46 Atlanta, GA
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My self-summary
I'm dubious about the OK Cupid methods having heard the news report about the need to manipulate things. That said val halla here I am. I figure I throw it out to the universe and let's see how things go

I was told that I was unpleasant because I "didnt respond to being "liked."" I will say that it wasnt to be nasty, its because I cant open that unless I pay some ransom money, and, well, I dont negotiate with terrorists or dating sites so..... On that note, I dont bother pressing that for others either as I am guessing you dont negotiate either. Also, I have found that my initiating conversations doesnt bode well... Seems guys need to feel as though they are the hunter not the hunted, at least thats what my guy friends tell me. So, I wont be sending you a hello first. Yes, antiquated , but hey you guys play this game too.....

So the summary. Well. I've 2 kids and a cat. While almost shangri la we've not quite hit utopia. One can be optimistic can't one?

I am a divorcee but get along well enough with the ex (no restraining orders or jerry springer episodes. At least not yet anyway) I'm gainfully employed and yes I have a car, my own health insurance, and my very own xbox. . I'm from the area but not overly "southern" in my approach to life. I do prefer a laid back approach to things. I tend to be a smidge sarcastic (ok exceedingly) if it helps , my friends say I'm like Lillith from Fraiser ...

I guess I am not your average 40 something chica in that I hate shopping. The only good bar is a dive bar as far as I am concerned. Old punks dont die , they just get older and have less of a filter than they used to....

So why am I here right. Isn't that what this is asking? I guess the same as most people. I've gotten kind of used to my life but know it would be much better if I had someone who "gets" it right? I've an odd sense of humor and it takes me a bit to open up. Yes I'm an introvert but I'm not actually shy. I just prefer to watch a bit before I engage. I love me some dragon con or Momocon Yes geek ville. But also love tennis and will actually watch a whole football game without issue. So ,like everyone, just looking for the person whose happy to that degree.
What I’m doing with my life
A great number of things. Some productive some not so much. Work is fine but is that what defines me? Let's see

I laugh at bad jokes. Was considering writing a book. (The topic of which changes often).

I play tennis some (more accurately I pretend to play tennis ) . I work in the land of cubes, so I prefer to be outside when I can (unless its really cold, I hate really cold. I am originally from Florida, I have thin blood). Im game to go to any outdoor dealio. Festivals, cook offs, art stuff, music, burns, whatever. Its a good way to see things Ive not yet experienced.

Thinking about life the universe etc...
I’m really good at
Solving problems. Don't panic is the motto. Well unless said problem has more than four legs and runs quickly. Then panic. Ummm ....

Typing with one hand it seems because the cat fell asleep on the other one. Apparently I'm good at being a pillow too

Going with the flow is another strong point. I can plan with the best but when the plans don't pan then one must play the hand one is dealt no?
The first things people usually notice about me
beats me, its not a question Ive ever considered. I figure thats as individual as the people who do the noticing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- I love to read. I like a good mystery or historical novel.
Movies- Old black and white movies. Documentaries about pretty much anything. Really campy horror movies are always a pleasure
Music- very eclectic. Just please no country. Well old country yes. Johnny Cash or hank jr ok. But the new stuff. Yuck
Food- spicy!! I enjoy hitting Buford highway and seeing what's there
The six things I could never do without
My glasses. Blind as a bat
A sense of humor.
My friends. I've a good mix. They're good people
coffee. One cup in the morning please and thank you
Music of some sort.
And , of course, my minions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life. The universe... And everything. I think a lot. It's what I do.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday has two lives

One is the mom Friday home with the minions. The other means going out to see a show or hanging with friends or walking the park. Sometimes movie and pizza.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
HA! seriously? I am a private person. I dont like to broadcast my stuff to the world. That being said, after we've established a rapport, ask if you want to know...
You should message me if
Message away, its the only way to see if we can be friends or more. The exceptions, please, if you are married or you are younger than 35. Ive no interest in that so please dont