain trait about you (this being, writing fanfic, liking brian close, liking cgi or modern cartoons in general, etc. ), doesn't mean i don't like you. in fact, a lot of my closest friends write fanfic, and watch bad animes, and a lot of other stuff that i really cannot stand. i would more than hapilly accept someone's friendship regardless if they use murdalize improperly, or watch modern cartoons....i would probably just complain about the subject a little bit more. but just a little bit, so it is not much to worry about.

I am combustable, soluable, and burnable
What I’m doing with my life
i tend to write qutie a bit. not on any one subject in particular, although i am rather fond of writing nonfictional things, especially instruction manuals. i also yoyo a lot. i can do a good deal of tricks, and i bring my yoyo with my pretty much everywhere i go, so if you ever wish to see me do any tricks, you can just say something along the lines of "hey, do some tricks" and i probably will. i have a job at a convenient store called cumberland farms. you may have heard of it once or twice in yur life, and perhaps you've even gone there before.
I’m really good at
i've been told i'm quite awesome with a yo yo. i write, but i'm not terribly good at it. however, i am awsome at pokemon on netbattle. it's the game pokemon, but you fight other people online. i know, i am very awsome.
The first things people usually notice about me
probably that i'm a human, and not some kind of strange alien or something of that sort.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A. the only authors i can stand to read any of their works are douglas adams, ray bradbury, and kurt vonneguet jr. B. cabin boy c. i like grunge rock, and gothic rock. also, i get a healthy dose of death metal. D. i enjoy eating curry
The six things I could never do without
i could never do without doorknobs because without them i could never open doors, and i could never go without toilets because then i will have no place to do stuff. i could probably never do without manimal, but that show was canceled a while ago, so i am saddened. cartoons is something i could never do without because i hope to be a cartoonist some day. it has been my dream since i was but a wee lad. i could probably never do without legs because i have a leg fetish. only on women though, for i am not of the gay variety. i also don't think i could do without milk because i drink it a lot.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the paranormal, yoyos and cartoons.

and legs.
On a typical Friday night I am
sitting home alone, or at work, or hanging out with my friends. all 2 of them.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 20–38
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends
You should message me if
you enjoy science fiction outside of star trek or star wars, or enjoy cartoons, but not modern cartoons because they all suck. i hate what cartoon network has become these days. however, if you like older cartoons, you should message me. also, message me if you are interested in the paranormal to an excessive amount, or just a little. or if you have a leg fetish you should also message me. you can also message me if you have nothing else to do, and just want to talk about something completely random and insignificant.