62 New York, NY
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My self-summary
I am interested in men who live close to, or in Manhattan, I would love to begin a sharing relationship with someone who understands the meaning of partnering and nurturing. I'll have your back and you will have mine. I'm an equal opportunity revisionist, so take my hand and we'll share new things!

I am here in Manhattan, to explore new interests. I recently left my work as a writer/actor; a career that I was very dedicated to for 35 years. I am currently involved in designing wearable art. It's a wonderful way to get my concepts off the walls and into the public. I am enjoying the opportunity of artistic independence. I love treasure, and eternal questing but also get a great deal of inspiration from my young, adult children, friends and family.

I am a storyteller and have a big personality. I love a lot of the "70s" culture and music and can remember the details of every concert I went to, back then. I have been a mentor for 18 years and have made friends from 8-96. My life changed when I chose to adopt a handicapped orphan and my journey has everything to do with raising him to overcome impossible odds. I always have something to teach and something to learn. I appreciate the journey so much more than the result! CURIOSITY!
What I’m doing with my life
My next venture is working on a project with a major art museum in NYC. We will be taking art therapy to cancer patients who want to find self-healing, recovery methods outside the medical and psychiatric communities. I recently had a show at the National Textile Museum in Umbria, Italy and was included, in the 9/11 Memorial Museum exhibit, "Hope for 2020". I have been working on my apartment: using my newly acquired skills as a craftsman and am currently back at SVA, enjoying the metalwork department and the galleries in Chelsea.

I want to meet other community oriented people who love to focus on improvement projects. It's also time to expand my entire social circle. Always working towards having more energy, as well as creating a better diet. I am trying to use the city more fully now that I can work with a flexible schedule. There is just no more time to waste on what ever went on in the past. I have everything I need TODAY and just want to meet a few terrific men to share ideas, activities, travel and fun. If I discover the right chemistry then I will certainly consider a serious, committed relationship.
I’m really good at
Making time for people who need my advice, taking on leadership, remembering great lyrics and poetry, getting everywhere w/o a car, theater dance and creating beauty in difficult circumstances.
BTW:I would like them to amend these profile structures and have people remark about what they are really lousy at...or what they forgot to attend to along the road.
The first things people usually notice about me
The fact that I give everyone the benefit of a smile, my really, really long mane and art jewelry, and those tiny feet...
Anyway, that's the male commentary!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently I read a lot about metal working, travel, start-ups and design. Lots of stuff on ex-pats. Shakespeare, French and Italian comedy classics. I have a fixation on Stephen Sondheim musicals and Verdi...both of which I tried to sing for years. Let's not forget the viseral side of the musical coin: Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and the Who. I admit to liking Bruno Mars and John Legend and still spend some time at B.B.King's when Joe Louis Walker comes to town.

I love bad boy movies...old Sean Penn, Christian Slater, Nick Cage, Hugh Grant stuff, (quirky is my thing ). Somehow, I have always loved Jeff Bridges, regardless of time or portrayal. Call me inconsistent. Also a huge Mike Leigh fan and love his attention to historical detail.

I hit the restaurants that have 1/2 price specials because I unilaterally will NOT pay for ambiance, but if you want to take me to world class dining spots, I wouldn't try to wrestle you out of the idea. I love to eat but my dancing, those happy old jeans and my health are more important. I miss Spumoni..the real old stuff we ate as kids. always up for spicy Indian food, scones or baked french fries w/blue cheese...let's really be honest: the holiday buffet at the Waldorf! I am trying to stick with salads and fruits but I seriously would walk a mile for Lavazza cappuccino!!!
The six things I could never do without
My children, NYC, my "just go do it" back-pack, my obsession with trying to get older people to move on with the developments of the next generation, ( yes, even if it's hard), my hope for eternal youth, knowing how to pull the escape hatch, My fear of change and the fact that I do it anyway.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I lived through all the outrageous circumstances of the last five years. What would have happened to my adopted kids if I hadn't decided to go to Russia. How lucky I am to have so many good things that matter. How important it is to get out of this country as often as you feel you should. How cool to have a will of iron and the creativity to act on my instincts. All the improvements I could make on designing this site.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is a typical Friday night? I have never been anywhere where it matters.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really would have liked to have been a tall, red head for a day...
but I can identify with Sally Field, Linda Hunt and even Snookie?

It was probable that I was Annie Oakley in a prior life. Even her relatives agree.
You should message me if
What I wrote does not sound like a foreign language. You actually like what I wrote and think you are the bread for my sandwich. People always say you are unique. You are an artist in your approach to all your work. You are concerned with bringing beauty to the world. Whenever people say it can't be done, you're the guy who does it anyway. You have changed peoples' lives and they've said so. You can sit on the floor w/o a chair and get up fluidly. You are seriously funny, even silly and really truthful. You miss the days when we met each other by casually hanging out but accept the latter day current dating rituals. You look comparatively as good as you did as a young man...just older. You are warm, extremely romantic and a good communicator.


You really think you've discovered something wonderful and you want to share your secret...

If you don't message me, I won't ever know why you keep visiting my profile, will I? Please, no fly-by-night visitors or foreign individuals looking for safe harbor. BTW: I have my own means of financial support; please have your own also.