60 Sedona, AZ
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My self-summary
I'm bright, open, awake, and alive... looking for the same.

Sedona is a beautiful muse, and I'm open to relocate or travel options.

We might make a magical match if you love yourself, think authenticity is a great way to live, and you're interested in creating a profound relational experience that is both safe, empowering, exciting and FUN!

One day on-line dating will be an amazing experience of Human interaction based on soul authenticity, natural compatibility, and common destiny's. In the meantime, we are wading through people putting up old photos, fake specs, and communication that is less than honest. Hang in there, pioneers always have to put up with some muck to get to the gold.

Since we all want a great loving partner, and they seem to be in short supply... so I would like to propose a solution. Let's all start practicing to be one today and start dating and learning about how to give our best love the magic of connecting with people. I am passionate about co-creating relationship(s) that brings more joy, fun, adventure, light, and love to the world!

We are not a romantic match: (not judging you, just know what I want.)
If you need alcohol or meds to function, if you think relationship is about personal ownership, control, or co-dependent attachments.

If you think you are nothing without your (pick one) God, money, possessions, or status.

If you have any of these symptom of Human slavery remember, just because the people around you think this same way doesn't mean you're not in a cult ;)

If you want to feel truly alive again, you might want learn to be true to your own heart, mind, and soul at, learn yoga, spend time in nature, and for Heaven sakes make some friends outside of your cult. Life is made for living.

I wish you all the love and life that you seek,
What I’m doing with my life
LOL... recovering from building homes, planting and growing churches, computer consulting, dealership owner/manager, and raising four kids. So now I'm doing deep soul and heart work in preparation for the second, and best part of my life. I have spent that last 5 years doing soul research and I have creating a computer technology that can accurately read the human soul, and help people everywhere have a brighter and more fulfilling life. Here is a link to my current product called Stephan's MIRROR, a mirror to your Soul. You can gat your 14 page reading on-line for only $25. 100% moneyback guarantee. Only 1 person in over 5,000 readings has ever wanted their money back.
I’m really good at
... loving myself and others, growing, and being soul authentic.
... seeing others at a deep soul level, and helping them fall deeply in love with themselves.
... teasing my mate to perfection;)
... sensual and intuitive lover.
... looking great wearing tool bags and using them to fix or build almost anything.
... as a father of 4, I love kids, and would even consider being in a relationship with a single with a small child. Tag team parenting ;)
... creativity and communication, and poetry.
... spontaneity, in the moment, and enjoying travel and adventure.
... considerate, co-operative.
... observing myself, and making adjustments.
... slaying Dragons, juggling things, and being a FUN Wizard.
... computers, 30 years in the field.
... making the world a brighter place.
... technology, creativity, and intelligent communication.
... My Venus is in Pisces (google it;)
... A girlfriend on Kauai kept calling me a badass 'cause I can build or fix almost anything, although I don't see myself as badass, but I do love to use power tools to build cool stuff and help others.
The first things people usually notice about me
Uplifting, bright spirit, intuitive, brilliant intellect, openhearted, kind and nurturing, athletic, playful, sacrilegious world changing rebel, not afraid to express original opinionated, and listen to others, and my inner child is alive and well ;) LOL I'm a handful ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Loving What Is, The Way of the Superior Man, 25 yrs self study of the Bible, The Book of Knowledge the Keys of Enoch, Enlightened Sex. I had Bill Cosby's Fatherhood book on this list but out of respect to his date raped victems I pulled it!!!

Movies: Autumn Rush, Illusionist, All Marx Bothers, The Matrix (1st),
The Notebook, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, The Gods Must Be Crazy I and II, You've Got Mail, Pretty Woman, Stardust, Autumn in New York, Sci-fi and romantic comedies. Snuggling and Netfilx :)

Music: I Love to DANCE!!! So anything fun to dance too...

Food: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, and I eat mostly healthy, listen to my body, no allergies... just not too spicy:)
The six things I could never do without
In my journey I have discovered that almost all the things I thought I couldn't live without actually blocked real life and that the only thing I can't live without is a deep self-love of my own soul, and the opportunity to expressing it with others. Everything else I have learned to hold loosely and experience the richness of each moment.

Here's my "wouldn't want to do without list" :
Toothbrush (preferably my own;)
iPAD with Verizon connection... we're joined at the hip (hey, I am becoming the person my iPAD thinks I am;)
Watching my 4 children experience life and express their soul essence!
Laughing and smiling children:)))
Tropical Islands, I'm exploring Sedona for now.
Friendship, sharing daily adventure and intimate exploration.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
After doing my time in religious and cultural dogmas... I've been laughing about started my own religion called Authenticianity. It's about seeing my own Divine soul, embracing it, and awakening each day to express my gifts and talents in the service of others.

...shifting of this planet from self-ignorance, fear and frustration to self-knowledge, self-love, harmony and cooperation.

...I see a world where each person is empowered to experience the freedom and joy that comes from being fully alive and doing what they came here to do.

...I seek ways to help others know that they are perfect and Divine just the way they are! And the world needs them to be true to themselves and sing their song, and dance their dance!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical? LOL
Who writes this stuff anyway?
Under the star in my hammock, doing laundry, DANCING!, Live music, PJ Party, Netflix, Good food. good friends, Tantric training, hiking, mutually satisfying connection is always savored.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a Naive Brilliant)
Na·ive [nah-eev]
1. having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or unsophisticated; ingenuous.

Bril·liant adjective \ˈbril-yənt\
1. very bright : flashing with light
2. very impressive or successful
3. extremely intelligent : much more intelligent than most people
You should message me if
... you have already involved in your own self discovery and love who you are, or would like to meet a friend that will cheer you on to find and shine your own song.

My wish for you:
May you find a deep connection with your own soul, and find someone very special to co-create an amazing life with,

PS If you are the editor type... then let's not waste all that talent! Any profile input is appreciated:)