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My self-summary
A recalcitrant, reluctant repatriate who's really robsessed rwith ralliteration

here are some examples of what i think are good days (with a partner):

1) learning and failing horribly at a simple project, while laughing our asses off.
2) building something ambitious together, like a boat.
3) camping on the beach, on a mountain, or in the backyard.
4) day 2 of a week long road trip to marfa, texas
5) in bed all day with a massive playlist, shadow puppets, and few words exchanged.
What I’m doing with my life
i'm the foremost Dothraki science popularizer/communicator/astronomer.

but more importantly, i'm seeking the irreverent moments in a relevant life.
I’m really good at
contemplating the obvious, romanticising rebellion and shunning complicity, sisyphean efforts, editting, editing, analysis and synthesis, navigating charybdis and scylla, and listing vague descriptive phrases.

being continually two words away from social faux pas that i can't recover from.

clumsy flirting, and meta-referencing said clumsy flirting while clumsily flirting - i only do post-modern dating.
The first things people usually notice about me
that i am in fact,

E) All of the above
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
how about something i wrote in a panic instead?

7th May 2013
I woke with a start and found my hand frantically searching for my phone. It, like every other part of me was hoping against hope that the two calls received had indeed happened; that with two trembling clicks I would hear her.

You see, Reader - I had fallen in love last night.

I knew her first as a whisper - a soft background lilt introduced by her uncle. She danced between her uncle's syllables as he made arrangements for us to meet. A girl from Kerala, long absconded but unabatedly of Kerala. We were soon laying face up beside each other on carpet. The events leading up to this have since been relinquished to the fog of the first waking moments, but still I felt the cool silk of her skin as her arm slid across to cradle my face and pulled me in for a nervous kiss.

She was dark limbs and lithe neck sheathed in white. I watched as she glided through the hallways of the colonial hospital. This careful daughter of a careless man told me about growing up orphaned in Kerala; about her gratitude towards the uncle who took her in as his own. Her thick braid punctuated her sentences while her slender hands framed her words; each childhood story embellished with a swish of her chiffon skirt, each regret causing the arcs of her delicate body to yield. She spoke dearly of her ex-stepson Jhoni, and described her first sensation of loss.

I followed her into the dark emerald forest. She was now the pause between words; her bare feet filled the spaces her voice was reluctant to.

And then I woke.
The six things I could never do without
music that makes me wanna pump my fists and scream along to and music that makes me wanna sit in the dark

white t-shirts.

waking myself through laughter.

being alone with my thoughts, or even without them.


healthy hands

besides the basics, this is pretty much it. my needs are rather uncomplicated.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The mushroom aisle at Berkeley Bowl West. and the bulk foods area, and the keffir, and peppers section, and the different coloured chard and carrots and tomatoes. and my seeds and the nursery and a thousand other little things that have since withered away from my grasp.

If time exists merely as a consequence of consciousness, or if it is a fundamental constituent of our physical framework. I need to justify always being slightly late for things.


micropower and responsible living.

how utterly unnecessary most packaging is, and how carelessly i allow myself to be influenced by it anyway.

buying an empty urban lot and building a zero energy house that is mostly kitchen and workshop out of mostly recycled materials. giant garden included.

starting an italian restaurant called 'Golden Palace' or an indian one called 'Giorgio's', replete with curly-tailed G's.
On a typical Friday night I am
Laying spread-eagle on the floor listening to Ravi Shankar and figuring out how to project myself into the world like George Harrison did

i'm quite sure that Step #1 is 'lay spread-eagle on the floor'.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i like having this profile because it's like having an online shrine to narcissism that allows me to get away with a degree of self-absorption that would normally be frowned upon. it's fucking fantastic.

partial record of my life

my life is eminently graphable.
You should message me if
you're my irene adler, or you're actually danielle haim

you do not expect a particular endgame, and you're willing to just start talking and let the chips fall where they may(refer to preceding section of the profile).

i occasionally tire of being just a little too sure about my beliefs and too steadfast about my convictions. i would appreciate that you write me if you believe that you might reverberate the very ground i stand upon in many minute ways, or even rock it to its core.

you have talent, a fecund imagination, and the drive to wield your gifts in productive ways.

you think there's a good chance i might be more deserving of your attention than your current friends or past beaus. also, if you enjoy slobbering gratitude

you possess an effortless blend of intelligence and levity; and won't allow your intellect to hamper your sense of humour or to blunt your wit.

your good looks are a matter of fact, rather than a source of pride, the seed of your distrust in men, the foundation of your self-esteem, and/or a possible cause of past and/or future trauma.

your eloquence befits your attempts at plumbing the depths of your thoughts, and exploring the breadth of your emotional range.

you can picture yourself occasionally ignoring everyone else with me.

you have the knack of making what others usually find challenging, seem effortless.

you are not averse to trying, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

you agree that The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You" rightfully belongs in the pantheon of greatest songs ever written

you're an indelible instance of the ineffable.

you are contemplating a new non-karaoke-related hobby and would like some company.

you wanna just say fuck it and sit with me and stare at each other until one of us cries, laughs, or we start making out because anything is better than awkwardness

oh yes, and tits. big ones and a nice apple- bottom.