38 Minneapolis, MN
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My self-summary
I love being in my body, I practice and study yoga, meditation, and just started learning Pilaties. I love the feeling of discovering how to turn off a certain muscle in order to start to integrate another muscle that's been dormant or atrophied. I love the challenge of holding a pose and feeling the different aspects of my body connecting together. I strive to not just go through the motions, but rather to be aware of each moment, each breath as I strive to articulate my spine, or engage my abs while keeping my neck as relaxed as possible. To walk right into the stress and learn how to stay calm and even tame it through the breath, that then carries over into my daily life showing me how to stay calm and centered no matter the crisis or tradgedy that is unavoidable in life.

Cooking is another passion of mine, and I cook a lot from sctratch like my grandmother used too. I love thinking about different flavor combinations or smelling garlic mixed with ginger, onions, and jalapeños sautéing on the stove. Or the perfect smoothie with cherries, basil, bananas, coconut water and a touch of peanut butter. Or bitting into a pluot and feeling the intense sweetness and perfect blend of tartness that only adds joy to my day.

Records, oh how I wish in this day in age I didn't love records as much as I do. When music is so easy to acquire why on earth would I spend so much time in record stores thumbing through vinyl records. The smell of the card board the weight of them in your hand, finding that song that has been missed placed by history or hearing the latest hit song with the depth that only vinyl can offer. All of the artists I would have never heard of or fell in love with if it wasn't for my time hunting and gathering amongst the other music nerds.
What I’m doing with my life
Growing and learning as much as I can while my time on this planet permits me too. I think knowledge is treasure. "There is no security only opportunity" is quote I recently heard and instantly liked. I've had tremendous luck in this life both blissful and tragic. Any moment can be your last breath and I strive to walk with that knowledge each moment I am alive and get to feel all that this world has to offer.
I’m really good at


Collecting eye rolls


Being in the moment

Getting my niece and nephews to eat dinner
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love music and I enjoy a wide range of styles including guilty pleasures like Brittney Spears "Toxic" but this song is probably my favorite song if I had to choose:

I love to read as well, currently I'm reading a text book called "Anatomy Trains" that's a technical guide to fascia. I'm balancing that out with rereading "A Game of Thrones" (9/10/15)
The six things I could never do without


Water - especially rivers, lakes, and ocean

Fresh fruits/fresh veggies


I spend a lot of time thinking about
So I've been lying in bed thinking about memories and how the basis for all memories are seemingly a time when there was an emotional impact. And either an emotion you don't want to let go of like joy or pleasure, and then there are the painful memories we hold onto because we didn't want to experience that pain or that loss. So memories are markers of examples of what drives us (either away or towards something or someone), examining the steps in our past that makes us happy, but in life the variables are in constant motion so often trying to recreate the past that made us happy, fails. And the same is seemingly true for what caused us pain or loss because again the variables have changed. So often we switch are mental or emotional gait to heal a wound but just like the body at some point you need to go back in and switch your mental and/or emotional gait back to your rhythm. In which you have to let go of your memories and identifiers of what in the past caused you happiness and/or pain. As well as possibly realizing that certain patterns will bring about pleasure and happiness and certain patterns will keep you in a loop of pain and discomfort. So then you have to tease out what are your natural rhythms and how you've shifted your thoughts based on wounds as well as the comfort of a happiness formula that we are all searching for, a dependable step by step set of instructions for happiness, if I do yoga I'll be happy, if I eat right I'll be happy, or if I eat chocolate I'll be happy. However perhaps the basic truth is correct, there is no formula, there's just choosing to be as present as possible in each moment. Perhaps are memories betray us, because we've convinced ourselves it's as simple as touching a hot stove when we are kids teaches us that that is how life works. And perhaps when it comes to living and relating to people as well as ourselves it's not so simple. Because sometimes the stove isn't hot and you need to touch it to clean it or work with it. (A random thought morning of September 10th 2015)
On a typical Friday night I am
Talking, laughing, playing, learning, moving, and teasing the ones I like.
You should message me if
So a few things about the photos I've chosen, the suit I acquired for my brother's wedding. Then it's a picture with my 6'7" yoga instructor and a few classmates at graduation from a 500 hour yoga teacher training. The sauce pan is a heirloom tomato sauce I made from scratch. And then my niece and two nephews who I adore.

Things you may want to know

I rent my own place on a unique street in Minneapolis that I love

I have my own car

I have a good job that I like while working towards a career that I'll love.

I grew up Irish so I have a sense of humor and have been known for a quick wit and a touch of sarcasm

My father was an ex-Catholic priest and was the most amazing Christian I have ever known in this world. I love Christian teachings it's just seems so few walk with them.

My mother is an intuitive healer/teacher/consoler which most ask what does that mean? And of course it's hard to explain in a few sentences. The basics is she teaches how to be emotionally intelligent as well as how to learn to recognize where "you" are. I've studied with her as well co-taught intuitive development classes.

Ideally I'd like to find a partner who knows who they are and has a sense of being grounded. Someone who is also looking for someone to live with them but not for them. Someone who wants to be a witness to my triumphs as well as my epic stumbles along this strange existence. I have crawled, walked, run, and flown around the block and I honestly can say I have no regrets. I'm a mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually intelligent man looking for a partner with similar traits. I am of course a huge work in progress with my own blind spots and short comings, but I believe myself to be imperfectly perfect as are all forms of life on this planet, at least to me.