23 Torquay, UK
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My self-summary
Well, hello there congratulations on making it this far to my profile i will try and make it entertaining as possible. What can i tell you about myself? Well Where do i begin, ermm well i am currently studying conservation biology at Plymouth university and am on my placement year currently doing some researching beetles in South Africa and will be of the Ecuador do do work on frogs after all very exiting i know (well for me anyway). When i'm done with my degree i am planing to do my masters (eventually) and some traveling followed by a Phd at some point in ecology or along those lines (hopefully in Australia) where it is my plan to live some may say i'm a little ambitious but i just can't stand the thought of doing the same old 9-5 job every day for the the rest of my days (yes i know this is a very common phrase).

I like to think of myself as normal guy, though I'm sure many of my friends would beg to differ and would call me weird or strange. This mainly most of my friends are weird and strange, so that weirdness has rubbed of on me over the years. Generally i am calm and relaxed to the point many call me lazy (parents), but introduce me to drum & bass/house music to the mix then add some alcohol then there's a completely different story (i'm all over the place) . For the most part, get along with most people i meet, though at first i do come across as shy depending on the social situation and alcohol involvement. Once i get to know you a little more, we will be insulting each other ,coming with sexual innuendoes and terrible pun before you know it (some say i have a slightly immature sense of humor).

More About me..........Oh yay

For some odd reason you are still looking at my profile at this point i think we could be friends, if you continue to read any more i demand you send me a message and explain why (yes! you). I have absolutely no idea why. Well here's more. then..I like to scuba dive though i haven't been for some time i have previously scuba'd with turtles and jellyfish in Tenerife (yes it was amazing!). I also am a bit of a car/motorbike person and when i see a nice car go by or hear a turbo, my jaw may drop a little (nearly wrote something inappropriate) . On my own car have a gigantic Sub woofer in comparison to the size of my corsa though i am planning on getting a celica this summer and an even bigger sound system (because why not).
In terms of music i essentially listen to either rock/ House and drum & bass and i like to listen to it loud and proud. much to the annoyance of the locals. My favorite band is "A Day to Remember" who is amazing live and Inna/ Shakira" who i'm not sure i i like the music or their (insert inappropriate words here) more. You should also know that i have an affinity for reptiles and animals in general (except flies, wasps and jellyfish they can die!!) and planning to base my future research on them (reptiles not flies) in the future to help conservation efforts for them (somehow) using molecular ecology. You probably have no idea what just said and my parents fall asleep when i try and explain it to them (hopefuly if you've got this far you will have a bit more enthusiasms than them on the subject.. Anywayyyyy if you want to know more about my exciting life just send me a little message.
What I’m doing with my life
At Plymouth university studying conservation biology And then..... who knows possibly travel
I’m really good at
Being invisible and completely disregarding health and safty
The first things people usually notice about me
My abnormally good looking knees.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The only books I ever read are study books, but i also occasionally enjoy a book with a sense of humor. I like most sci-fi films most of all are the marvel films, i essentially want to be tony Stalk. Music my favorite band is a day to remember, but most of the stuff i listen to is electronic music such as house and drum and bass and maybe a cheeky little bit of euro-dance. Whilst travelling to South Africa my favorite foot has changed to crocodile or anything involving a braai (like a bbq but much better and if you call it a bbq prepare to get some funny looks from the locals).
The six things I could never do without
G & T
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to achieve my goals in life or my next G & T
On a typical Friday night I am
Planning world domination whilst sipping a G & T
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may or may not happen to be a ninja
You should message me if
You want to learn the ways of the ninja or want to grab a G & T/ Tea whilst planning world domination