53 Riverview, MI
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My self-summary
I was going to make my name sensualNfunny but that just sounded too long and odd. Forgive me if I've mislead you into thinking I am only looking for a good time...oh no, I require something much more profound out of a prospective relationship!


I am very intelligent and driven, with high standards...altho laughter is equally important to me. Are you affectionate, confident, and FIT, both physically n financially? I've met several fascinating and handsome men on dating sites these last 2 yrs but the timing has been off......and I'm getting very tired of's exhausting! (Yikes, didn't mean that arrogantly....just didnt know its so difficult to find compatibility!) Soo, if you're not ready for a real ree-lay-shun-ship...yep, THAT scary word, lol ...keep on scrolling mister. Now that my kids are grown....I raised 2 of the kindest and most self sufficient humans,'s time to relax and laugh with my lover and best friend!
What I’m doing with my life
Finally found my a massage therapist...I'm working plus attending school....after graduating in the Fall, I intend to start my own practice, seeking corporate clients on their well as turning a room in my home into a sanctuary of much kneaded relief! My philosophy matches my schools... in that I advocate a very holistic healthy lifestyle....filled with positivity, respecting my body and soothing/healing others thru massage. Oh! And laughter...gotta giggle regularly!!!
I’m really good at
Putting people at ease by making them laugh. Working magic with my hands...ugh! Not THAT kind of magic, yikes! Real therapeutic massage...with quite a bit of my silliness thrown in!
The first things people usually notice about me
Super friendly and silly!!....oh yeah, I'm blessed with sex cuz I enjoy flirting....and when you think about it...flirting should make the recipient feel good about themself...and if done sincerely, is thoughtful to others.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love Modern Family and Seinfeld....but by far, my fav is Sex and the City...BTW, its NOT just for women...hilarious and extreeeemely too often mimics my If you're unfamiliar, its about a sexy intelligent career woman's quest to find just. one. good. man!

Here's some of my tastes that will really throw you to watch the history channel. I used to be a presenter at Greenfield Village but couldn't stand wearing a tight corset while boiling jam or scrubbing that big black cast iron stove in the 95 degree heat in Firestone Farm without A/C!! Complete misery! (Now, a hot pink or black silky corset worn for my man?...that's delightful! ),

I also enjoy any HGTV program that takes you to homes around the world to see the architecture and cultural flavor of the region...and wait for it...Dr G Medical Examiner....which is a reality show about an extremely intelligent and compassionate female pathologist, who solves real life murders. How I admire her!!

My favorite musician is STING...but another moving lyricist is HOZIER. Listen to his words. ...some are truly bizarre...almost morbid. .. he describes finding a love soo strong that even death won't part you...listen to " The Work Song" that type of relationship even POSSIBLE among today's ego - oriented society?? I'm not sure...but how I'd like to think so!

The cool band who disappeared known as Simply Red, rock with undertones of jazz/blues from England...if you remember them, weren't they great?

Love U2, ANNIE LENNOX and MEGHAN TRAINOR...omg, she's super talented! Listen to her duet with John Legend "Like I'm gonna lose you"....really moving!!

Katy Perry, Sinatra, Michael Buble, Alanis Morisette, and Sarah MacLaughlin. Talking Heads n BNL wrote hilarious lyrics! Al Jarreau and Chris Botti top my list for favorite jazz artists. There's hardly anything I won't listen to...except twangy country.
The six things I could never do without
***My 2 grown kids
who truly complete me and bring me pride beyond words

I never plan to be without a dog in my life. Don't HAVE to have a relationship...but gotta have a dog (or 2 )! Besides, dog spelled backwards is god!!! Funny, huh?

absolute magic to your soul....and heals more than u realize.

....they're BEST together...but too many longterm couples sadly lack it! Great sex is vital....gets you thru tough times!! But that requires effort, imagine that!?

Both partners need to realize if you crave more MANY times have I heard ppl complain they don't "get enough"?!?... you need to prioritize WHAT IT TAKES to GET more! Keep yourself looking attractive, fit, and well you did for a first date...seriously! People forget it's important to CONTINUE to impress one another throughout the entire relationship!!

I will wear cologne that drives my lover wild ...and I realize how visual men for him...and myself...i will drape myself in silky lingerie to entice him year round...why wouldn't I? It's such a little thing with so great a reward!

***My smartphone did we ever LIVE without them, ugh!?!?

****And finally, I'm, not the crazy kind! The crack you up kind...sheesh! I strive to find humor and quirkiness around me daily! Nothing eases tension better!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Enjoying longer sweating the small stuff. Once you respect how precious time is, you realize worry just wastes way too much energy!
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing and rough-housing with my 2 dogs who have been waiting for me all day.....then seeking massage homework test subjects! Anyone achy kneading some relief????
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am much stronger and more cunning than I look... I have taken self defense classes and know just how to kick someone's butt who tries to harm me or my loved ones!!! On the other hand, I'm a phenomenal kisser!!!

I'm not afraid to talk about delicate subject matters ....For instance, "how much is everyone enjoying their love life???" I am very forthright about my sexuality. I don't understand why most women find porn disgusting....or, worse yet, refuse to see the benefit topless bars can have FOR A COUPLE!? Yes, that's my true opinion!

If more women were open-minded and went to see a classy burlesque show...not sure how many tasteful clubs there are around?...but go there WITH your man, so you can both get turned on...and reap the benefits in the bedroom afterward.

I'm certain fewer divorces would be the result! One thing I've learned in the dating pool for the last several months, is that every man I spoke to mentioned lack of sex/intimacy. How very sad!

So bring the laptop to bed, I say, and surf the free porn sites together!!! Besides, if you could learn something indirectly from a pro, why wouldn't's not like you can get "on the job" training somewhere....pun intended! (God, I crack myself up!)

And please don't think my comments here make me seem easy or classless.....far, far from it. One's enjoyment of sex, especially women, can take months or even years to perfect. Everyone thinks their lover should know exactly what turns them on.... that they should be able to read their mind!!

That's ridiculous! Guide him gently to where it tantalizes more! If you can tell your stylist how much hair to cut in the salon, then show your lover exactly what moves do it for you! What have you got to fact, if more couples succeeded in giving each other true orgasms, and not just faking, imagine how much more relaxed everyone would be! And there'd be a lot fewer antidepressants or hi blood pressure meds prescribed. Natural endorphins released during sex cannot be replicated in a pill....ever!
You should message me if
You truly desire a companion. You are confident, fit , and financially secure....oh....and KIND! Email me daah-link!