38 Washington, DC
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My self-summary
i've recently taken a domestic job (as in stateside, not needlepoint) after a few years of being mostly overseas, so i'm just getting my full-time DC bearings.

i'm fun, playful, and love to laugh. a lot. i know that's cliche on this site, because who doesn't love to laugh, right? but it's true and i make a serious point of not only surrounding myself with funny people, but also of not taking anything too seriously and trying to find some humor wherever i can (which leads to some very dark humor at times, thanks to my job - thick skin recommended). i think i'm reasonably funny, too, but you'll have to decide that for yourself. i also love to eat, drink, dance, and get into a little trouble, in any order or any combination.

i'm originally from northern california but moved to DC almost four years ago. i left my heart in san francisco and hope to return there eventually, but in the meanwhile DC isn't so bad. a burger and a bourbon on a rooftop is pretty close to ideal, unless it's wintertime of course (which i'm still adjusting to after about after a decade in seasonless san francisco). a burrito or nachos and a margarita would be super ideal, but alas, DC is not california.

though i'm weaning myself off my transient life and am enjoying being home more and having a bit more stable existence, i'm not sure "settling down" would describe what i'm looking for. i'd like to share the world with someone, not just a backyard.
What I’m doing with my life
seeing the world, earning lots of hotel points, trying to avoid malaria and deep vein thrombosis, and contemplating what i want to do next. am also currently trying to get cozy with my power drill - just learned how to put in anchor screws (don't laugh- i have other skills, just not these. yet.)

i work with refugees, so my work takes me all over the world, sometimes to great places, sometimes to dodgy places, but almost always to places where i don't speak the language and have to pay to use a toilet (which may or may not be more than a hole in the ground). regardless, it's always an adventure and i've yet to spend time in a place where i didn't manage to eek out some fun.
I’m really good at
- handstands

- the worm (usually at wedding receptions)

- making people feel better

- finding the ice machine in a hotel

-getting you out of your comfort zone but still making you feel comfortable
The first things people usually notice about me
probably my energy (i have a lot).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i'm currently reading a book on ISIS. (someone please make me stop.) other titles of late usually include something involving the middle east, which is a big interest of mine. all time favorites include: lolita, a confederacy of dunces, 100 years of solitude, angle of repose (or anything by wallace stegner, really), geek love, the godfather, lonesome dove, the girl with curious hair, count of monte cristo, still life with woodpecker, east of eden, and some others i can't recall at the moment.

music runs the gamut, but in a nutshell, i mostly have the musical taste of a 14 year old girl, with some indie sensibilities. i also love house music and country (blame the small town upbringing for that). don't be annoyed if i don't get your obscure punk or icelandic rock references. i'm just not that cool.

food: i could live on mexican and thai alone, but i'm usually pretty far away from those options, and they certainly aren't DC's strong points. i need a good medium-rare cheeseburger at least once every couple weeks, and depression could ensue in the complete and prolonged absence of bacon. other favorites include tomatoes, avocados, raspberries, figs, and most cheese. i'm also a big fan of sushi and oysters. i like beer, love wine, and couldn't do without the regular makers mark manhattan and margarita. whiskey definitely is my poison of choice.

shows- broad city, last week tonight with john oliver, inside amy schumer, vice, the misfits (if you have not seen this, stop reading now and watch it- you will thank me), true detective, the good wife, the mindy project, game of thrones, arrested development, archer, parks & rec, and hoarders.
The six things I could never do without
(in no particular order, other than the friends/fun part):

1. my friends
2. fun
3. duct tape
4. bacon
5. my iPhone & bose earphones
6. hot sauce
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how lucky i am to have a passport that gets me almost anywhere, anytime.

why people insist on standing so damn close to the baggage claim conveyor belt that no one can actually see their bag. if everyone would just step back 5 feet it'd all be so much easier. which i guess leads me to ponder-point #3: where is so many people's common sense?

(and maybe i'm not always thinking about these things, but lately i have been. i never claimed to be deep.)
On a typical Friday night I am
ideally eating a meal with close friends, good food, and ample wine/beverages, followed by some good bars and possibly debauchery. but in actuality i'm probably either in a hotel room watching al jazeera english or wandering random foreign city streets checking out what other people do on friday nights (and then trying to figure out how to explain to the taxi driver where my hotel is).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
me, private?

maybe that i actually prefer nescafe. or that i love country. and a couple maroon 5 songs.
You should message me if
you're intelligent and have a warped sense of humor, open mind, kind heart, sense of adventure, wanderlust, self-confidence but humility, something to talk about, and a healthy appetite. i promise to provide all of the above, as well.

you're not judgmental or religious. also, you're honest and kind both to yourself and others.

you don't exclude women your own age in your desired age range group. (i mean, come on.)

you're not married and you're not in some sort of PETA-friendly, MSG-free open relationship with a chic with a falcon on her shoulder whose profile link you send as some sort of proof/reference. (not judging, just please know that's not what i'm looking for.)

you profile includes more than just a single, bare-torso selfie from the gym or bathroom.

i don't really care what your interests are, so long as you have some. (i mean, i care about them, i just don't care which they are.) whether we dig the same things or you show me something totally bizarre and new like, say, noodling for catfish, it could be fun, right?

total dream situation: you are all of the above, have your life in order (yes, that means decent job/income and some stability) but still are crazy fun, have a voracious appetite for travel, and could see california in your future.