59 Saint Paul, MN
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My self-summary
Compassionate, sweet, honest and active lady seeks Kind, honest, handsome (to me) classy and active gentleman.

I am an intelligent woman who enjoys intelligent, deep, serious and silly conversations. I love to be out and about doing all kinds of things ~ Let's play pool -- I manage to hold my own -- well at least some of the time--not to worry, I'm fun, funny and a bit of a flirt! Or how about a game of golf -- no Tiger Woods here....but again a fun playmate! Lets go for a walk...and hold hands and solve all the worlds problems a hundred times. Or maybe we can bake a pie and see who can get the longest peel from their apple! Winner takes all--so to speak! How about staying home and watching a movie and snuggling, sharing some popcorn and wine.

I enjoy dancing, especially swing dancing, but haven't done it for a while and want to get back to it. I'd love to learn salsa and other fun dances, are you willing to give it a shot?

Photography is one of my passions and I have many.

Do you have a bucket list? I do, let's combine them and do them together.

I'm a story teller -- true stories of course -- ask me about the Flirty Girls Fitness video and the $1 Stripper Pole. I have three grandbabies but don't call me Grandma!! Let me share my Grandma visual with you -- I'm sure you can relate.

I am also a woman with tools! Yes...I have a hammer...okay...I had a hammer until I broke it -- yup bent in in half, awww sighhh...IF only I had a hammer. I taught myself how to use a wetsaw so I could do a little tile work, I've taken my toilet off the floor to unclog it! (LOL, yes really and there's a story there too!) I've replaced the garbage disposal and I can paint (note to self: never ever use flat paint again!!) What man doesn't like a woman with tools??!! I'm resourceful and can figure out most things -- except how to put the fan/light back up in my bedroom--though that's more a fear of electricity than anything else! You won't believe how it came down!

I've been told by several men that at this age, age doesn't really matter and I'd like to believe that you feel the same. At least it's a nice idea anyway; we're all full of life experience and generally we all know where we're headed -- and I'm not talking about six feet below ground!! I'll admit, there is some drama in my life - but if you're divorced, then you've had drama in yours as well.

I can also be serious...but we spend so much time in that mode...I think laughter and playfulness are a necessity. I'm known for being friendly and funny -- heck -- my kids laugh at me all the time. Hey...wait a minute.......

I'm seeking a nice, classy, sexy, handsome (in my eyes,) honest, passionate, compassionate, adventurous, man. I'm looking for someone with integrity, respect and kindness. I'd like someone who is active and fit. Sorry guys, fat and chubby don't float my boat -- average is fine but 30 pounds overweight doesn't work for me. I prefer a taller man, though that's not necessarily a deal breaker. Two must haves, you must shower/bathe and you must have teeth! Seriously I did meet one man who was missing a bunch--notably most of the front ones! WTF! I no longer trust those closed mouth smiles!!

If you're a spontaneous adventurer, that's awesome. I'll drop the toilet brush in a nano second to go exploring with you -- even to Menards! Let me share my knowledge of toilets, garbage disposals, tile and paint. I know the difference between a flathead and Phillip's head screwdriver and a ratchet set -- with all the little thingys (thingys= technical term!)

Now that you've made it through to the end, if you like what you've read and are interested or even slightly intrigued, drop me a note and say Hey and perhaps WE can play!

One quick last thing. If you recently broke up with your last girlfriend but are hoping to get back with her, please pass me by....it's happened so many times lately - I'm starting to get a complex! :/
What I’m doing with my life
Living it... to the fullest...and hopefully w/o regrets!
I’m really good at
All kinds of things!
The first things people usually notice about me
I get the most compliments on my smile and my legs...not necessarily in that order! :)
The six things I could never do without
My 3 children and my 3 grand children - that equals 6 so does that count as my six things?
Duct Tape
A Hammer
Mascara and lipstick!
Ankle Strap Heels!
A BIG purse!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All kinds of things. My mind is rarely quiet -- full of ideas and things I wonder about!
Are my photographs good enough to sell? Who will buy them?
Should I write a funny book -- and where should I begin? (DUH! at the beginning!)
What can I learn next?
On a typical Friday night I am
Wondering why I don't have a date!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't write that here!
You should message me if
you're even slightly intrigued! :)