41 West Linn, OR
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My self-summary
Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations With God says "Every opportunity you take to meet another is an opportunity to re-create oneself.."

As such, no two people could ever know you the same way, for each day is an opportunity to be the best you can be!
That said, here's the me that I'm most acquainted with, the me that inspires me to be the best version of the vision that is aptly me..

I believe in opening doors for you, pulling up a chair whenever you want and standing up when you enter or leave the room for whatever reason.

I'm my mates favorite fan, (cheerleader in a pink tu-tu perhaps?! :) ) always rooting for you, your ideals - whatever they maybe, and constantly urging you on to accomplish every goal you have written down and are yet to write and put your intention into.

I laugh at every chance I get, I love watching cartoons and commercials when opportunity presents, hanging with the homeless, waving and smiling at strangers, planting and hugging trees, recycling...

Fancy a Bohemian at heart?

Run Forest RUN! (In Gollum's voice please!)

I'm a student of Eastern Schools of Thought and everything Metaphysical.
As a child, I remember visiting the Brahma Kumaris center in my neighborhood to learn Meditation and Visualization.
I attribute all my successes to living in the now, being grateful and giving back, in good measure, to Mother Earth.

I'm well traveled,
I have an accent
I speak multiple languages...
I'm a serial entrepreneur living my passion.

I'm a tree huger, lover of nature and wild places and tadpole catcher extraordinaire!

I'm inspired by athletes, that fervent focus and desire to succeed, whatever the odds.
When it comes to great leaders and teachers - Mom and Dad have molded me to be the selfless, strong, patient and caring free spirited soul that I am!

I believe all women are beautiful and gorgeous in their own right..

Things I would never do without... (In no particular order)

Meditation and Yoga
..that's none of your business!

On my mp3 player are the soothing sounds of nature, chakra balancing and healing meditations, Kevin Kendle, Voices8, and a host of other inspirational and transcendental masters.

I have super high energy, I eat healthy and have a very strict workout routine.

That, in all things..I'm sending out my intention...Quietly, Peacefully, Joyfully, that I may attract and meet the one whose vibration resonates with mine,.
In it's own time and space..
Gratefully I let go..

Need I say more?

What I’m doing with my life
Living in the now, making friends along the way and listening to my intuition about decisions I am making and circumstances that I am attracting.

I am a serial entrepreneur.
I own my own business that keeps me busy, grounded and grateful.
I dance for fun and for self expression, because life's too short and mundane to live according to rules.
I’m really good at
Reading people's energies..

Listening...I can listen to someone talk, for hours (you know yourselves ladies! ;) ), and still get to recall minute details of that conversation months later!
Listening is my way of showing I care, of making that human connection, Sense8 anyone?! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
The Pink tu-tu!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In no particular order.

Losing My Virginity - Sir Richard Branson
Long Walk to Freedom - Mr. NR Mandela
Quantum Healing - Deepak Chopra
Power of your Subconscious Mind (Dr. Joseph Murphy)
The Power of Now (Eckart Tolle)
The Art of War (Sun Tzu)
Conversations with God, The Trilogy (Neale Donald Walsch)
The Greatest Salesman (Og)
Sexual Secrets - The Alchemy of Ecstasy (Nik Douglas)
Interpretation of Dreams (Sigmund Freud)
Animal Farm (George Orwell)

As for movies.. I prefer documentaries and indies, I don't own a TV, but Netflix occasionally on my Desktop or laptop, depending on circumstances.
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Family, love, life, laughter.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reflecting on the week gone by whilst skyping with my mastermind group of friends, after that I'm either immersed in a book or.. out to shake my tush on the Salsa dance floor!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
shhh... sometimes, when people are not looking, I sneak over and shop at Walmart!
You should message me if
... you've read this far, are smiling and heck, this message resonates with you,..
Need I say more?