38 Flagstaff, AZ
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My self-summary
I'm a fella in Flagstaff that's into the outdoors, cycling, running, computers, music, and tons of other stuff. I'm an optimist at heart, and you'll usually find me in great spirits. I'm always game for doing something new, adventuring to new places, or just meeting new people. (new new new)
What I’m doing with my life
You can find me on a bike in the mountains or playing rock n roll somewhere around town these days... though this winter I've become a bit addicted to skiing.

I decided to stick around town after graduating from college in Flagstaff... so currently I'm a programmer in the IT department at NAU.

I've played in a number of bands over the years... everything ranging from alt country & pop music to stoner rock & prog rock. I've had the chance to do everything from put out a few albums to touring around the country. Currently I'm taking a break from music to focus on biking.

I've also run a DIY all ages music and arts venue for a while. It was fun as hell, but also a super stressball that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for some awesome friends.

I've done my share of taping and editing video, doing graphic design for flyers and albums... sort of a hobby of mine.

I've also recently organized some fun bike events, such as goldsprint and alleycat races and event recently a tweed ride.

Currently training for a bike tour all the way up the west coast in August. Enjoy walking my dog, seeing bands downtown, and meeting new people whenever I can.

- I'm a fairly modest and mellow person.
- I'm currently addicted to selvedge denim.
- I get a haircut on the reg'
- I notice when people are courteous.
- I've become a bit too dependent on my google-phone...
- I commute by bike everywhere even though I do own a car ( diesel TDI)
- I have an awesome Dog she's a 11yo aussie shepard.
- I prefer a nice whiskey over beer or wine...
I’m really good at
Let's get the nerdy stuf outta the way... by my trade I'm well versed in a number of computer things... java, c++, perl, html, and even some things I don't want to admit such as .Net If you wanted we could argue over which UNIX shell is the best, or how long it'll take html5 to bump flash out of the market...

Ok, now on to the good stuff... I'm great at fiddling around with bikes... it has become somewhat of an obsession! I've also been known to play a lil guitar and bass here and there. I really enjoy figuring out how things work.
The first things people usually notice about me
my bikes... they're usually cuter than I am! ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm usually the one playing in the rock and roll band, but I have a huge love of all kinds of music... everything from classic rock to dubstep. Oh, if you can believe it, the new local radio station 98.9FM is amazing too.

Just got stoked on Louis CK's new show... also been known to watch repeats of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm into an array of quality stuff like Firefly, Brazil, Rasing Arizona, etc...

Let's just say I'm crazy about a good plate of real mexican food, but have the same cravings for good Pho, a REAL Jersey pizza, or a gluten free (or regular) bagel and tofutti
You should message me if
you'd like to initiate the conversation...