41 San Jose, CA
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My self-summary
i've never been too good at describing myself in narrative form, but bullet points seem to do okay, as long as i go for snippets... besides, the snippets tend to lead to stories, and stories do a better job of telling someone who i am than i would do on my own anyway.

- at this point, i've been divorced longer than I was married... but my divorce is going better than my marriage did, anyway, so i suppose that's a decent thing
- i'm still mystified that my daughter is a teenager, but again, i suppose that's what happens when that amount of time passes... thank goodness she's a good kid with minimal drama...
- i love living in california. every highway is a track meet, the weather is gorgeous, and people are more laid back. how did i not figure this out years ago?
- i don't feel my age. at all. what is 41 supposed to feel like, anyway? it does crack me up to talk to friends from college who are just having their kids NOW, though. i'm done with having children, and some of them are just starting the process... better them than me.

i am dichotomous, random, and loyal
What I’m doing with my life
I used to say something pithy here about how I'm spending my life trying to remember how to have a life. It's sad but it's kinda true. I think somewhere along the line we forget how to just enjoy things, amid all the stressing to keep things together. Or maybe that's just me. But I don't think so.

I try to enjoy the little things, like breezes and coffee on a sunny morning, or the stroll around the neighborhood with my pup. A great song on the radio with a (largely) empty lane in front of me on the highway. Laughing at reports of heat and humidity being endured back east, where I left. ;)
I’m really good at
pub trivia
bad puns
homemade pizza and chili
remembering random song lyrics
rambling conversations over a few drinks that consume hours and make it feel like minutes
The first things people usually notice about me
my lack of hair... the grey in the beard... my laugh or lopsided grin, i suppose...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: the hobbit, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, cryptonomicon, snow crash, neverwhere, american gods

movies: the princess bride, mirrormask, grosse pointe blank (LOVE john cusack, and most movies involving his sister, joan)... oh, and i think i'm one of 12 people around who absolutely *LOVED* the Wachowskis' take on Speed Racer

music: whatever happens to be on my ipod at any given time, coupled with whatever has come on my latest mix to be delivered... includes: lamb, ugly duckling, jump little children, roger clyne and the peacemakers, mighty mighty bosstones, they might be giants, r.e.m., eagles, jonathan coulton, tori amos... lately, spotify has been feeding my habits, and pandora still makes better playlists than I give it credit for...

food: it's all over the map, really... i've come to believe that most people i really dig love sushi, i could eat (good) mexican most every day, indian (what i know of it) is wonderful, thai is great and the spice makes me happy, italian is hard to go wrong... really, i like to eat... i'm trying to be more active, though, so the evidence of that like is less, well, evident... heh.
The six things I could never do without
* connection
* my ever-changing definition of family, which includes some blood relations, but not all... and the animals i love.
* music (singing, karaoke, soundtrack to speeding down the highway)
* sarcasm (mine and others')
* sunlight
* garlic
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i've been thinking a lot about the meanings of the words "home" and "family" over the past few months... i'm pretty solid on "family", and no, it doesn't only comprise those who share my genetic makeup... but i'm still a bit at a loss for "home"... there are many places that feel a *little* bit like home, or where i have felt like i fit a bit... but i'm not sure i've ever found that place where i know i belong... and as such, the nomad inside of me is getting a little restless again...

i also sometimes think about:
-- specifics for the design of the tattoo i'll be getting soon... now i need to find the artist and save the $$$
-- what's for dinner
-- what is something i haven't done before that i can do this weekend
On a typical Friday night I am
chilling with my pup, biding time until having to pick up the kiddo from some function, unwinding just a little bit before the sprint of the weekend begins and all the stuff I didn't have time to get to over the week is waiting
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
it seriously disturbs me to see photos with children in them on this site. it may well be that there are children in your life. that's lovely and awesome, but be a kind adult and don't put them on a dating site before they're old enough to understand what's going on. and it's not like anyone i date is going to meet my daughter right away anyway, so they don't need to know what she looks like, either. yeesh.

i also talk for my dog... we have conversations, and i do all of the actual verbalizing. it scares me sometimes how much english she actually seems to understand.

and it's not really "private", but it is insight for you to have, so i suppose it fits here: if your profile says "wants kids" or "might want kids", i'm closing it. good luck to you, but it won't happen with me.

sometimes i can be a very private person. except when i'm not, and i over-share
You should message me if
you think you'd be interested in spending some time with me, and vice versa. you're not looking to have children. you're not looking to parent mine. you have a slightly off-center view of the area, or of life, or both.

heck... just say hi. what does either of us have to lose?