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33 Maryland Heights, MO Man


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I was born in St.Paul MN, and have called Madison WI, home. I have been a contractor for more than 7 years, have managed a pc store for 5 years, and another 2 years doing on-site services. I spent most of last summer flying to many huge tourist spots, installing wifi. I am also an Electrical Engineer in training.
Currently, I am a production engineer for a corporation in St. Louis, MO that produces races timing technology you have probably already used, but don't know it. I did not invent the tech, but do help contribute to things to come. I also make a large number of the parts that go into some of the hardware now, start to finish.

If you are looking for talk dark and silent, turn back now. I am anything but. If you do decide to read on, you have my gratitude.

some OKC test generated data: 2418 Q&A, 128/142 IQ, 120 Tests, INTJ/INTP, SAINT, GRINCH, MASTERMIND, GEEK, WHITE WIZARD, SURVIVOR, SUPERMAN, DOCTOR DOOM, etc. Ironic, this stupid server still says I have a 100% match out there, but that's funny because the best match planet wide is 98% and they rarely show up in searches above 95% and that's with all filters turned off! I would really like a quick link that takes me strait to the so called 100% matches.

I am a geek, but not a nerd. I am a square, and a strait edge. I don't drink or smoke, and I cannot stand the stink of weed, to me it's like burnt tires and crushed stink bugs. What you do on your time is your game, don't include me in that mess.
They say that the hormone Oxytocin, a little known substance released when you have physical contact, like a simple hug, behaves very similar to canibus, except this ones no impersonation, it's for real. The only drug I need, a simple hug now and then nothing more. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all live on a hug?

I am looking for good conversation, kindred spirits, people who want to chat or hang out, people who share interests in technology, science, politics, games, ect. It would also be awesome to meet a few people to get together for hiking, bowling, mini golf, tennis, video games, etc versus simply sitting around talking.
I tend to talk a lot and if I am not paying attention to this, it can get out of hand. Those who are not experienced in -pushing in (bantering) or have little to no patience for talkers need not apply, been down this road. Best served are those who can keep up verbally, and we can share rapid fire. Maybe it's a learned skill, but it gets out far more information than waiting turns. Have something to say, just say it! I am Full Duplex, and waiting for the other side to stop sending is forever, so I don't wait, and neither should you. Be honest and speak your mind!
I speak the truth, about what I think, how I feel, and what I saw, even when egos and emotions are on the line. Many people look at this like some kind of gift, a thing that is an ideal. But when faced with living like that, they eventually freak out. I think most people actually hate honestly and truth even though they all ask for it, and it's quite pathetic really.
I am a pessimist. But I manage my stress better than most. My heart rate is text book, and my blood pressure too. Have made more than a few women jealous of my hair (no joke), and a health nut grumbled about my good blood pressure, good health, low heart rate, despite my otherwise minimal attention to diet and exercise. But it's hardly magic. I just don't let things eat me alive like some people do, and I also do not lead my life oblivious to reality.
My work ethic is solid too. I am not the first in but am usual the last out. I will put in several hours more if there is work to be done. Yes it's heavy (no I don't want to move it for you) but tell me when you are ready and let's get It done together.
I win games with my mind, not my fists. Some pretty big tough guys (who were most certainly able to hurt me) dropped to their knees, without a single fist thrown. Ok, well to be fair I was nearly breaking a single finger on their hand... But seriously I would rather picked up a game controller than break fingers.

I suppose if you have read this far and still do not have a clue. It would be for the best you turn back now. I am not for simple minds. Mine is a duality of good and evil sealed tightly in a balance that scares the best of us. My employer has described me of both attributed myself to that of a god and a worm in the same breath. Who I am is not for us all. Likewise, I already know that I will not be the one to save any of us, nor will I be the one to cause any.
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
If you play minecraft, plug into your multiplayer and say hello. Rules are simple. The server is vanilla. Language is Pg13. Server is broken into several worlds to fit your interests. Have fun. I am a guest too, not the owner. Keep in mind I am casual, so not always on.

New job, new city, new apt. But working closely with people that will help me express all those locked away ideas. In time, I hope to bring many of these products to market, and some to outer space. Needless to say, soon to include new patents in this verbiage.

Every day learning new things. Asking questions. Helping others with their questions. Learning new ways to do things. Finding or creating new tools so that I may do a higher quality job. My employers loath me for going out and buying higher quality tools than they are usually willing to invest in.

I study so that I can do more than I can do now. So that I can be a better inventor, and a better technician, a better Engineer! So that I can help others like myself create what they see in their minds eye too. I embrace that feeling within to make stuff work and make new stuff. I embrace others desire to make the stuff they see in their minds work too!

Working on designs for new tools, that technicians use. Redesigning stuff the original creators were two absent minded to get right the first time. Looking for ways to create real upgrades to my engine and other devices, that aren't just simple patches to fix stupid mistakes. Designing my own personal air craft and a few unique parts. Looking at ways to redesign traditional transmissions to make more efficient use of the engine you already have. Working on designs for vehicle launch systems for space travel, and more efficient engines for our aircraft. I also take great interest in Mechanical and Biological engineering.
-I look forward to the day when we are able to code our own virus to repair damaged DNA, cure diseases and eventually help us all to evolve to the next level. No this isn't fiction, they have already cured Leukemia.

I make no secret of having a strong desire to fly. I would like very much to very soon construct an air craft of my own design. -I find it annoying that most, are so heads screwed on backwards that the idea of a man building an aircraft instantly makes him seem insane. We are so brain washed into thinking it's so difficult that no one dreams it themselves, every one simply looks down on others who pursue it. The reality is, nearly everything a man needs to fly is already on his computer or smart phone, and the hardware is easily acquired at Menard's, Home Depot, or eBay... silly superstitious humans! The only other thing preventing us from taking to the air is the FAA who are more like the Men in Black, if you dare to try to fly.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
• Soldering:
Apparently this skill is real. Real enough I have a 35k a year job that depends on it completely. Used to repair flash drives in my part time to make enough to not be broke. Times change.

• Invention:
Some people use a hair pin to pick a lock. I use hoop earnings to test electronics. I design tools to fit difficult jobs, and find the flaws in time tested designs that have been overlooked by their engineers. This one is hard to explain in simple terms unless you share the interest in engineering or invention too.

• Not getting sick:
I think it's been maybe 5 years since the last time I was really sick. It feels strange to think that it has been so many years since I had the flu, or a real cold. Not that I can afford to be sick... And no I am not bullshitting. Really the only thing I do different than any one else is take time to make sure my hands are washed properly, and not just rinsed and casually wiped like so many disgusting slobs practice.
-09/15/13 my first head cold in a very long time. I have not missed the pains, sore joints, and sore everything, never mind the intense allergy feeling of having just stuck my face into cat...

• My hands:
Assembling, Fixing, Disassembling, Creating, cooking, sewing, ironing, washing, etc. Clean hands keep me healthy. Strong hands make me money. Fast hands make my employer happy. Sadly strange pains are creeping in, maybe its age...

• Talking:
I will never complain you talk to much. To me there is not much more important than good communication. It solves problems, prevents problems, shares knowledge, and in general insures the survival of friendships and couples. People who talk are successful. People who don't talk, sit alone in empty key less towers of their own design.

• Survival:
People think they know what it means to survive, but do they really? Could people survive as well as they think. Could they use the same stuff for more than a year? I do, I can save better than any one you know because I am so good at survival. When the end comes, I don't think I'll outlive every one, I know it. -However, if you think I own nothing but garbage, it shows just how little you know. As before making assumptions.

• Cooking:
When you have a nonstandard situation how do you cook? Depend on a Microwave? -Don't make me sick. I can bake goods, fry, roast, and every good thing, without a stove, without an oven and yes, without a Microwave. When you have to survive with minimal cash, you learn new ways to do old things, or you die, it's that simple. Those who have been where I have, and lived to tell are fit to be the kings of the world. In terms of what I have learned to do without a microwave, stove, oven, or campfire!! I shall lead armies!! lol
-But don't get me wrong, I don't think I am nearly creative enough to be a cook on Iron Chef.

• Hidden Talent:
Causing visitors to convulse before they have even clicked on my profile. If you made it this far and have not yet started convulsing then you are lucky and we should talk.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Things People say to me

"very warm, too warm" - GF
"look very familiar, look very medieval" - stranger
"Very strait forward and brutally honest" - friends
"stronger than you look" - friends, neighbors, and customers
"Thanks very much for being so nice" - telemarketers
"You seem very logical and analytical" - business
"I could not be so patient, if I were you" - business
"Very helpful" - business
"you come well recommended" - business
"very informative" - business
"Patience like a Saint" - business
"I've just met the most patient man in the world" - customers
"Very Good with your hands" - neighbors
"very expressive with your face" - friends and strangers
"you are very logical" - OKC
"A wealth of knowledge" - customers
"promotes being Honest and Aboveboard" - OKC
"bombs with flair" - OKC
"a different kind of weird, just weird" - OKC
"smell good" - Friend
"have attractive voice" -GF
"decent kisser" - GF
"cares, too much" -Friend
"very Interesting comments (this) section" -OKC

I am complimented on my patience, my kindness, desire to help, very real work ethic, wanting to work, and that I care when no one needs to.

People ask, how are you single? Women twice my age ask why I have no one on my arm. I think I simply do not extrude that Greek god charm and charisma. Though I feel I am too old to really care what people think any more, and truth be told I really just want good friends to talk to and do things with, far more than I want a physical partner.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
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Click: my playlists
Click: sampling of things I like to listen too
NOVA, ANDROMEDA, STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION, VOYAGER, STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, Star Gate, DR WHO, Quantum Leap, FIREFLY, Far Scape, CHARMED, FRINGE, GRIMM, SANCTUARY, HAVEN, ONCE, Warehouse 13, EUREKA, to many to list. What don't I watch? Prime Time drama, and reality TV.
Log Horizon, SWORD ART ONLINE, Dot HACK, GUNDAM WING, DBZ, VOLTRON, TENCHI Universe, Ixion Saga DT, Sword Art Online, Nausicaa, Broken Blade, Guilty Crown, Candidate for Goddess, (really almost any except the dating based Animes), far far to many to list., it would be simpler if this list simply connected to my play history.
Super Mario Bro.3, Mario64, StarFox, Donkey Kong, FFVII, FFXI, FFXIV(v1), Classic Tetris, PS3 Soduku, Arkanoid spinoffs, All-Stars, Ghost Recon, AceCombat, DC Universe ONLINE, Playstation@Home, Zen Pinball, Sim City, Minecraft, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Online, etc etc. Destiny, Race the Sun
Nine Princes in Amberlink to Book, Great Book of Amberlink to Book, Changlinglink to Book, Madwandlink to Book,

honestly I don't read nearly as many books as I should, as it seems every one else has time for so many books. I do not much more than read all day, just not in books or fiction. I read all day as it is, nothing but reading. Face first in the computer all day. People who think that you have to spend your day reading only from a book in order to for it to count are simply snobs. I am sorry I do not have time for audio books and spend most of my free time reading something even if it is not a story book.


- active on PS4 (just purchased + 32in 1080p 120Hz LED TV)
- inactive on PS3@Home (sony shutdown service)
- inactive on PS3 DC universe ONLINE
- inactive in PS3 Sudoku, PS3 Pinball, Arkanoid, and Ace Combat
- active on PC Ghost Recon Online
- active on PC Minecraft
- inactive on PC Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Star Wars: The Old Republic
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
water, air, sun, pencils, screw driver, magnet

thunderstorms, snow, ice, warm sunny days, flowering trees in the spring, birds

computer: 8GB, 2.5Ghz Quad Core i5, CanvasX 15, Multisim Blue, Open Office
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
They we have discovered proof of aliens. That they came raining down from a passing comet. Micro Organisms from another place, not Earth. So what now? How long will it take us to come to terms with what we have learned? So far it seem most of the world is still in denial. So far have determined to ignore the finding and proceed as if they had never been observed. Even though we know nothing on earth could have put them in orbit. We still keep digging on Mars.

Constantly thinking about inventions and electronics. Things to build, things to modify. How to do this how to do that.

Trying to figure out how to get off the ground. No joke, how to get a small air craft or to build one. There are thousands of small personal air craft, most private made and a few hundred commercially produced, the USA is a really big country with very few small aircraft. I'd like to change that with one of my own.

Working over plans and ideas for software should I ever manage to get some one willing to write it for me. I have many programs I would like written and even a few hardware controllers. Maybe even someday an air craft systems controller and interface.
-May have finally landed a job where the people I need to do these things are at my command, and I am very excited.

I think about how in school, people put labels on introverts, they even feared them. Now people have begun to admit that Introverts, are actually something greater. But the masses always fear things that are different and what they don't understand or cannot control. I cannot count the things I was told I was insane for doing or thinking and a few years later, its normal and every one seems to have forgotten they called me insane... sigh. For what it's all worth I might as well have been born a witch in the Dark Ages, though it be true I have never been stoned or burned at the cross.

Why in general when people that say they are "open minded," they are most often are NOT. And why when they say they are looking for open minded friends, it's usually code for having an STD, their position on smoking weed, or they are transgender. Really, just come out and say what you mean. When I talk about being open minded I mean, can you handle different things without being scared or offended. However when I ask the question, every one says YES, they runs away crying they lied.

Those of you with children, you really need to be putting them first. No one says you cannot look for love. But if your love interests cost you time with your children, or worse, harm them, your kids will never forgive you. Your children, love them or not are here for life. If you can't see a way to put your kids no. 1 in your life then, you are probably unfit to have any at all. No this is not negotiable or forgivable. You have kids, be there for them, it's your job and yours alone.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Working to pay the bills. New job means better pay. But no work means no pay, so I toil on. Want to meet up, at least give me enough notice that I can set the night aside, so I can be there for you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Enjoy the stories. It's weird stuff even to me.
When I dream it's very often of magic or flying with the rare future events things. Those dreams are often long and vivid. I wish, I could fly like I can in my dreams. I really do. Just me exploring, everything my legs were not enough for! The dreams happened many times over the years each one like training in a classroom, until at least I had complete control.

For no apparent reason my dream training has taken on a new direction. I am developing telekinesis. It even hurts a little trying to force the thing to rise. Can't remember if it was a chess piece or a salt shaker but making something levitate is far harder than you might think! It felt like some one pushing it back down as hard as I was trying to lift it up.
Haven't had any future visions in a while. Least that I know of. Trouble with them, is I don't really remember them until they happen... So much for seeing the future. Really.

I have talked with my mother and she too says she has had similar dreams starting when she was about 18 or so. But from what I gather mine have gone farther. Others have also admitted to having premonition type dreams. Most refer to it as a dejavu thing but I am not sure that description really fits the events.

Had a dream about strange circles in the sky and when I stopped to look and watch, a tornado came down, but it wasn't a tornado, because the swirl of clouds broke open a massive asteroid was falling from the sky. I tried to get a picture of it and I yelled at my mother to drive the car away as fast as possible and then park behind some stone buildings. I woke to the phone ringing.

Separately I have dreampt that I had died no less than 5 times, and every time I died, I was alone. No one by my side, no one cared, to the world -I was already dead. I felt a deep sorrow, and I began to cry. I woke up this way, tears on my face.

I have also dreampt of my mother having died to and in those cases also woke up crying.

I dreampt that I had driven from St.Paul to Madison a couple time and wondered how I had forgotten this, even though I was sure it had never happened. Of course, it was a dream. But a memory of a stop at a gas station I was nearly stranded at... I know it happened but I no longer remember where I was coming from. Interesting that dreams are now bringing up real memories.
- Of course reading this now I have no idea what I was talking about when I wrote this. I have absolutely no memory of this posting.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
# If you have gotten to this point, say something damn you! If you have a question, a comment, a compliment, or criticism. Do not forever hold your peace. -Just say it!

# You just rated me. Ya I'd like to hear from you. You think I'm hot stuff? Say hello! Ya, ok they took out the rating thing, but they game us likes?? Have fun out there...

#if You have questions or comments.

#if you are Code Monkeys, Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics, Gamers, White Hat.

#In terms of the types of people I would like to meet as listed above, EVERYONE is encouraged to apply, man and woman.

#if You like getting your hands dirty, playing video games, board games, want to talk tech, or have computer questions, even politics. Really it's all on the table.

#if You have more than 200 questions answered, a complete an honest profile, and 5 quizzes complete. You don't have to be a solid match, just have taken the time to be serious about being honest. Understand, the match thing gets very poor comparison data if less than 200 questions have been answered. You can also add comments to each one to clarify your stand. I will look to see what you wrote. It will tell me a lot about your personality.

#Do not contact me, If you are a man, AND you have a profile listed as woman, AND you are seeking a relationship with a man. I am not attracted to men, not even if they have had their bodies surgically altered. This is not debatable.