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29 M Artesia, NM

My Details

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Today – 10:15am
5′ 11″ (1.81m)
Body Type
Strictly anything
Other, and somewhat serious about it
Cancer, and it’s fun to think about
Dropped out of space camp
Relationship Status
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Strictly monogamous
Doesn’t have kids, but might want them
Likes dogs and has cats
English (Fluently), Irish (Poorly), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Ok so first off I am not here for hook ups or to be your Fwb. I'm looking for that special one that can help make me happy. The Harley Quinn to my Joker that companion that will hold my box of matches while I set this world on fire one moment at a time. Though I might be a bit rough arround the eddges but im genuine and i mean what i say and cant stand lying plus im horrible at it. And just because I speak of sex a lot doesn't mean that's all I want. I'm just a gutter minded guy that enjoys making my chick blush relentlessly. Cause trust me if i can make a fetish porn star blush i can make you do the same but only if youll let me. So with that said I give you this warning I am not one for the faint of heart, prude, unadventures or the mono-styleistic in bed. Being like a dead fish in bed turns something tottaly ostentasiously fun into a boringly mundane act. Might aswell just stay single and jack off instead.

Though this may be long winded but its not even the tip of the iceberg.

So where to start how about the names Luke and I'm the coolest guy I know and everybody needs a friend like me. So hey I'm not one to carry an ego arround but I am pretty damn awesome. A sponge for any weird fact or tid bit of knowledge. I love to learn! Not really up for fashions or care to even try to be "hip" with the times. Ive made my own kilt and I've also been known to run arround town in a towel. So what? Lol I'm really just more of a cassual kinda guy. Comfort is key.

But lets cut the shit. Ive grown quite tired of the fake, game playing, ignorant, brainless, no care for anyone else's well-being/feelings and its made me a bit more hard walled. So if its playing games your into lets play a game of chess. Atleast in a game chess youll have a fair chance to show me your not completly brainless. Basically if your just not in to being a faithful human being/companion. Then please and so kindly leave my page and piss off.

I'm a science nerd, an art freak, a tinkerer and a crafter. I love to draw, photography, paint, write poems, chain maille and basically create how ever when ever and with what ever I can. I'm crafty. If I can imagine it there's a good chance I'll breath it in to reality. I've worked in a diverse variety of different jobs from digging ditches, porn shops, t shirt screening, sign shops, oil patch and ive even been a pizza boy.

I'm an animal lover and I have a cat or two but aquatics are my passion. Im a die hard fish enthusiast to the extreme and I've actually started a small aquarium business from it. I personally have 8 tanks ranging from a 10g to 55g and I'm planning to build a 1000g plus in the near future. Right now im trying to get my aquaponics system going aswell. Fresh organic fruits and veggies with fresh personally farmed talapia. Whats cooler than that and more usful than that? Lol

A daydreamer, a nut, a hopeless romantic and I'm easy to get along with. I March to the beat of my own drum and I refuse to go bah bah like a good Lil sheepy for the government. I'm a heart on my sleeve kinda guy that tends to stick his foot in his mouth often due to the lack of a filter.

"I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive, human, but with the heart of a clown that forces me to mess things up at the most important moments." -Jim Morrison.

When I'm in a relationship I'm devoted and true. I love good ink on a chick and I'm a pain junky all the way I have 9 tattoos and 13 peircings as of this moment with only more to come. I'm a ranter and a babbler. Sometimes a know it all and I'm always up for a great debate. But if I'm proven wrong I admit it. I've been beatin, broken, shattered and destroyed. Even told once that i was just too deep. What!? Shallow bitch. So honestly I've had a few really bad relationships that have left me more than a bit guarded and at times insecure even though there's no reason and I shouldn't be. It tends to make me try too hard to impress a chick I like. Not by being all cocky but by just trying to hard and showing to much attention to them so I've been told. I'm the real deal. Faithful, moral, honest, romantic, devoted and I can and will knock your socks off in bed. If it doesnt leave you wanting more its just poking arround and heavy petting. Im shy yes but more bashful. I some times might even stutter when talking to someone I really like.

So on and so on and so on. I tend to be a clutz and a space cadet more offten than not but i do it smoothly. So if you wanna know some of the finer details of the twisted conundrum that is me. Just ask me it never hurts to ask. I'm a really open guy that doesnt care what others think of me and I'm always willing to share any of many weird lil thoughts. Ill even give you a freebee just a small tidbit to give you a bit of a peek inside. "If I could have any super power it would be the ability to teleport." That would be awesome as shit! What would yours be?
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to survive and enjoy everything as much as possible with out pissing off to many people in the process.
I'm actively trying to get people back in to keeping aquariums. Lol I'm a fish nerd. What!? And looking for that special bit of myself that is missing. Shes a needle in a haystack thats for sure.
I’m really good at
Keeping calm, chill, relaxed and collected. But I can also be a stress case aswell.
A natural insomniatic narcoleptic dyslexic one of a kind. Endearingly clumsy but crafty in my ways. I'll trip over a boulder but ill blame it on that lil pebble 10ft infront of me and laugh about it.
But listening, creating, compassion, poetry, reading people and creating things. From corsets, bikini tops, jewelry and even kink wear and bondage gear. In the words of a dear friend im a jack of all trades but a master of none. I just love working with my hands. If it has even the slightest bit of an artistic factor to it just watch me turn nothing in to awesomness.
The first things people usually notice about me
My peircings or my tattoos or that I'm strangely abnormally normal with a twist of odd and original. That im wearing a kilt or that while wearing it when i sit i sometimes forget to not sit with my legs apart.

Quick with self analogies and a deep thinker. Usually inthralled in what ever has my attention for that moment. Have I mentioned I have ADD. :-D
But then that's just what I can think of. How about you take a look and fill me in on what you notice first. Don't be scared.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books are a toss up the dyslexia kinda kills that one for me but I try. Mainly if I can learn something from it ill read it. But I do like me some good fantasy/sifi.

Movies I love a good cheesy B rated horror flick but anything works. Commedies, stoner flicks, action and fantasy. Dramas are usually to boring and put me to sleep but there are some good ones out there. Willow, starwars, marvel movies even though they have butchered their original story lines, the crow, labyrinth, fifth element, resident evil, hangover due date and even more.

Music mostly metal, rock and whatever sounds good. Kinda hard to find now a days. A Lil country but no rap, pop or rnb. Shit, shit and snooz.

Food if it taste good ill eat it. Love sushi and Chinese but don't really care for beans and I hate artichokes gimme a brussle sprout.

TV Sports unless a big event is mostly boring. But then TV has its ups and Downs any great show can lose its appeal after it rerunns 5 or 6 times. Although I enjoy archer, family guy, thundercats, metalacolips, discovery, natgeo, science channel and anything that's seems interesting.
The six things I could never do without
SEX lol no I'm not a player or a man whore although they do call me duce from time to time I'm a faithful guy that has a great imagination and can be quite crafty with it too. ;-)

Sodas and energy drinks I'm a caffeine freak but don't really care for coffee much.

My fish they keep me calm, grounded and happy.

TP!!!! Man those college and roommate days sucked balls sometimes.

Good friends and family are one 1 and the same to me.

And my Droid I love to research any Lil weird thing.

6 things I can do without

Lying, fake people

People who say their down to earth but are more shallow than not.

People with the inability to think out side their own meager ways of thinking ie their minuscule Lil box.

Cockroaches their not just insects but people aswell. Judgmental fucktards.

Egotistical megalomaniacle napolion complex ridden Lil shitfucks that think they are better than you, me and everyone else that doesn't kiss their silver spoon fed asses. Just because the weakminded and easily influenced will do it doesn't mean shit when it comes down to me. So you want me to conform, ok I'll conform my foot in your ass.

And YOU if any of the above apply.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
To damn much! Hence the insomnia and the ADD. Lol
Mainly about how I can make an aquarium as maintenance free and easy as possible. Wondering if there really is a fairy-tale ending out there for myself.
The possibility of aliens and if their already among us.
And finally what my next tattoo or peircing will be and where it will go.
And of course my future. Where i will find myself then and where that will actually be. I love NM but wouldnt mind moving from here again and hopefully stay gone this time. lol
On a typical Friday night I am
What ever is clever. Stay home and watch a movie cuddled up, clean my tanks, do crafts, draw, go out and party or even play some cards or Dominoz with some good friends.
I'm an easy going kinda guy to say the least. And I'm up for almost anything usually. Just depends on the mood really.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Lmao!!! Well I call it my best least kept secret. You know those 13 peircings I mentioned prior.
5 of them are located in my pants. No i dont have just a prince albert either. Those are just weak sauce and what i have is a bit more intense. Ya it tends to scare away some chicks but its cool the ones that run tend to be boring in the sack or shallow but there has been a few fearful ones that have turned out to be avid lovers. Hence one of the reasons its not kept a secret for very long. And before you ask. No it wont hurt you in anyway. The only complaint is being sore the next day.
I'm a horndog and with the right kinda gal there's no limits to my abilities. Ill try to do it anywhere, anytime or anyplace. Night, day, public or behind locked doors. I'm a kinky, horny, crazzy and im in to BDSM. Im really one that doesn't care what the others think or shy away from. I like to play the alphabet game. Lol the most crazzy place ive ever done it was the zoo. Im open about it and im not to shy about it in public.
Lol I've never had a one night stand cuz they've always hung arround after. No I'm not a sex God but baby I know what I like and I bet I can find out what you like and take it to the moon. Ill bring out those dark hidden desires your just to shy to tell.
Caution though I am a neck bitting, hair pulling, ass smacking, passionate lover and I've been known to leave my marks. I can go real slow or even draw it out and teas you to the point of breaking out of your own comfort zone and finding that inner dominatrix you've kept hidden and making you take controle and demand what you really do want.
Tell me your darkest secret desires and ill be your master and servent. ;-) just one thing though I'm verry territorial and I will not tollerate another dude in my bed. Fuck that noise.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 25–35
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
Well if you've actually made it this far it was either for your personal amusement, your genuinely interested or just plain intrigued by the oddity that is me.
And if so send me a message even if its just to tell me I'm weird or the ugliest dude you've ever seen. If that's the case thank you, you've made me giggle again at yet another shallow twit. Lol
So don't be shy just say hi and in the end you may have made a new friend. I'm really a nice guy and ill only bite hard if you want me too. Lol. ;-)
I really would like someone that would be willing to go fly a kite with me. I have an awesome boxkite.
And if you do make it far enough to get past a few of my walls i can prove to you what a real night of romance is all about.
Or if you would rather my KIK user name is ekul9.