57 New York, NY
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My self-summary
Hi there,... and thanks for reading about me. I am a guy living in a 40's ish body but am older chronologically,... so.... I think, act, and do things like someone way younger then me. I enjoy younger women and they enjoy me too. The last serious woman I dated was mid 30's and that seemed to work pretty well. Oh... and I seem to have a problem with ageists. I have lots of unbridled energy. Additionally, When I was married I was a great Dad so I have no problem if someone has children. I want to have some more anyway
So..... I am now in NYC for work and play. It is nice. When I am not here I love to go to several places where I have homes and properties. In winter I love my ski house,... near Manchester VT. Bromley Ski Area.... and in summer and fall I love my place on Lake Bomoseen.
The places I love in VT. are amazing. they have beauty; the finest school district in the whole state; excellent shopping; resort activities like golf, skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, tennis, lakes, and close proximity to Airports,... cities like NYC, Boston, and Montreal. I also love my lake home... right near Lake Champlain on the NY/VT border. When I'm not there or in the City,... I love to go to my time share in the Dom. Rep. otherwise I like Orlando FL. where I have a place right near Seaworld. So why do I tell you this????....Because I love to travel and want to share this with my love.
Now... what is the kind of woman I want to meet,....? Basically I look for someone who balances me and connects with me on emotional planes, intellectual depths, physically (ie sexually), and spiritually. I search for a lady who is well rounded and worldly,...; but the most important thing is that she is nice and smart. Someone who thinks before doing.... cause everyone has some baggage....yup,... me included. I do not do well with women who are highly reactive and have explosive anger. I hope to locate someone who loves the country; yet enjoys the city and likes to visit these types of places. I wish to find someone who is beautiful...( I tend to like tall women 5'6-5'10) although this is not a mandate as height is not a moral imperative; ....someone who stays in shape, likes doing the things I enjoy.. (tennis, hiking, running, golf, biking, camping, singing, kissing, making love,....(which is different then just sex), backgammon, chess, dancing, fine dining, world travel, deep meaningful discussions on a plethora of topics and spending loving time together)....OH and did I say TENNIS!!!!!
I am tall, good looking,...(well that is what everyone says), have an athletic extremely active and stay in great shape, am very into a multitude of sports, have a high libido, and would like to meet someone similar and who desires to have children and build a family together. But,.... that said,... it is (again) not a mandate.... I am most interested in finding my life partner more then anything. And if you have kids... that is fine too.

I offer great conversation and caring deeds, and I am the type of person who loves to help, and, if you are too then that is great,....( A while ago,...I went on a medical mission and operated on 90 people in 3 days); and most recently did a benefit concert ( where I sang for about an hour and a half) to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda.... in a place called Jinja. I have the luxury to work or not work and could move if me and my mate wanted to develop a life which necessitated this. It is all about the company right?
I hope you will read about me and be interested to write me and reach out to learn more,... and not be superficially concerned primarily with what I look like. I hope you will talk with me first and learn about me as a man to decide whether or not to engage in something more and vastly more substantive. I hope you will.
PS,.... I am not married. The ring I have on is my Masonic ring as I am a free mason.

I am very intelligent, and multi-talented
What I’m doing with my life
What I am doing with my life presently is crafting something new for myself and building my life with the optimistic belief that I will ultimately meet the love of my life. I save my money and work on the household projects necessary to maintain my several properties.
I participate in activities of life. I exercise,... remain active,,... read voraciously,.... do chores,... travel... visit my family,... date when I can,... (ie when I find someone fascinating).... sing, practice my instruments, write new songs, and,....well,.... keep looking for that person who will WOW me and make me want to love them and they me,............... Forever
I’m really good at
A plethora of things,... Firstly I love my work and are fairly aedpt at my job. It pays me well too. I play tennis well,... and are into basketball,... very good in the forest and love to do camping expeditions, I cook well and enjoy many culinary cuisines,... love shushi, oysters, Italian dishes, Indian, Chinese (gotta love Dim Sum),... Scottish food,... etc.
I sing and used to have a band,... I write, read alot, play multiple instruments, are great with children good at home projects, very handy around the house, great at making fires,... landscaping,... and have an eye for visionary types of projects.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, smile and intelligence. The way I talk with others,.. reach out and make friends with strangers, show kindness to all... particularly the elderly, little children, and the handicapped.... which I do in a non-patronizing manner. Oh,.... and that I know alot about alot,.... and can discuss a variety of topics intelligently and openly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love books by Dan Brown,... Read them all... I love Robin Cooks work,... John Steinback,... books about history,... Harry Potter Classics,... John Kennedy books.
I love Forrest Gump... my favorite,... the Notebook, Its A Wonderful Life, Tom Cruise's movies, Russel Crowe, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Hugh Grant.
I love The Beatles, Eagles, America, CSN, David Cook, Daughtry, Gavin Rossdale, Jazz, Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel
I enjoy most foods
The six things I could never do without
Books to read,... My daughters,... ( love spending time with them) which, sadly, doesn't happen very much,....spending time at my lake home... camping in the wilderness,... traveling around the world and learning about other cultures,... culinary delights
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My work,... my ability to help people,... building my life and maintaining my homes and properties.
On a typical Friday night I am
Would have a date,... hopefully,... and do something interesting,... intellectually stimulating, and romantic
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is that I am extremely sensitive,... loving and enjoy tender hearted movies,... love taking long walks holding hands,.... and groom myself meticulously.... dress very well and dance elegantly
You should message me if
You are well educated,... like what I wrote,... are desiring to have a family and children,... enjoy similar things as I,... are around the ages of 35-early 40s old,,... someone who might like to sing, cook, love to dance, do good deeds for the world, have a global perspective, love travel, play tennis, If you like to read in bed,... enjoy sex alot and want to share in that expression,.....(but be prepared to be more satisfied and pleasured then you could ever imagine,) enjoy learning at all times,... love camping,... tennis,... etc