54 East Lansing, MI
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My self-summary
Hoping to meet a fun, intelligent, kind, interesting alpha male.
! can share culinary magic & healthy lifestyle, laughter, joie de vivre.
Interested in creating a great lifestyle using creativity & planning, in keeping with my desire to leave a gentle footprint on the earth. Resources thoughtfully used go far, resources squandered are quickly gone and forgotten.The kind of man I can respect has old school values and is also really cool & hip & will want to meet in person after writing a bit to decide if we have a spark of attraction.
I have 2 college age children and am very open to having more children- however they enter my life- exchange students, adoption, a significant other with children, foster children,cloning, etc. . I love children.I hope to someday have many grand and great grandchildren so I can read to them, bake cookies with them, take them on educational fun adventures, teach them to garden,play chess and bananagrams, train dogs & ride horses, and generally have fun with them, then send them back to their parents :)
Are you a man who is as at home in the wilderness as you are in a tuxedo? Respectful of all people? Kind, fun -loving & responsible? Can you picture us reading & discussing something of mutual interest? & a knight in shining armor- at least for a few hours during the renaissance festival? I'm a lady- but not a lady in distress- although I could indulge a fantasy or two or three :)
After we get to know each other, I'd be preparing a delicious and healthy feast while you do mysterious guy stuff ( like watching sports on TV)? How about going to the gym together, followed by some dancing to live music at a local venue or outdoor concert? & what do you think of -after we get to know each other very well-attending a couples massage class together? Sitting in a deer blind together for hours-? Would you like to try hunting from horseback- (I would) ? How about exploring a museum, then trying some spicy new cuisine? A man who plans for the future instead of just living for the moment, and takes care of his family and people he cares about is super attractive to me. Imagine us volunteering some time together to make a music or film festival happen.
What I’m doing with my life
Dreaming a lot, getting out to be social and meet new people, hoping to meet a fun, intelligent, kind, purposeful and interesting alpha male.
I'm somewhat traditional in my values surrounding dating & romance, don't ask out men I have never met, only ask out a man if I am already in a relationship with him, so I am hoping to meet a man who will actually want to meet in person. If you don't want to meet in person after messaging for a bit and determining that we share some values and interests , then please look elsewhere! Thanks!

Do you like a woman who likes dancing, yoga, hiking, running, swimming, and especially [horseback riding] ?
I can not only cook dinner, I can catch it! I am officially a "deer management cooperator" - which translates to successful deer hunter!
Meanwhile, I amexperimenting with various spice combinations and/or essential oils.
Outdoors frolicking with my pack of dogs and my two riding [horses]

keeping up with USA & global politics in a minimal way... like remembering to vote. early and often and keeping up with news.
Volunteering in my community
I enjoy cooking and preparing meals . I enjoy gardening & yard work and foraging for wild foods. I'm attracted to very organized, neat, clean men, as 2 expansive domestics are a bit over the top! I like my man to be happy so a neat freak man motivates me in a good way.
I’m really good at

riding horses

tree climbing

sailing....well pretty good.better than average- have done some sailboat racing
staying awake
laughing..especially at my jokes.
training dogs.
wearing high heels.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair*, my energy, my aura,

that I have been eating peppermint.

*red hair, long red hair... long hair with it's own agenda..

needs some taming.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shakespeare. O. Henry. Amy Tan, Toni Morrison, J.K. Rowling, currently reading Jane Austen, many types of non-fiction. New Yorker mag. The Sunday comics, brain candy.
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Night of the Hunter, Napoleon Dynamite,("I caught you a delicious bass")
The Seventh Seal,

Miles Davis, Scott Joplin, Bach, Mozart, Thunder Wallace, Death Cab for Cutie, My piano improvisation.,Sonic Youth
Jazz, classical, the late Johnny Cash,
howling at the moon

howling in general, and randomly...does this count as music?
Cirque de Soleil soundtracks
Greens and my own spicy cooking, fresh fruit- watermelon, dark chocolate. Indian restaurants, Mexican food, Greek food, Chinese food, green salads, eggs, venison, wild caught salmon.
red raspberries, asparagus, limes, grapefruit, ginger, .
curry,red meat,pineapple juice,green tea, hibiscus tea, parsley
The six things I could never do without
My family- at least the sane and nice kind members of my family. That's most of them so far. Dogs, horses, vitamin stash, meat eating, chess, laughter.
greens, turmeric,ginger
moonlight & sunlight & starlight and campfirelight
I spend a lot of time thinking about
and,.... the weather, .... what I'm going to eat next,.... the driver ahead of me, ...
if I've worked hard enough on my triceps today, ....
Is the USA democratic process working?
..... can I memorize the names of all the countries in Africa?
shall I relocate to Ecuador?
did I turn off the stove?
should I attempt, one more time, to learn to iron? Or stay with my wash'n'wear wardrobe?
should I go home to see if I turned off the stove?
Is there a higher power, and if so, have we met?

How humble I am...and my raging narcissism...

Improving my Chess game
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical Friday night? what is that?..
I may be:
reading, getting home, sleeping.
watching movies?

happiest if I am out horseback riding or have been horseback riding earlier in the day

Maybe out dancing

or camping somewhere, in a tent or under the stars
Thinking about obscure words to employ at my next Tuesday night scrabble game
At a Comedy Club
checking into a hotel/motel

riding a bicycle- far inferior to a horse

at a Mensa TGIF

At a concert
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am only WYSIWYG if you spend enough time with me...
because if you see me in girly-girly mode- (heels, dress, clean,perfumed, glamourous), you may think that is who I am... if you see me in farm girl mode (work boots, hoof trimmer chaps, work gloves, sweaty...err... glisteny) you may think that is who I am.... If you see me in geek mode (sexy librarian reading glasses, at a board game table, armed with scrabble dictionary) you may think that is who I am.... If you encounter me during firearm deer season in Diana the huntress mode (camo mascara, blaze orange & camo hunting clothes, scent killer perfume, gun belt, hunting knife, with deer gun or compound bow) you may think that is who I am..
I am actually all these, and more, that is who I am.
Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes...
as they are of course hilarious :)
that's about it.
You should message me if
You are a renaissance man, likeliterature, museums, and are a Knight - no armor required- well, at least the kind of Knight that rides horses. And you love dogs and children and old people and love life
And have lots of energy and
will make me laugh.
And appreciate that I am an omnivore.

And you have lots of muscles and a fine brain.
and are polite.
[And you can run a mile right now without risking a heart attack:) ... or to be even more specific, you are in way above average physical shape, and plan to stay that way :) ..]* *& maybe I'll add & like it ! to that :)

you love or at least willing to learn to like horseback riding
especially wild wilderness horseback riding adventures
I can look up to you, preferably even with heels on- me wearing the heels, not you.
& you are not looking for casual sex, and if you want to be more than penpals, are the kind of man who would like to eventually be happily married.
I was married once, it was not a happy marriage. I am happily divorced now. I would like to get married again and want a happy, lasting marriage.