32 Victoria, British Columbia, CA
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My self-summary
Easy-going and emotionally stable Christian who rarely knows when he's in a relationship.
More comfortable with listening rather than talking much.
Called muscular, sensitive, humble, sweet, strong, intelligent and imaginative by friends.
No sex outside marriage as it'd be on sand.
Looking for friendship first with a single and Christian lady in same city.

She would understand that it can take some time for me to become comfortable with new people and those I haven't seen in a while.
She'd also communicate both directly and graciously and ultimately accept me as the head of the house (if it went that way).
This is biblical and means making and being responsible for all important decisions.
Along with that comes careful consideration of all available information including Godsword, prayer and sometimes other people.
There'd be no negative misinterpretations, as we'd trust each other.
Mutual support of each other would bridge both our objectives.
The cornerstone of the relationship would be Jesus Christ.
This includes daily searching the bible for spiritual sustenance and guidance.
I'd be 100% supportive of her and this would be returned.
We'd also make having fun and making memorable moments together a priority.

Worldly things aren't as restfully peaceful compared to what God offers.
I have only felt love in my heart twice.
Both were of God and when I needed it most.
These encounters changed me and made me want others to know that God loves them.
That is why I started my website after the first time I felt his love for me.

You can find me most Sundays at The Mustard Seed around 1:15 PM.

My website is http://symbols.x10.bz

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