29 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
I'm tall, talkative, and pretty blunt. A lot of people first think I am an asshole when they meet me (just an observation, judge for yourself), but if I were to describe myself, which I'd rather not, I'd call myself polite and insightful, possibly too insightful.
What I’m doing with my life
I work at a non-profit assisting veterans who are pursuing civilian careers. Interesting and rewarding work. Oddly enough also pays well.

Additionally pursuing an MA degree in international relations, but no current plans to get into that line of work.

Watching Manhattan from my rooftop. Playing bass guitar. Reading politics and science fiction, and political science fiction. Running a good bit and trying not take life seriously.

Current goals (2013 Profile):
- Brooklyn Half-Marathon on May 18th, aiming to finish under 1:30.
- Going back to the motherland over the summer.
- Being published in a book by the end of the year.
(Happy to say that all these goals have been accomplished)

Goals for 2016:
- Learn at least 1 language
- Obtain graduate diploma + frame to display it
- Make life calm down a little
I’m really good at
Talking, running, writing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my height or that I tend to be very talkative. Or the fact that at the age of 26 I still haven't grown into my head. It's a big head.

Update: 29 and getting older, still have a big head. Some of the hairs are now gray, but it's the same amount of hairs as 3 years ago, so that's good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Just about everything as long as it's heavy. Some favorites are Meshuggah, Aphex Twin, Rage Against The Machine, Pink Floyd, Tool, Adam Beyer, Boyz Noise, Henry Saiz, Eelke Kleijn (arguably best DJ ever), Mastodon, Eminem... list goes on and doesn't stop.

Movies: Inception; Fifth Element, Bourne Trilogy, 50/50, Apocalypse Now, Black Hawk Down, Animal House, Batman/Dark Knight Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, The Aviator, The Departed, Captain America, Crank

Books: Mostly either political science, or science fiction. Political science fiction is at the apex of the two genres. Which means that I like Alistair Reynolds, Frank Herbert, and Kim Stanley Robinson a lot. Besides that - Tolkien, Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C. Clarke, Joe Haldeman, Frederick Pohl, Ben Bova, Stephen Baxter, Neal Stephenson, etc. Beyond this I read a ton of academic works, authors of which I won't bother with.

TV: The Wire, Sunny, Top Gear.

If you get these, let's get married:
The six things I could never do without
-Access to information
-Bass Guitar
-White Noise
-A pair of running shoes

... I'm kind of all out after 4. Does that make me a bore?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mankind's future and what role I can play in it.

Airplanes. Ask me about my favorite airplane!

Faster than light travel.


Space 'n' shit.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends. Hunkering down at a computer and proving that the Polish central bank prevented a financial crisis in 2008 because it placed strict limits on the government's ability to burden itself with debt. OR: at a dive bar rambling about life.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't recite the alphabet.
I have no idea how large the US is.
I've been recently diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder. Fun stuff.
You should message me if
You think you can intimidate me into talking less than I usually do.
You like to live life to the fullest and are looking for someone to take risks with on a long-term basis.