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63 Fort Lauderdale, FL Man


I’m looking for

  • Women
  • Ages 36–69
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating

My Details

Last Online
Yesterday – 7:22pm
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
Body Type
Mostly vegetarian
Judaism, but not too serious about it
Leo, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from university
Science / Engineering
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Strictly monogamous
Doesn’t have kids
Likes dogs
English (Fluently), Hebrew (Okay), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
63 Thankfully , I DON'T LOOK IT OR FEEL IT OR....
FYI: For integrity, realness and honesty sake and just so you know dear lady, I am 63 . I do know I don't look it, ( self serving comment?hah ) or feel it or act it; I am in no way, looking , asking or passive-aggressively asking you to stroke my male ego by agreeing with me either. So There ! Ha

As we all do, I have some desirable and undesirable traits: The key for me and for you, is that we share more than enough desirable ones and for the few undesirable ones, we are able to accept.

Men/Women obviously different? Like duhhhh
Our brain chemistries, from tens of thousands of years, in some distinct ways have not changed much despite advent of language and civilization. We seem to chronically misunderstand each other especially over time. This is from the simple fact of how we see and understand things (our perceptions) really define our reality and for men and women can be radically different. { No, i am not reinventing the wheel.... :>) } This is because our brains are bathed in two distinct hormones that are ironically there to bring us together. To be open to find "A One" rather than "The One" is part of our problem. What we all want is, one who loves us and we love because of who we are and who they are.

For whatever reason I always seem to get along with older and younger women. Some people have become their fathers and mothers, in their demeanor and seeming diminished lack of positive energy. A lack of lust for life that each day has the possibility to be transformational and /or redemptive

Getting back to me and my profile, I am also known as a thinker, who also is sometimes thoughtless, a searcher, who loses receipts now almost instantly, silly, yes, a scientist too, an artist-sculptor wannabe, or I am one, who delights in some of the amazing ways that "You Women" sometimes see the world, Immodestly, a real Good Kisser, or a fool sentiment and romance, a laugh-provocateur, a sweet heart of guy most of the time, (75-85% of the Time), except when I am not, semi-intelligent and semi-communicative Guy.. Sometimes too sensitive for my own good.... "And if that were any longer I would have become winded"...Bada Bing Bada Boom! And Yeah, I am from Brooklyn! And if you are a guy reading this , Get the off my profile now!!!
...poetic license and for your useful information and amusement most of my pompous ass'ness is accounted for.
For pretty much, honesty empathy, humor and dating in America,
For Truth sake or do I mean " For Sooth sake , ha-ha
"WTF did He say? Asleep yet ? What a Long-Ass Greeting? Yes? I do love animals but mostly a dog person

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! The following is an attempt at Truth, Humor, Empathy, Spontaneity and The American Way. Being myself, being open, You Too Please, and maybe too much Ego, ME and Presumption Way too Soon? Too Soon to be unabashedly Myself? Is it Too soon for You to be Yourself?

Dear Bright, independent sweet, strong , fun and sensual woman:

If you are searching for a man/guy or child within, without an active and curious mind, and one who is uncommunicative, unable to be open with himself as well as with a Woman, then please stop reading this ad! Ok, with me so far? Please and thank you. Also If you are looking for a man who has no clue what it to be sensual; The little and big sensations, harmoniously playing a song on our skin by the falling water from taking a simple G-d given grace of a shower. It feels like they were musical notes beginning to play a melody on our skin.

And if you are looking for a guy, who has no idea of how exploration of the sensual & sexual can be mutually fun, explosive and even Cosmic and Metaphysical at rare times, then really please stop reading this ad! ( excuse me for a too early, albeit cutesy and presumptive sexual reference...Anyone offended ? Sorry , for me it is the Context and a little charm and dare I say it, "whimsy" defines my intent )

Well I see you are still here ...Nice to see you. Remember! smiling is not permissible! C'mon stop that!!

Returning to this cute and interesting guy's rant

But if you, as a woman reading this , are in anyway offended by my use of ironic and sarcasm or if my words made you feel bad about yourself in any way, or you were made uncomfortable , then I truly am sorry and that was not my intent. sorry :(. But it is important for me to me ,even too much me, right from teh outset. Too many pretenders and liars out ther to women that compels me to give a real dose of me so this much less chance of misundetrtandings

My goal and hope, is that we all can be open to see, and to actually hear and understand one another as male and female and treat each as special; anyone, who reaches out and also listens to us, as we reach out and listen to them is much better than assumption or projection which then allows for real fun and enjoyment of each other.
"Project Ye Not on Them, Lest Ye Be projected upon". (Bad ...bad Paraphrasing) I am open to be in this moment here and now , along with future possibilities of being with a woman, who is special to me and I am special to her; Thus, like a Star forms out of a Nebulous gases , a relationship also begins to form out of not knowing until the knowing of someone , who then becomes special. "Imagine That". What a F'n concept? Right? hah
The song “watch all the girls go by”; Or as Maurice Chevalier sang, "Thank heavens for little girls"...Now he would be thought of as really sad and sick

I apologize dear lady, although sounding cliché, self-aggrandizing, arrogant and perhaps also sounding overly too sexual too soon here with you, my biggest sex organ is and always has been and will be, "da Brain", That is, the brain or my brain... Too late to worry about Grammar structure? Right?

But most importantly to me, if you a searching for a man, or even if you would settle for a man, who is unwilling or unable and finds it difficult for himself to be open, sweet and nice with and to a woman, then I am very sorry, but Please, do yourself a favor, Please , Please Stop Reading this NOW!! ...Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these most "Flirtatious" and "Filtratious" of times....Funny, a little sad but True

Mission impossible!!!
"Should you decide to accept this assignment" That is, to read this guy who sounds too full of himself, too intense? but at least appears to you to be somewhat self-ware, then Please, read on.

This profile, may make you laugh, think and/ or only make you cry from its length and content .Please do not try this at home. . ...This profile will dissolve in 10, 9 8 not hours Not hours silly.., but Minutes...hahah ...or maybe I will still publish it as part of this Metaphysical Rhapsody and parody of this dance between men and women ..... haha

The following is brought to you by: Me, a guy who is fun, [so he says] semi-bright, sweet, a Laughs-ter-ra-tor, who can make laughter with Love, make love with laughter, make people laugh and loves to laugh myself. Already sounding way too self-serving and personal-addish of me."Best Foot Forward This"!! ( spoken in my Brooklyn accent and manner)...I enjoy being myself, and wish to be around others who get me and who I get as well....

Being spontaneous, open and honest with myself first above all, then with a woman, and for that matter, with most people. Geeez "this is sounding way too much like a testimonial.....and a personal ad alert again,,,HELP !NO!Pompous Arseness allowed...ha-ha

My name is Steve. , Ha. The shaved head picture that is up there is a bit stiff and serious...Who is that serious looking blankity Blank?

But really, WTF are any of us , at any age waiting for? .hmmm
As a result, I am occasionally communicative and I am almost semi-conscious especially on my good days... ...Actually semi-conscious would be a real freakin' stretch; since I think that
G-d is fully conscious, so semi-conscious is definitely over reaching. Don't you think? because 1/2 of great amount is still a great amount.( hey I got in a little Mathematically metaphorical"(spoken in a WC Fields immitative voice..."Ah Yes) ..Now I am really getting turned on becuae i spoke mathematcial...ha-ha-ha.)
Perhaps to your cool, but sometimes alien to me female sensibilities , you might be surprised I am also able to listen...ok most of the time. ...I can say what I feel (most of the time), usually open to others and I hear what other people are saying and feeling. Amazing isn't it? Ha...
So to round out a picture of me,[what a cute pun], I do have a muscular build, but lying not being an option most of the time for me, I must note that I do have some fat to go with that muscle. Also known as (AKA) "musk'kull" Funny but true...

I have no expectation of becoming the athlete I once was, but I am giving a "shot". And that "ain't" no small thing for me. Cardio, some weight training and maybe soon martial arts again, once again may be my calling. Very active, athletic and sometimes exhausting is better than atrophy, or too little activity, sudden and spontaneous jaunts and awakenings have their source similarity. Fun, self-exploration also comes from balance. But healthier living .slowly but surely...Hey Don't call me Shirley"! Hah


As told to already, I am originally from BROOKLYN... Yeah that's right!"I'm Tawkin 2 U" " R U tawkin' 2 ME?" hahhah ...As mentioned previously and might be a tad obvious, I love to make fun, laugh. and just "Let Go" which I do and need to that often, either make others laugh, or me, or Both...
Letting Go, Fun and Laughter and just being Nice, is like the air we breathe, without which, I/we would choke and die... [Again sounding too much like a personal -addish and self-serving] ok maybe not ...Or?

I have been incredibly lucky in my life. In that, by the bright, independent, sweetly great and wonderful few women that have come in and out my life over my lifetime, that I have loved and loved me. (May have been stupid or not of them? ha-ha).

It is sounds like a line, but I do like women as people. The way that "You People" . . ..[This is not meant to be condescending at all, but my cutesy attempt at defining some of the marvels of women's perceptions and uniqueness.......almost out of breath with that one]

Imagine for a moment, our respective brains are soaking in something. My (male) brain is bathed with one kind of hormone, and yours (female) is bathed in another. It orients our perceptions and thus defines our reality. Which may explain partly why women will say rightfully sometimes that "men don't get it" and men will say "women are like from another planet" Not by accident of Men are from Mars...and women are from.....Sigh, I know a cliché and a half ha-ha ....Have I made you yawn yet?

I like Classic Rock, Blues especially Live Music, some Jazz, even some Hip-hop maybe to quasi dance to, and some Country too.
[Why can't I find any Blues Clubs?

Kissing is like dancing, I lead, then you lead, then it becomes a free style that mutually flows with that wave or this wave; if we are lucky enough, many waves, tides and sensations and new beginnings. Necessary or not, I would have to say that I am a romantic, who would like to love and be loved again.

Failing finding that woman, I guess I can be a monk, or go into the desert and start my own new religion. "Hey", I am Jewish you know. Ha-ha Moses, the prophets and Joshua (as in Jesus' Hebrew name)

But in all cases, I do prefer a bright and independent woman. A woman happy with herself, or at least someone trying to be. And No, dear lady, I am not Mr. Perfect himself not remotely, nor would I want to be.... thank you very much...
Those women that I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever are: women into any kind of blood, pain or domination; Most definitely not any narcissistic and/or judgmental women. {You know Who are! }

I am looking for a woman able to laugh at herself, at me, the world; someone, who is or can be spontaneous, open to living for the moment and joy of what Life has to offer, or at least the open to the possibility to just " to be" and able and want to" let go and have some fun "ahaha.....
Enough of Me? Is this guy for real? There is so much BS in the world and yes I maybe NOW am adding to the "General Accumulated PILE of it.....
I will have cold water refreshment, Beer, Wine, Cheese? Crackers? For those who have overdosed on my lonnnnnnnnnnng-windedness, my humor and any of my innuendos...
Thank you and take care

So what or who does this guy, at least in his mind add up to be:
Laughter +kindness+ communicative+ mischievousness + sensitivity+ sometimes an Ass and Prick+ High emotional IQ +respect+ sweetness+ romantic+ intelligence + empathy +openness+ sometimes too sentimental for own good Sometimes Relentless Metaphor+ sensually and sexually aware+ frequently has too High and Low Opinion of Self +more laughter+ finally hopeful= steveneric
"Today is the first day of the rest of your life". Namnaste
If not now when?
"G-d bless us, everyone, everywhere and for all Time". . .
. . .. I know Bad paraphrasing of Tiny Tim...

Take care
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
I am a Scientist . I mentor to kids in Math and Science and occasionally volunmteer at a Battered Woman's Shelter
i love the water in all of its forms, ( ocean, pool and if only thing avaliable, then a hose)and enjoy traveling , flea markets , Museums [ in New York , Met museum, MOMA, Gugenheim,] Here have seen only one of the Smithsonian, and still get chills when I go to Lincoln Memorial

Love taking note of Ironies in this life , even when it smacks me right in the Face or ARSE..aka Ass
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
BlizzArd Activity: Diving backward in the deep snow and then still doing SNOW Angels... Silly for a grown man, but I could care less but will never admit to guys that I do that..I do have some decorum...ok
not much I know....ha-ha

Grilling should be considered a Sport. In winter too.
Making Fun and instigating as much laughter , making fun of myself, and the world at large .Irony being one biggest sources.

Communication and Interesting conversations: from Aristotle to Harry Potter or from Darwin and then back to Genesis. Ironic metaphor isn't it? But true anyway.


Caring Sensitive ,and empathetic: Sounds pretentious or what some might think I am saying what I think women want to hear; To put it subtly and refined: Bull Shit! But thankfully that would not be me. To my chigrin, there are guys that can feign sincerity like breathing.

It is taken alot for me to be as authentic to,myself, so I can't and won't be any other , even when it has to been a deterent or detrament to me.[ You know being too much me too soon) ...I really choke at having to prove that I am not one them..G-d knows how nice women( who have burnt, hurt by liars, pretenders etc,.) that I have missed because I can't and won't be a liar to myself to prove thta I am not them.... That doesn't mean I am not open and accepting and do defer but not at the loss of me... It is irinic that I shoudl have to mention that I am known by the women friends I have that I am encourager,soteiems a teacher/student/ for women's empowerment, partly out of my own compassion and empathy; but also I find a a woman more empowered and plugged into herself as woman is much more attractive to me. In other words I am sort fo being selfish is a roundabout way..ahahah


Problem Solving and yeah , and Math too

Openness to and with others but especially with myself , so it is fun to be ourselves and it is fun to be me...ahaha The questioon is , Is it "fun" for you being you? Yes?No?

Seeing and looking and questioning beyond my world [as in thinking out-of -the- box](what a cliche artist ) and yes, surprising listening to the nuances of what some women are saying; Just out reach and though I still may not get it.,.ahaha] true nonetheless...OOh I get to use use nonetheless again..ah

Though it may sounds egotistical and incredibly presumptous to bring up here. My perception of myself may or not always coincide with reality. But I do have a sense humility, honor, humor and respect about this Man-Woman Dialectic. The non verbal asspects of comunciation and obviously of sex as well/ ( Full of it ? Isn't he? hahah

all I will say here , is that I am creative and open guy who listens for the sounds , the sense of touch which reveals so much and as they reveal themselves, i follow, I lead , watch , listen, stimulate, teach, journey with, study and ride on the rythym of rising heat and sensation. Obviously only when it is mutual provocative, and when I and with the right woman, where we can be ourselves, be open and just play.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
My beard , My Groucho Marx glint, my smile and my eyes which in this pic here my picture looks more squinty than anything else..ahahah
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Movies : Action , some Romantic , science and spiritual fantasy and just good Drama and forgot and probably not as urprise, very few musicals:
...To Have and Have Not, West Side story, Lord of the RINGS , CasaBlanca, Hundreds of movies old and new ,Romance: Frankie and Johnny, Carousel, One fine Day, Ben & Joon, We're no Angels( Bogart old version and no Iwill not admit any of this to any guys,,haha) the Client, Erin Brockovich,The Godfather" (I & II), Matrix through X "Field of Dreams," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," ""The Shawshank Redemption,Star Wars,lV-Vl etc...Comedies: Groundhog Day, Galaxy Quest, Uncle Buck.., Airplane, Inspector Cluseau ( Peter Sellers) , Pineapple express , early Woody Allen and saving the best for last Marx Bros, ( especially Groucho)
Basically I like good drama: well wrtten and acted; I can't stand gratuitous sentiment or violence . As in Soap operas and some painfully obious Meoldramas( In order to just prss an audiences button) If violence and action are present,it fits in with the movie's plot I like where stories have the element of redemption , where Good struggles to overcome and finally defeats the crap of Evil. Slashe, Chain Saw massacre, is defite NO!
A martlal art movie genre violence enthusiast back to the 70's and back again even Crouching Tiger...
For drama and redemption : Constantiine and many more..
Obvious I am a "Movie person".

Music :Classic Rock: Zepelin, Stones,Beatles[ Revolver and beyon], Morrison ,( both Van and Jim),Bryan Addams, Meat Loaf , Queen, Meloncamp, Hendrix and some current Kings of Leon; Blackeyes peas etc,,,etc,,and they wll tell two friends....

Books: Portait of young artist, Soylent Green,Illusions,
Authors: Blake, Milton, Goethe, Swift Shaw,RodSerling, Grisham, Hemingway, ( Sun Also Rises) Joyce, Iyan Ran, Bradbury and Toni Morrison;
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
The Following is obviously more than Six: Who says only Six and who are they? "They must be related to them"...ahah




making smiles for me and others Making others laugh,
Oh Yes ,more Laughter


Physical Affection: Strong, Firm but also gentle Hugs , giving massage , back scratched and getting my head and back scratched ...stroking a woman's head and hair... Rubbing her feet with oil.....Get my feet rubbed. The sublime and the sensual


Sun and Water

Being myself, lest I trip and fall over my presumption and Ego...hhha funny but true

Openness, simple Touching, deep and slow kissing, and exploring the senses

Smiling and just being, and be nice and sweet to woman..with and without Palm trees.

Being in love and being loved again deeply
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
If people would listen to the other side of an issue, where there is a discussion, even when debated why must it escalate to an argument? If one spouts cliche', sound bites and catch , how can there intellectual integrity? What function does it serve villify or demonize someone. Does it make one feel secure that they are right.Noone gets to understand what the other truly believes.Where this is very striking is in the so called"misunderstandings betwen men andwomen.

Being both a Metaphorical Meanderer and sometimes over-the-top
optimist, for some things that seem to be just the Yin or Yang of it. Their opposites can collide or they can complelementary?That is it always seem to be a binary question. That is, "This or That" choice? Or "If you don't get , you don't love me."

Anyway I have a libertarian point of view. My extreme liberal friends, can't see why I am in favor Guns [but also people should have to take a license test], and also how can I believe that too much Federal Government is a clear danger to our republic and to our freeedoms?

While my conservative friends don't get why I would okay with same sex marriage and should at least legalize Marijuana. If we invalidate what the other is believing ,thinking and feeling without hearing them out in substance, and what their intent truly is , what self-perpetuating shadow do we cast ? It only promotes misunderstanding, fear and hatred.
Enough Politics,.
Given a chance I could talk even about religion, love , sex , movies and travel before politics.. Speaking of which..

Where I will travel next,[ just came back last Novemeevr from Aruba Next: Costa Rica, belize, Mazatland who knows?
Vegas, Switzerland, Italy , Paris and back to the caribbean again?

Imagine for a moment, you are in a tropical paradise, a natural pool where the Lilly pads were 3-6 feet in diameter,[no snakes or aligators]and this natural pool is constantly refreshed by a mild to strong waterfall, with falling water that is so soft that it seems that the LAW of Gravity have been altered.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Sometimes working, sometimes listening to some Live Music.. Where are any good clubs to listen to Blues , Classic Rock ,Country and Jazz in Southern Florida Sometimes at home watching a DVD
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
I miss holding a woman that I respond and she to me. slow kisses that get deeper and deeper with that"someone special".
I guess I miss being in love, though it takes me a while before I do fall in love...But the journey until then, ah the journey, is an adventure and exploration into how deeply you open with and how much fun you can share... Very cool indeed.... A blushed smile , a tear and tickle...Is this Guy for real...Pompous Dick isn't he?hhaha
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
if you have smiled at all and are interested and want to talk to me, by all means , "take a shot"..Yes that is also a Brooklynism, not shallow but deep felt.

Finally , if you got here at the END, you deserve a reward for getting here / There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic will be provided.

Thanks : > ) Steveneric