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My self-summary
I'm also known as InquilineKea. Facebook is at Intellectual blog is at Other stuff at and Feel free to follow me/friend me - I accept all requests (although please tell me how you found me =)).

INTP, Chaotic Neutral

I currently go to the University of Washington (I entered through an early entrance program called the UW Academy). I'm a massive self-studier, as I self-studied 8 APs and became a National AP Scholar through that.

I want to get a PhD in astrophysics someday (theoretical biology is cool too). I'm most into girls who are intelligent, respect science, and cynical but still *very* caring about a significant other (very much like owls, who are very sweet to their significant other and yet asocial to everyone else). I want to be the nicest person ever to someone who could be close to me (and I really mean it, since I've made huge mistakes with a past relationship - and I'm smart enough not to make them again)

I find virtue in most "flaws" (especially victimless flaws that society looks down on), as long as one doesn't have antisocial personality disorder. I try to avoid being picky, as I hate judging people on what they can't control. I love all the social and natural sciences, especially those that involve the "consilience", or merger, of different fields. My outcomes tend to have very high variance (so I end up on both extremes of the bell curve more often than others)

I'm pretty much "open as fuck" and explore everything I come across (with certain temporal limits). But at the same time, the demands of grad school admissions force me to avoid spending time on anything time-consuming (for now, I intend to change later). I pretty much get quickly impatient with anything structured (I have inattentive ADD) so I don't like most non-internet institutions (the internet is perfect for unstructured types). I'm not as open as I could be, though, since I'm sensitive to rejection (a lot of people quickly judge me and so I've deactivated facebook apart from fake accounts) and I still really want to get into grad school. Of course, lack of time and fear of danger are probably closer to the evolutionary reasons behind lack of openness.

For now I'm just trying to get through college and intensively study topics for the Physics GRE, like quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and other modern physics topics. I'm also most interested in the fields of math that are most applicable for science's future (particularly statistics, data mining, stochastic processes, pattern classification, signal processing, and complex adaptive systems)


Some other notes:

- I prefer being approached than approaching ppl. But I'm very flattered if approached.
- i'm very self-aware and perceptive. (those are actually my best traits).
- I like people who don't judge others and are okay (and amused) with literally anything in possibility space
- Curiosity is my most fundamental trait - its only limitation is time.
- DON'T TAKE ANYTHING I SAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Much of what I say is based on exploring the consistency of different belief systems or on exploring new ways to motivate myself. Also I like proposing ridiculous explanations/hypotheses with very little chance of being insightful (because if you repeat the process you might end up at some insight). I also like caricature my own views online (just as a means of exploration). I've been sympathetic to belief systems incompatible with each other (like both anarcho-capitalism and Keynesianism).
- I can be easily internet stalked, so stalk me if you wish. But keep in mind that I made a lot of mistakes in the past (the worse your mistakes, the more you learn, as long as you're smart about them ;))
- I can actually be really nice when I'm not avoidant. in fact, I was *known* for being extremely nice when I was younger.
- I *really* like to understand the world/universe. Everything about it. So I like filling in gaps in my knowledge. Like economics (which I neglected for a long time). I also like exploring theories and the consistency of them too. But time is limited.
- I've had misanthropic strands in the past, but I don't dislike individuals and think that there is something to like about everyone (even the worst). Everyone's life is interesting in one way or another. But socializing is exhausting since I have to repeat the same things about myself again and again.
- I prefer anything that's written to things that are spoken. I like to reference things later. Plus, listening is quite taxing on working memory (and I'm prone to missing things which can completely hurt my ability to comprehend things that reference such things), whereas with reading - I can go back to look at things that I've missed.


my *primary* interests (since childhood) are biology and astronomy.

Other Interests:cognitive science, systems biology, complex adaptive systems

Intelligence (which might just be pattern recognition). and intelligence augmentation, intelligence emulation, alternative intelligences, etc...

*radical* education reform, positive feedback, ++possibility spaces in biology++ (aka theoretical biology), avian stereotypes, categorization/classification, animal intelligence (esp cetacean, pachyderm, avian/corvid types), intelligence+creativity, maximizing "perceived" time, ALL the social and natural sciences, possibility space, relativism, metarecognition, understanding understanding, shock tactics/shock therapy/searching for global optima, irreverent ideas, weird people (esp. socially ostracized ones), reductionism+contextualism, ketosis, Matthew Effect, computer games in education (admittedly most of them suck/are inefficient =P)

astronomy/chemistry/physics/biology/statistics/math, epistemology, combinatorial chemistry+biology+blahh, space colonization, alternative biochemistry/sociology/economics/intelligences/psychologies/maths/blah, computer games, computer games in education, online forums, economics, anything theoretical, anything empirical, biochemistry, sociobiology, biopsychology, psychoactive stimulants, social misfits, r/K selection theory, non-redundant stimuli, neurobiology, prisoner's dilemma, cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, animal flight zones, psychometrics, homeschooling/unschooling, dopamine, genetics, life extension, vegetarianism+calorie restriction, mitochondria, polyphasic sleep, consilience, arbitrary social constructs, metacognition, techno-progressivism, reflective equilibrium, overanalysis, attribution theory, lifehacks, transhumanism, exoplanets

also, prokaryotic diversity is more interesting than eukaryotic diversity, but eukaryotes are more interesting individually. technically, astronomy would have more diversity than anything else. but math is probably the best way to theorize diversity. diversity is all about combinatorics. diversity of systems is also interesting.

i have a soft spot for trolling too (only the victimless type that's obnoxious at worst though); lulz. not sure if that's desirable =P Corvids, dolphins, and keas are excellent IRL trolls.

...i pretend to like birds, but truth be told, they are boring and repetitive most of the time even if they're so cute and innocent. corvids might be far less repetitive than the others though.
What I’m doing with my life
Studying so that I can get into astrophysics grad school

also exploring the creative potential of t3h intarwebz (and the many surprises that it brings). i pretty much register accounts everywhere..

I don't do that much other than read (and search/data-mine) since there are A LOT of interesting things and I often feel like it would be a waste for me to do anything redundant if I can read something interesting instead (since there aren't enough hours in the day for me to read everything I want to read). Also reading pretty much guarantees a basic novel stimuli to a*time+b*money ratio. I oftentimes want to socialize more though.

Other activities:
archiving pages and threads (esp. threads mods will end up deleting), Ctrl-F, reading sciencedaily, writing (of a philosophical and psychological nature), anticipating anticipation, anticipating inefficiency, self-studying, helping other ppl self-study, circumventing Web 2.0 bloatware, reading non-fiction (see books below), asking questions, thinking, fulfilling (self-perceived) necessary but not sufficient conditions, data-mining intelligence/insight/creativity, investigating the interaction between pure logic and our very arbitrary uncannily pattern-following environment, posting inane threads, convincing people of "potential" ability, getting things jammed cuz im awkward, searching for items of potential interest (often with Web 2.0) + empty niches, showing not telling (though i often fail at that), reading trolly comments on youtube/digg/slashdot/fark/somethingawful/heavengames/urbandictionary/yahoo answers/wikipedia page histories/autoadmit/CC/facebook/blah

At times and (in the past) sometimes to excess: computer games and online forums
I’m really good at
Finding interesting websites. Or in other words, finding the right substrates for the right enzyme, whatever the enzyme happens to be.
The first things people usually notice about me
I defy almost all stereotypes, except for certain Aspie stereotypes.

Also I don't even notice social conventions, although I don't burn flags or flame people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Blogs: Gene Expression/gnxp, Overcoming Bias, LessWrong, FuturePundit/ParaPundit, Fight Aging, Bryan Caplan, Centauri Dreams, Information Processing, Life Unbounded, Statistical Modeling, and (haha)

I also read Communications of the ACM, Volokh Conspiracy, Pew Research, Singularity Hub, and others.

Books:, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Kuhn), Consilience (E.O. Wilson), The Psychology of Science and the Origins of the Scientific Mind (Feist), Origins of Wealth (Beinhocker), The Blank Slate (Pinker), Origins of Genius (Simonton), The Scientist as Rebel (Dyson), Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Dennett), The Extended Phenotype (Dawkins), The Selfish Gene (Dawkins), Scientific Genius: A Psychology of Science (Dean Simonton), Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche), Towards a Genealogy of Morals (Nietzsche), Human All Too Human (Nietzsche), How the Mind Works (Pinker), How to Build a Habitable Planet, Rare Earth (Brownlee and Ward), Life and Death of Planet Earth, The Brief History of Time (Hawking), The Nurture Assumption (Harris), No Two Alike (Harris), The World is Flat (Friedman), The Language Instinct (Pinker), Romance of Three Kingdoms, Deschooling Society (Illich), Freakonomics, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, Talking About Leaving - Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences, Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns, The Quest for Consciousness (Koch), Heaven in a Chip (Kosko), Noise (Kosko), Outsmarting IQ: the Emerging Science of Learnable Intelligence (Perkins), The Synaptic Self (LeDoux), The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes and the Civilized Mind (Goldberg), The Quark and the Jaguar (Murray Gell-Mann), Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid (Sternberg), School's Out (Perelman)

Websites (that might as well be books): Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,, numerous course websites (MIT OCW actually offers less than many others - just google textbook +

Other books at

Food: vegetarian + anything good for calorie restriction (low GI, etc). There's still plenty of good-tasting food that has low GI.

Movies: Good Will Hunting

Music: Linkin Park, Smile.Dk, Eurodance, computer game music, some other songs i'd be too embarrassed to mention
The six things I could never do without
Google Reader, Gmail, Adderall XR (or Provigil), online forums, external HDs, Wikipedia, BitTorrent, Quora
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to find more amusing ways of doing/analyzing things. Or more efficient ways.
On a typical Friday night I am
Nowadays, it's Quora Quora Quora

Surfing google reader and collecting random ideas.

Sometimes I post on various forums - Reddit, College Confidential, HeavenGames, Physics Forums, PhysicsGRE, AutoAdmit, Imminst, LessWrong, Social Anxiety Support, ADD Forums, and lots of others.
You should message me if
Well basically, I'm open to anyone who's both intelligent and highly open.