27 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
Disclaimers: The pictures are old, I have long hair, glasses (which actually look a lot better) and about 20 pounds on that girl in the picture. Will put up new pictures at some point. Probably.

Also, not up for anything serious. To be honest, my life is kind of a mess right now and getting it cleaned up is a much higher priority than dating. But I can still go have a drink now and again.

When trying to figure out which animals we would be, a friend and I concluded that I am a corgi. Small, excitable, and capable of bossing around creatures three times my size.

I am the queen of the wallflowers. Shy, awkward, terrified of people and at the same time incredibly loud and enthusiastic bordering on manic in social situations. I talk more and louder the more anxious I am.

I'm soft-hearted and hard-headed. If I'm kicking your ass, it's for your own good. I'll do just about anything for a friend and if you hurt someone I care about I will never forgive you.

I am polite to everyone until they give me reason not to be. Many people confuse this with being a nice person. They are often disappointed.

I respond to familiarity from strangers (pet names, touching, extremely personal questions) with wariness and annoyance. Friendly and curious is good. "Hey sweetheart, what's your favourite position?" is I'm not your sweetheart and it's none of your damn business.

I am very in tune with my sexuality and in general I find sexual expression an interesting subject. I still keep some things private.

I am an open and determined feminist. This means I am very invested in positive change in the status of women within my community and the world, and also that I think gendered expectations of both men and women are bullshit. It does not mean I think women are better than men, because "which gender is better?" is a fucking stupid question.

I swear a lot.

I would rather read the book than watch the movie.

I like a lot of nerdy shit.

Change is a constant force in my life. I need to always be trying new things, meeting new people, and learning. That being said, I don't like surprises much in my daily life. I can be kind of a control freak.

I freak out over tiny stupid bullshit (often when nothing bad is even happening), but deal with big and immediate problems with cheerful determination and sensible solutions.

I organize obsessively, but not compulsively. You wouldn't know it, looking at my bedroom floor. Still, turning chaos into order can be very soothing.

I'm a wiccan/neo-pagan/whatever, pretty much solitary which means I can do everything how I want. It may not be my most logical choice, but it is a comfort to me.
What I’m doing with my life
I sing, play guitar and write songs. I have a youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MsFeyCreature/ where I sometimes record and upload these songs. That aspect of my life is currently on the back-burner while I finish my degree (French Studies, should be done by next fall.)

Playing video games. Badly.

Playing Magic: the Gathering. Badly.

Practicing with my band, the Dial-Up Raiders. Coming soon to a venue near you!

Transcribing recordings of lawyers arguing.

LARPing. I play Elegy, which is post-apocalyptic with a bunch of soft-science fiction shit thrown in. Suuuper fun. Lots of screaming and swearing.

Starting to date again, which is weird.
I’m really good at
Singing, dancing, reading really fast, talking even faster, making animal noises, getting distracted, focusing really intently, getting to the point, being a hard-ass when needed, going from the point into outer frigging space, swearing at unfortunate moments, listening, cuddling, knowing when something's wrong, injuring myself and then having no idea how I did it, losing my glasses. Also, I am a really good travel companion, which I am honestly proud of.
The first things people usually notice about me
That my username is easy to misread.

Honestly, I have no idea. Possibly my height (er, lack of), or the fact that I'm singing, out loud, possibly while rocking out, as I walk down the street. Or it might be my shaggy Ukrainian eyebrows.

I have been told I'm intimidating. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything written by Lois McMaster Bujold or Terry Pratchett, Kage Baker, Kate Griffin, Douglas Adams, Spider Robinson and the Strangers in Paradise graphic novels/comics/whatever. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy from the library, chosen on the basis of "this looks cool."

I'm not that into movies but I like watching them with people. I'll pick favourites mostly from whatever I've been watching that was neat. In TV there is currently Food Wars, Durarara, Dr. Who, and Gotham.

I like a lot of music, but here's the short list. Sarah Slean, Janelle Monae, Amanda Palmer, Melissa Kaplan (currently doing the "Universal Hall Pass" project, in case you want to look her up, previously of a band called Splashdown), The Pink Spiders, Jonathan Coulton, the Danger Bees, Prozzac, Imogen Heap, Brody Dalle (both in The Distillers and Spinnerette), Die Mannequin, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Barenaked Ladies, La Roux, the Offspring, Deirdre Flint, Metric, Bif Naked, and pretty much any drinking song. I also love musicals, my favourite being Cabaret.

Favourite food would be either butter chicken or pad thai, depending on my mood.

There isn't a category for it, but I'm going to list my top games and game series anyway: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and 3D (yes, I actually liked PoP 3D), Knights of the Old Republic (one and two), Zelda (ocarina of time, then majora's mask, then oracle of ages/seasons, then link's awakening), and Myst (Exile being my favourite, but I love all of them except Uru which I never played). Oh, and Day of the Tentacle (not what it sounds like), both Portal games and Tomb Raider (all the ones I've played anyway, I actually like the new one.) These days I play WoW to unwind as well.
The six things I could never do without
Words, in all their many fascinating forms, music, new information and experiences, a few solid people I can count on, occasional time away from everyone else, something useful to do.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
School, what the hell I'm doing with my life, music, work, sex, gender, abstract ideas and ideals, how to make everything less stupid and broken.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't think I've had a typical friday night in five years. I'm probably playing music, or playing magic, or out drinking, or at home drinking, or watching tv, or playing games, or sleeping.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am apparently incapable of getting my phone and taking a damn selfie so I'll have a picture more recent than...what is that, last year? I think my hair is literally a foot longer now.
You should message me if
You don't find me scary or boring, you do find me attractive or interesting, you want to meet up at some point and swap stories or ideas, then see where things go from there.

You actually read, like...any of my profile. I know it's long and I won't be offended if you haven't read all of it, but I tried to put all the red flags at the beginning to save everyone some time. In case you missed it: if you have a problem with open relationships, queerness, feminism or fat chicks, or if you are looking for a serious thing, you should probably look elsewhere.

You live in or near Toronto. I know there are tons of super cool people in far-off places but I want to actually meet people, not just be pen pals.

You should absolutely message me if there's this event or activity you've been wanting to do and you'd like company.

You want to help me practice my French (not a euphemism). I'm still not fluent, but I'm getting there, and I intend to be at least as close as an anglo can get by the end of my studies.

If sparks don't exactly fly, no worries. I like meeting new people.