33 Sunnyvale, CA
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My self-summary
"When we begin to question all the ways we have been told we ought to be, we can begin to edit and rewrite our old tapes. By breaking the rules, we both free and empower ourselves."
-The Ethical Slut

I’ve been polyamorous for eight years and am in a happy open relationship with LivingLiberated. She is currently on hiatus from okc.

I'm politically progressive and very liberal.

The traits that attract me to a person the most are honesty, compassion, an independent mind, and an appreciation for diversity.

My personality traits according to okc are actually pretty accurate.

I encourage you do go to Questions --> I care about. I've added explanations to a lot of the questions so it'll give you a good idea of how I feel about the things that are important to you.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend most of my time during the week at work and at the gym. I work in web application security testing.

I also spend a lot of time going to or hosting parties and gatherings of all types. I keep a lot of different social circles.

Outside of that I have a lot of interests which I rotate between. Music, gaming and exploring the areas around me are the big ones.
I’m really good at
Being calm. I am very difficult to anger or annoy and do well in high pressure situations.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Electronic dance music of almost every variety. House, trance, psytrance, dubstep, electro, dnb, breaks, industrial, EBM, synthpop, pop, etc. Symphonic metal and some other metal. Just about everything else other than rap and country.

Movies: Here are some of my favorite movies (you won't see the link in the mobile app). I like just about every genre, although I lean towards sci-fi, comedy, and anything interesting/educational.

TV: I don't watch much TV, although I have a list of shows I'd like to watch. Star Trek is my favorite show. The only thing I particularly dislike is watching sports.

Books: Don't read many books nowadays, although I've spent a lot of my life with my nose in a book. Noam Chomsky, Alan Watts, Michael Crichton are favorites.

Idc if you have similar tastes, though. As long as we have things to talk about, and it's rare for me to meet someone I don't have some common ground with.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Gender, sex, relationships, and the interplay between them.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
All of my answers to the okc questions are public, and they pretty much cover the bases.
You should message me if
You're an open communicator and we share a common interest.

I like to meet in a casual environment with no expectations or pressure. Friends first. If something develops, it should do so mutually, naturally, and at a pace that is comfortable for both people.