31 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
Inspiring, laughter, book, open, exploring, warm, grok, focused, leading, relaxed, introspective

If any of those words feel compelling that might be a spark striking. It's about time for a game because with me being honest and you bursting with mirth-filled passion, there's little this profile will tell you about me in person.

Sure if I was a wordsmith, I'd break vistas over my anvil and build scenery with rich characters ambling curiously. While amazing an experience it could be, you'd be evaluating me on my author's merit not my compatibility.

So lift your glass. Count to three, think of your most cherished memory. Tell me what colors were part of it. Speak kindly of those cold, hot, and textured dreams of yesterday. Those rare and precious moments that open your heart to anyone who hears it. Show me who you are. I'd be ecstatic to do the same.

Then as we embrace we can trade a smile, a kiss, a moment. Maybe another, maybe nothing else. That's the fun of the journey.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding more of myself on the road, in a film, in a piece. Looking for someone who does the same. So then we may grow together, lifting each other higher than ourselves alone could reach.
I’m really good at
.....thing(s). Really.

People have pointed out I touch hearts, change perspectives, and evoke awe in audiences both in person and through the screen. Sometimes on paper, face to face, or across the country with a voice. Each with it's own weaknesses.

..though hugs, that's a real thing with which to be skilled. Are you?
The first things people usually notice about me
I slide to the side of the bell curve on a wide number of adjectives but the first thing?

the first thing...

an imposing area?
maybe a pressure,
an intense attention

Everyone is just so complex, forgive me if I get fervidly interested :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books & short stories:
Stranger in a Strange Land, Dancers At the End Of Time

Redline, The Fifth Element

They Might Be Giants, Weird Al Yankovic, Daft Punk

Sushi? Well, I do love it but how massively boring it is to admit it.
How about something more unique to me.

A glass of milk,
a bowl of Chef Boyardee Dinosaurs with Meatballs,
and a pack of Strawberry Poptarts. It touches my heart and fills me.
The six things I could never do without
Me, Myself, and I.
Wait, that's one thing. Maybe two if you count the movie. :p

How about~
the first breeze of summer,
a tear of joy when seeing old friends,
my heart racing when seeing my soul mate,
an unspeakable night in bed,
tousled hair,
and seeing the hands that tousled me, first thing in the morning after.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The world, myself, and people I meet.

On a typical Friday night I am
Probably playing games with friends, laughing, stressing, fighting for the win. Yeyeye!

and with luck, gracefully losing now and then.
You should message me if
If you wanted to message me, that's all the license you need to start talking. I'd really just like to see your face, hear your voice. If you need a list I'll give you one. Check them off if you need to and if you get a bingo on your card you get a kiss. How's that?

• You confidently believe YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Stunning even. Whatever your definition of beauty may be.

• You want to trade a hug, kiss, and a smile the moment we meet. Fondling I imagine would be something we'd mutually have to discuss first. :)

• You laugh often, openly, and with passion. Infectious.. ooooh.

• You know what you like, have an idea what you're about. Hard to talk when you're deep in space orbiting nothing, unless you are creative.

• Did you see Lennart Green? He's cool, you should check his act out if you haven't already.