32 Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary

Before you proceed further, make sure you don't fall in any of the Below Categories ...... And If you do fall, then Don't Message me or preferably BLOCK ME, so as to save Mine & Yours Time and Messages.


1. RACIST ...... Yes, I am an Indian n If U have any problem with that, then that's ur problem.
2. MONEY n VISA SEEKERS & OTHER DEPENDENTS ...... Trust me, I am not going to Help U, so don't waste your time n efforts on me.
3. MASSEURS ...... Absolutely No Offence, but I don't need your Service.


For All Others, if interested ...... Here's Something About Me :-

Myself 32, Indian, in Darlinghurst, Sydney & an Electrical Engineer by profession.
Born & Brought-up in Mumbai and after spending 3yrs in Dubai, Germany and Poland, I have now moved to Sydney.
People who know me well, describe me as Straight forward, Extrovert, Independent, Fun, Mischievous, Naughty, Boisterous, Adventurous, Focused n Serious when needed and even Footloose, Hot / Short Tempered, Mean n Bitchy ;-)
For those interested in knowing my physique - My Height is 5'5" ( 165 cms ), Weight is 69 kgs, Waist is 30, having a Curvy, Average, Smooth Shaven body, as you can see in my pics ;-)
I believe in saying things, straight on the face and sometimes this habit of mine, makes me sound a bit rude and harsh.
I am not Perfect nor Angel, so please do expect Loopholes in me, in fact my negative elements exceeds my positive elements ;-))))))
I like Travelling, Beach, Movies, Music, Food, Freaking out with my friends, etc.
About my sexuality, I am out of closet and open about it and by preference, I am Totally Bottom in bed ;-)
Generally, I am open to everything - Fun, Friends or maybe More ...... Let's see, how it clicks N works out between us and where it leads to, depending on person to person ...... Maybe a Long Term / Permanent Monogamous Relationship, if rightly clicked, at right time, for right reasons n most important, with a Right Guy :)
For the rest of the things, let our chat or meet decide that ;-)
My Yahoo Chat Id is sankhe1983, MSN is and Skype Id is sankhe1983.

Cheers :)
You should message me if
Basically, I am open to everything ...... Let's see, how it clicks between us and where it leads to :)