42 Mission, KS
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My self-summary
I like working out, watching scary movies, and running with my dog. I'm unique because I've sang in an opera, I was born in Brazil, and I can speak Japanese poorly. I'm good with my hands (keep it PG) and like fixing and constructing things. My kitchen has a new remodel, my bathrooms are next, I have an old hot rod named Stella that I mess around with, and I'm building a pergola for a friend. I have a habit of volunteering to fix things for others, but it will take a few dates before I start bringing my toolbox with me when I see you.
I’m really good at
Teaching myself how to fix things. I like learning what makes something tick and finding out what's wrong. I'm even good at cleaning up afterwards. I'm not great at keeping my patience during the fixing process though. I'm pretty sure my dog has come to expect to hear bad language once a project starts taking too long.
The first things people usually notice about me
How handsome I am. Well, at least that's what my grandma says is the first thing. But seriously, thighs if I'm wearing shorts. I bike and run a lot. And I speak with a slight southern twang. I didn't grow up in the south though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I used to read nonfiction war books. I found it hard to picture myself as a 19-year old flying a bomber over Germany. I now like fiction set in the middle ages. People must have had really funky breath and BO back then. I like modern-day spy novels too. The world is full of intrigue, but maybe not as much mystery as books and movies lead us to believe.

My current music likes include rap and rock. The last few months it was girl bands/singers. Before that it was hair metal bands. I lke my Pandora stations. I sing along to all the band commercials. I'd see them in concert if they toured. I bet they'd have a pretty short set. I'll always like Prince. Purple Rain wasn't a great movie, but it's easily one of my top 5 songs. I was StuCo president in junior high and tried to have Purple Rain be the theme for one of our school dances. I'm still sad that I was overruled.

I'm not a foodie. My favorite food is usually whatever I'm going to eat next. I was blessed with a high metabolism and don't stay full for very long.
The six things I could never do without
Being physically able.
DDP and ice, both together and each one separately. I'm counting that as one thing though.
A purpose or new project to work on.
A laugh at my jokes.
My sight.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I'm comfortable.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I would get rid of my toenails if I could. Girls can paint them and make them look cute. Mine serve no purpose and I'm annoyed everytime they need to be cut. And I don't like hair. Not specifically on toes, just on the body in general.