35 Knoxville, TN
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My self-summary
Why do you women play games? I mean it's old. It's stupid. What happened to the days when it was ok to admit you like someone? Now if you admit you like a woman she loses interest. But if you treat them like crap they fall. Why? Over and done and I guess I'll go back to being a player. You try to do things the right way and everytime you fail. But no I'll keep on hoping someone somewhere is ok with feelings. If you dig someone you should be able to show them!!!

If you do not live in Knoxville don't say you live in Knoxville. If you live 30 mins outside of Knoxville you aren't in Knoxville. The word Knoxville is a huge factor here cause I work a lot. I have my daughter a lot. I will not waste the time driving an hour to go on a date.

I'm originally from Myrtle Beach SC and moved to Knox. ummmmmm about 8 yrs ago. Needless to say I miss the beach and I soooooooo miss that smell. I do go back from time to time.

I miss surfing most of all and dont get a chance to do it here.....(No sh*t Sherlock)

Music is my life and if it wasnt for The Beatles or Some Floyd Id be nuts right now.
Rock is my it Classic or new. My taste in music stretches far as I like Old School Rap, Country, Classical, Some pop and to be honest I could go on and on.

A good love song is the best.

Yea, so I'm brian. I was born a poor black child and now im a superhero by night and normal person by day. Shhhhh Dont tell anyone please. I have about 50 prison tats. I killed a man in 'nam once.

I always pour one out for my homies. I'm pretty much the smartest person I know, I'm not gonna lie... I invented the hot pocket. If you shoot me, it won't kill me. It will just make me angry.

Chuck norris ain't got s*** on me. If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be f****** delicious!

I wrote all of the Stones's hits. "danger" is my middle name. We pronounce it dan-gurr, though.

I love writing music the lyric side of it anyway. I can play a mean spoon boy let me tell you. Anything that has to do with water and a board works for me.

Oh yeah, I should have listen to my mom and took piano lessons. Kids listen to your parents they know what there talking about. Oh and brush your teeth.

Right now im just trying to live and be me. I don't have time to finish telling you how awesome I am, so you're just going to have to make up the rest on your own.

Anyway..........I hope you people can take a joke. Relax and learn how to laugh and while im here just telling you how great I am......I'm going to tell you a few things that I want for Christmas this year. Get your pen and paper out ladies.....Here goes.......

1. 25 million dollars.

2. A subscription to People.

3. A giant robot that I can drive around inside his head, and four more giant robots for each of my friends, so we can have fun fights out on a football field somewhere for the enjoyment of others. Make sure the interior of the heads is made of nerf or something nerf-like so when we fall over it won't be too painful. I don't want to get racked by some other-wordly gear shift, or have the imprint of a bio-defibrilator on the side of my face for weeks.

4. Invisibility.

5. A dog, but could he have mechanical arm and leg extensions so he can drive places, and robotic opposable thumbs to open cans and stuff. Also, if a stranger comes into the house and moves too quickly, instead of running under a bed, my puppy can just grab tightly onto the stranger's neck and tear his thorax out. But does this have to count for one of my things since it's actually my dog who would be the true beneficiary? It does? Well, okay, then, make this the last gift I get. I'd rather lindsay lohan get colon cancer (but, you know, only if she has to).

6. I'd like to guest star on supernatural for six episodes as someone even more hardcore and cooler than Sam and dean. I'm sort of a mercenary type, with, like, a scar down the side of my face. At first I'm seemingly evil, but, little by little, it's revealed that I'm working to take down the same evil people as Sam and dean! My character and the Winchester brothers work together and destroy their evil plans!! When we're done, Sam feels like it's his duty to take me in because I've got like eighty-something warrants against me, but when he goes to take me, I'm gone. My character is able to disappear into the shadows like batman, and everyone's like "wha!"

7. World peace.

8. An enormous jug of MnMs.

9.I saw an ad for those squirtable sweet tarts. It sounds like the greatest thing ever! Thanks to the dudes for inventing it! I mean, I know some poor confectionery-candy-company-employee who will never get a cut of the profits himself actually "invented" it but you "the man" is the one who really invented it by putting the idea in his head, right? He doesn't really deserve a cut! Screw that guy and his griping. He and his four kids and his alimony-obsessed pill-popping ex-wife can go suck it! I'll take twelve boxes.

10. Did I say that squeezable sweet tart stuff? I did? Okay, then: x-ray vision.



I really don't know what to say.

I'm real...I'm a father and my daughter will always be "The First" in my life.

I'm really tired of the whole "game". I do know what I want.

I do work out. It's not much but I'm in ok shape. I want someone I am attracted to. No offense but it has to be there.

I've been here on and off and it seems like its just women that want to play games.....mind games.

I don't have time to be the 15th male your chatting with. Lol....

I want this....

Last night, I turned out the light, lay down and thought about you
I thought about the way that it could be
Two o'clock, wonderin' what I'm doin' here alone without you
so I close my eyes and dream you here to me

I woke up in love this morning
I woke up in love this morning
Went to sleep with you on my mind

Do dreams come true, well if they do, I'll have you
Not just for a night, but for my whole life through

Dropping some P family on ya.......
What I’m doing with my life
Working, Working and working.......
I’m really good at
Surfing.......and playing the spoons...
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Beatles. Floyd, Zep, The Dead, Dr Hook, Stones, Jaybirds, Otis, Fats Domino, Yardbirds, Our Lady Peace, Tonic, Rage, NIN, The Doors, Kenny Rogers, Skynard, David Allen Coe, Blue October, Theory of a Deadman, Neil Diamond, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Poison, Cinderella, Classical Music, Jackson 5,.........
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
World Peace
On a typical Friday night I am
With my Daughter...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like Love Songs