27 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
femme//radical//ftm//genderqueer//transfag. (they/them plz). always excited to meet other queer/trans/poly/politically-like minded folks. i'm the kind of boy who'd rather meet you at a lecture than a club. punk shows are a happy medium.

honestly, i'm on some kind of a spiritual journey right now and i'm really just here for people who are ready to walk with me.

i'm pretty introverted and ridiculously shy. v. tender. infj.
What I’m doing with my life
currently taking a break from academia; trying to figure out what i want to do next.
in the meanwhile, i'm a top-knotch latte slinger, i'm starting a shitty punk band with my friends, i'm doing some creative things, and i'm learning about reiki/holistic health/crystals/other woo things.
I’m really good at
cooking you breakfast.
making coffee.
being big spoon.
cooking you dinner.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
gender. feminism. (anti)racism. (anti)capitalism. sex (positivity). critical trans politics. how much i hate mainstream assimilationist gay/trans politics. prison abolition (as lived daily practice, as utopian future). queer spirituality. femme identity. transmisogyny.

lately: how to meaningfully reject success narratives while still navigating(/surviving) neoliberal capitalism (if i had a slogan for this it would be something along the lines of "how to be as punk as my politics"), the costs of inclusion and visibility, spirituality and rejections of rational/scientific/western thought, anxiety and identity formation
You should message me if
if you want to hang out in person. if you're sassy. if you're cute.
if you're queer; especially queer punks. if you're any kind of genderfuck.
if you're also both queer&trans/gnc (trans men, trans women, trans folx of all kinds) ... i think trans folks getting together is like one of the most beautiful things in the world and i'm super into it.
if you're a power bottom. (definitely not a requirement, but it's something i tend to like)
if you're a hard femme. hard femmes make me swoon.
if you have radical politics... but like actually radical politics none of that neoliberal bullshit.
if you're feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and generally anti-oppression (a list of these things will never be exhaustive which is frustrating in itself, but i feel compelled to explicitly mention anti-ableism, anti-fatphobia) //don't tolerate racist, (trans)misogynist, and classist behaviors//are open to working together on being better about these things
if you're also vegan and want to show me your fave vegan spots or cook with me.
if you're not listed as 'straight.' sorry straight ppl, i'm sure you're great, but it ain't gonna work out.
if you think we'd make rad friends.

also, in the effort of full-disclosure:
i'm really bad about messaging people back; plz don't take it personally it usually is just a matter of how busy i am and how little emotional/physical energy i have for okcupid-ing. i try to communicate meaningfully when i can.