38 Berkeley, CA
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My self-summary
My adventurous spirit explores both wilderness landscapes and obscure library shelves. As a student entering his final year of graduate school, I am always pursuing opportunities for physical exercise, intellectual development, and spiritual practice. Often my Zen meditation stands at the intersection of all three.

I am prone to bursts of laughter, experiencing life in full, and moving through this world with a memorable soundtrack. I consider myself fortunate to enjoy a multitude of important friendships and close connections to family. So why am I here? I feel ready and open to creating another fun, engaging, and special relationship. I wonder if there is a down-to-earth woman who feels comfortable by the ocean, in the city, and in her own skin?

I can seem shy at first, though confidants that know me realize I am listening, learning, and living into meaningful interactions with deep sincerity and genuine interest. Is contemplative inquiry still fashionable? That seems to be the outfit I wear best. The tag says: “Creative. Insightful. Gentle. Pair with similar garments.”
What I’m doing with my life
To pull myself out of a social, professional, and existential rut, I decided to return to school in 2011. Moving first from Los Angeles with an emerging affinity for Zen Buddhism to northern Wisconsin, I immersed myself in myriad humanities and nature courses. By the time of my graduation I had crafted a personalized degree in Ecospirituality. Inspired by the intersection of exterior/physical landscapes and interior/spiritual landscapes, I decided to continue my studies and pursue a Master of Divinity degree. I saw chaplaincy—being an audience and an advocate, a colleague and a confidant—as one possible expression for Ecospirituality, but as I near the completion of this graduate degree, that particular professional vision seems less resonant. The spiritual and academic work undertaken in recent years has only served to bring about dark nights of the soul followed by moments of brilliant illumination. That is a verbose way of saying my heart is open to all possibilities of community, career, and calling. Amid these fertile edges between practice and scriptures, colleagues and wilderness I continue to discern.
I’m really good at
I try to be an attentive listener, whether to colleagues or strangers, nature or music.

Because of myriad travels, my crucial friends are scattered across this country and the globe. I am good at staying in touch with these companions, whether through phone calls, texts, or handwritten letters.

As an only child, I grew up with television and records as my siblings. Therefore, I tend to be a fount of obscure pop culture knowledge. This scholarship proves fruitful when playing trivia.

I have become proficient at subscribing to podcasts and letting downloaded episodes linger unplayed on my computer's hard drive.

I can pick you up when you fall. I can pay attention to your dreams. I can drive you home tonight (provided your vehicle is not a manual).
The first things people usually notice about me
I am tall. Tall enough that many people ask how tall I am.

As an introvert, the impression I make on a first date is often one of quiet and reticence. But here's the secret: stick with me for a third or fourth date. Let me get acclimated and I will share my soul and a few droll one-liners, too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
“Awareness” by Anthony De Mello challenged me on every page. I enjoy Edward Abbey’s biting essays and Sigurd Olson’s benevolent voice. “Papillon,” whether true or not, is one of the great adventure stories. Myriad religious and spiritual tomes, in particular Zen Buddhism commentaries as well as Sufi and Native American poetry.

“Synecdoche, New York” can be a difficult watch, but the conclusion is devastating in the best possible way. I continue to discover meaningful layers to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” “Almost Famous” makes me wish for a time machine. Also, the presence of Warren Oates tends to grab my attention.

I moved to Los Angeles to work for a record label, so this category could overflow with names and recommendations. Let me profess my infatuation for the songs of Merle Haggard and the Beach Boys—two distinct California sounds. I have been buying the dynamic music of Ginger Wildheart for over 20 years.

California Pacific Coast Highway
Beach Boulevard (Orange County)
Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles)
Colorado Route 550
Lake Shore Drive (Chicago)
Indiana State Road 37
Montana Highway 509
Utah Route 163
Wisconsin Bayfield County Road C
The six things I could never do without
1) Profound friendship
2) Rapturous music
3) Expansive shorelines
4) Revelatory transformation
5) Unrestrained laughter
6) Sincere curiosity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I often wonder what happened to the spartan subjects of Richard Avedon's "In the American West."

Also this story:
Two monks were arguing about a flag.
One said: "The flag is moving."
The other said: "The wind is moving."
The sixth patriarch happened to be passing by.
He told them: "Not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving."
On a typical Friday night I am
After a busy week of schoolwork, sometimes the necessary remedy is retreating to my room and listening to music. Otherwise, I tend to be out with friends, imbibing drinks and getting drunk on good conversation. Most Saturday mornings I am up early to participate in services with the local Zen sangha.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My spirit animal is the manatee.
You should message me if
You are infatuated by disparate types of wilderness.
You pursue authenticity.
You celebrate wisdom in all forms.
You seek to understand yourself and the world.
You relish meaningful conversation.
You swim against the current and go with the flow.
You want to listen to Prince bootlegs.