32 Pantai Valley, Malaysia
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My self-summary
Well travelled, open-minded, nature loving, family oriented everyman who's looking for his forever home.

I'm really into the outdoors, playing most sports (not really watching much though), music, and new experiences. I like to find an adventure in anything that I do.

I'm a high functioning introvert, meaning I like deep conversations with cool people. I function well in big groups, and can be a good extrovert when I need to, but I prefer small tight knit groups of people and am grounded by that.

I'm a pretty big fan of humor and funny people. I like to laugh with others and make people laugh. I enjoy irony and sarcasm in the everyday situations life throws at us.

I'm a spiritual but not religious type of person. I respect other people's opinion and religion and I enjoy talking about the differences, respectfully.

Also I grow a big red beard from time to time. (update - since I live 2 degrees north of the equator, in a living, breathing sauna, that beard is slightly more well kempt and trimmed)
What I’m doing with my life
Full disclosure here.... I live in Malaysia right now. I've been there for 6 months and while I'm enjoying being there, there's nothing like living on the other side of the world to make you appreciate where you come from. I'm currently re-evaluating my situation while I'm home for the holidays, and am leaning towards coming back to GR early. I'm definitely in a place where I'm more than ready to settle down and the globe-trotting lifestyle is a little much right now. I love the opportunities I have to take a weekend flight to Thailand or Vietnam, but I want someone to make those once in a lifetime memories with. I'm looking to get myself out there while I'm back in GR and meet someone to potentially come home to.

I'm always trying to grow as a person and search for happiness like everyone else. I'd like to not have to work someday soon so I'm using my job to secure financial independence for myself. This means that while I am super nerdy about personal finance and my spreadsheets, I realize that that goal is secondary to other life-goals I have.

What I do: adventure, music, hike, workout, putz, kayak, cycle, cook, slackline, swim, rugby, frisbee, crossfit, fish, hunt, read, adventure race, meditate, simplify, build etc.
I’m really good at
Bringing great people together to do fun stuff, like play archery tag, or dodgeball, or go hiking. I'm also great at building budgeting spreadsheets that will knock your socks off, if you're into that kind of thing.
The first things people usually notice about me
The dimple on my left cheek my sister gave me when I was 2 by 'accidentally' hitting me with a golf club, it only appears when I'm smiling.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Moving around the world makes one quite reflective about their life. I've recently read a few 'lifestyle' books by Brene Brown and the like. I'm always into learning how I can level up at the game of building a happy life. Otherwise it varies between stoic philosophy books and fiction books. I dig Michael Chrichton, Kurt Vonnegut, any dystopic sci-fi thriller, Thoreau, John Muir, Douglas Adams, George R. R. Martin, David Sedaris, and a lot of others I don't want to admit.

Movies: I'll pretty much watch ANY movie you can throw at me. This includes documentaries and 'chick flicks'. If I had to give you a top three genres I'd say action movies, indie dramas, and comedies.

Music: Yes please. I will listen to any music but I'm not a huge fan of pop music or contemporary country music. I pretty much try to have the soundtrack of my life playing at all times, I listen to a lot of music.

Food:I love Malaysian food! but I also like cooking, I make a mean squash soup!

Radio: I listen to NPR podcasts. A lot. It keeps me sane and connected to the western world.
The six things I could never do without
I read blogs about minimalism, so while I want to say 'NOTHING' here. There's no way in hell I could do without my family, my dog, my awesome friends, a bicycle, music, and a sense of adventure.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How the Hell I'm going to survive this assignment, how to get better at opening up to people, and how I can find contentment in life. Also, where is the absolute BEST place for me to visit while I live in Asia??!
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm kind of a homebody sometimes, I'm usually out with friends doing something, or hanging out with my pooch getting ready for a cool outdoor activity on the weekends.
You should message me if
If you're going to say more than 'Hi'.